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I am still in disbelief that the product worked! My 8 year old son never had a dry night. He is a very sound sleeper and simply could not wake up. Sometimes he would even pee twice during the night and leak through the overnight pull-up. He was so embarrassed by the bedwetting and was not able to have sleepovers with his friends. I started to review products and almost went with a similar product for less. I decided to go with Therapee because of the therapy/guidance from a professional. Within a few weeks, he started having dry nights and within a few more weeks he was having mostly dry nights. Now, several months in, we graduated the system. I am so happy for my little guy! This was life changing for him! He had his first sleepover with a friend and cannot wait for another! The system is worth every penny. The strategies and guidance provided along the way were very helpful and part of his success. Thank you, Therapee!


We were in great need of finding a solution for our grandson who was soon turning 12 years…bedwetting was not going to continue if we could help in any way at all…..
As grandparents, we searched and searched…..and found Therapee!! Our son and daughter-in-law and grandson were in agreement…we must try this !!
Success in 4 months !!
Thanks Therapee for this wonderful program and all the time and effort you put into it and answering our questions!!


Summer was approaching, school had been canceled because of COVID, so kids were home and we were not sure what will be in the summer.

Then an overnight camp opened and I knew how much my kids would benefit from it so I instantly signed her up fearing that spots will fill up quickly,
only to realize she has a bedwetting problem and she cants go! how did I forget?!
by then it was too late, the fees were paid and she was too excited to go. How can I cancel? what should I do now?
then I remember I’ve heard of therapee and been wanting to try but people around me didn’t really expect to work. I got a little discouraged but in the back of my mind I still wanted to try..what can I lose?
(if you think you can lose money think about the amount of pull-ups you are buying)
just never had that push to start till the day I signed her up for camp I purchase the Therapee program it instantly, I even paid for fast shipping!  …she right away started to get better, it was amazing how the day before she had to leave for camp she “graduated ” from the program she was completely dry! it took her about 2 months.
At the age of 9 she no longer has a bedwetting problem, thank G-d and thank you Dr. Sagie!
This letter is to express my thanks to Therapee and my honest review to help people reach out to therapee because it works!.
you should go for this in full belief, trust, and attitude that it will work, do exactly what they say even if you’re tired in the middle of the night it will pay off at the end.


Words cannot describe the joy and relief this product brought to me. My entire life people kept telling me I would grow out of bedwetting, but I never did. I turned SIXTEEN in April 2020 and finally decided to try something different. I previously tried alarms with wires attached to me, but they did not work. So I got used to wearing basically diapers every night for years. It scared me from sleepovers and made me extremely ashamed. I couldn’t look in the mirror while putting it on and constantly worried about people seeing/finding them during sleepovers. I later realized that these pull ups we’re making me feel subconsciously comfortable, thus causing my bedwetting every night. I hated myself for it and cried a lot. I was also extremely scared that I would go to college in 2 years with this problem since nothing was working. I started this product in late May and stopped using the alarm in early July, I was dry every night. After using this, I feel like it never happened or was a problem in the first place and I am so happy. My mom and I were skeptical of the price in the beginning, but it worth every penny. My only regret is that I didn’t find this product earlier. Thank you so much for treating me and setting me free from the constant worry if I am going to wet the bed.


I wish I purchased this years ago! My 10-year-old son was wetting every night and within a couple of weeks of using this system he was dry. It is so worth the money and time and very easy to use. Don’t waste your money on other alarm systems. Several years ago we purchased a brand that clips on and we didn’t stick with for long. It often became unattached during the night and therefore didn’t work to wake him up. We are thrilled with this program by Dr. Sagie. The results speak for themselves and my son is so happy to put this behind him. We highly recommend it!


This really works! My 11 year old son had been wetting the bed almost every night. After two months of using this program, he has now been completely dry for 4 months and counting! We are just thrilled by these results.


Thank YOU Dr. Sagie for all the help for the Therapee thing my mom is so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of me.

We have tried everything and then we decided to use this program to help my son and it worked. He is so proud of himself and I am too. We are Thankful for this program. Thanks again.


This WORKS! My 11 year old daughter was a nightly bedwetter and getting more frustrated by the day. This program promotes involvement by the child. This accountability is a key component to success, in my opinion. After 1 week (after a few wet nights) my daughter achieved 100% success. The investment is negligible for the payoff. The improved confidence in my child is priceless. I only wish I had bought it sooner.


When we started this program, my 12 year old daughter wore a pull-up every night because she is a very deep sleeper and would always have an accident. She had only had at most 10 dry pull-ups in her life. Within the first 2 weeks, we saw 6 dry nights! We are now at 12 weeks and she has had 10 weeks plus 3 days dry. We tried a clip-on alarm in the past and it didn’t work.
This issue always caused her a lot of stress at sleepovers and when friends would come over in case they found her pull-ups. I can’t tell you how much Therapee has changed all of our lives. Thank you!


We just wanted to say we are so pleased. Our son has had a continual problem since coming out of nappies. He got to the age of 8 1/2 and was still wetting the bed typically 5 times a week, having tried the little wetting alarms which didn’t work for us – we also tried the NHS but the waiting time to see a specialist was 6 months. So we stumped up the high price for Therapee. It is really worth it, the videos helped him understand he isn’t the only kid with this problem and really helped with his confidence. The video guidance over the 6 months gets quite detailed but it’s very effective. The first month we had mixed success but we persevered and after around 5 months he completely stopped wetting the bed. Its been 9 months now and we haven’t had a single incident – very pleased and in hindsight well worth the money – thank you Dr. Sagie!

J.B (UK)

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