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I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we were with this program. Our 12-year-old son struggled with soaking his bed and good nights pants every night even more than once sometimes. We tried restricting fluids, getting him up at night to pee and were frustrated and he was too. It impacted his self-esteem as he was so embarrassed by it and we really were ready to try anything. We got the device and set up the program and watched the video with our son. That was a great start as it got us all on the same page, and my son really liked the letters from other kids. it made him feel less alone in this. The first 2 weeks were rough. the alarm would go off and wake everyone in the house except my son, so I would have to wake him and walk him to the bathroom and clean up the bed, etc. To be honest I was a little discouraged and tired those first 2 weeks as he had I think a wet night every night and didn’t wake up. But in week 3 we started to see things improve the number of dry nights began to increase exponentially, and he started to hear the alarm at night, then he woke up on his own. We followed the instructions he was given and we faithfully used the program and pad daily. By week 4-5 he was dry about 90% of the time and we completed the program by week 12 and he has not had an accident even once. The daily charts and review from the doctor were very motivational for my son, he was really proud of himself. This was the best money we ever spent, The only regret is not trying it sooner. The main thing I would tell anyone trying this is to stick with it. It works!

K.M (Canada)

With a week at summer camp coming up, we knew we had to get our 6-year-old dry consistently overnight. Day potty training just after he was 2 was a breeze but night time was inconsistent. It was heartbreaking that he was in Kindergarten and still struggling. It took only 2 months and only a handful of accidents which lessened after the first few weeks to have total success. The chart and videos were so motivating and our son was excited to turn on his alarm every night. What I loved most about the program was how Dr. Sagie emphasized that bed wetting is not something kids can help. It is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. There is a stigma attached but it’s so prevalent. This really made us feel at ease in the process and took away the tension my son felt talking about the subject. I think he would now be able to comfort another child going through this and be open about his journey. Thank you so much for this amazing program!! After our son succeeded in completing the program he went to overnight summer camp with no issues!


Dr. Sagie,
I wanted to take a minute to thank you for this program. For the 1st time in 10 years, I am not having to buy some type of diaper product! Our son wore a pull up every single night and sometimes even peed through those! We had tried everything (except medication) and nothing worked. His confidence was really starting to become affected, especially since we were always dodging sleepover invitations. I decided to try your program but didn’t think it would work because we had tried other alarms in the past with no success. Your program was different and within the first 2 weeks, he was completely dry! I’m amazed that he was able to go from maybe 5 dry nights in 10 years to dry every night for the past 2 months! I would definitely recommend this program!


My son was 12 and was wet every night, sometimes two or three times a night. We tried everything alarms, tablets lifting, reducing drinks at bedtime, nothing worked. My son was missing out on so many trips with the school sleepovers and although he tried hard not to show it he was deeply upset and frustrated.
I saw a review of Dr. Sagies alarm on the ERIC site and actually felt the price was ok considering everything else I had purchased dealing with this issue. We sat down as a family and watched the first session, hoping this would be the thing that worked. For the first week and a half we had accidents but then a few nights with no accidents. Over the next two weeks, we had more dry nights than wet. After the first four weeks, he was dry completely. The sessions with helpful exercises were amazing and really kept my son going and positive along with the star chart which kept him motivated.
When the alarm was taken away at the end of the treatment I was really nervous it would all start again, but it hasn’t we are 3 months down the line and no wet nights.

Dr. Sagie has changed our lives I can not recommend it enough thank you.

J.K (UK)

Like many parents out there, we had got to the stage where we were desperate to find results for our 10-year-old boy.  Our son has been wetting the bed, sometimes two times a night for nearly 8 years, and we were at the stage where we wondered if he would ever grow out of it.  We had tried the usual routines of taking him to the bathroom, limiting fluids in the afternoon/evening, alarms and waking him up 2 times during sleep.  None of the ideas worked for us and we realized our son slept really deeply and had no memory of us waking him up to use the bathroom.

Throughout his bed wetting, I did notice if he was anxious about anything, he would have more bed wetting accidents.  It was also interesting to note that when he was on Summer Holiday for 6 weeks, he didn’t have any accidents, however, when our usual routine returned, so did the bed wetting.  During stretches of having dry nights, sometimes for a few weeks at a time, each time I thought that he had finally learned to control his bed wetting, but over the years, it would always come back.

This year, my son started at a new school and he will be away on 2 camps this year.  As parents, you obviously want your child to enjoy all these wonderful opportunities just like any other child.  I could see my son feeling anxious about the camp and decided that we needed to try something completely different.  I looked online and found the TheraPee method.  The online instructions, chart and information sessions have been fantastic for us.  Our son has been dry now for 3 months and the stress and constant feeling of disappointment on waking up wet have now stopped.  Your sessions by Dr. Sagie were very informative, reassuring and positive and we are all so happy as a family that our son has overcome a very stressful upset in his life.  Our son is more confident, happy and has a full sleep now and wakes up with the comfort of a dry bed.  Recently we were away and stayed in a hotel, our son was dry and there was no need to worry over wetting the bed.  He is now much more confident going to friend’s houses for sleepovers.

TheraPee really has changed the life of our 10 year old and we are so grateful to have found it.  Our son is so much happier, that is what we all want for our children!

Thank you!

N.A (AU)

Hi Dr. Sagie

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for creating a solution to my son’s bed-wetting problem. I didn’t want to use medication and this was the perfect solution. Like you said in your videos, it isn’t easy and takes real determination and hard work. He is so much more confident and excited to go on sleepovers. He was especially happy to stop wearing pull ups every night. He was very excited about this achievement, it really boosted his self-confidence. He looked forward to your “conference call” every other week.

Thank you!


Thank you Dr. Sagie and the Therapee team!
Our 8-year-old boy had a chronic problem of bed-wetting. We didn’t know how to understand it or how to approach the issue. Watching the very first Therapee video immediately helped our boy feel better about himself and feel positive about the training. I could see the moment when the penny dropped that there was nothing wrong with him. He just needed to train his brain! As soon as he heard this I could see his spirits lift. After 12 weeks the problem was completely fixed. We are very grateful indeed for the Therapee program. It may seem daunting at first but we have found it to be a game-changer. And our boy’s confidence and self-esteem have been lifted through his conquering this problem. Thank you again.

P.A (Australia)

Our son has had a dry bed now for close to three months!  Nothing short of a miracle.
He’s almost ten and had been a consistent bed wetter for years.  The constant bedwetting had taken such a toll on our stress; endless frustration, and hoping that the next morning, every morning, would be dry.  When we were at the end of the rope I stumbled upon your website late one night and looked over your information. I figured what the heck, nothing else had worked (exactly as you suggest on your site, i.e waking him up, other devices, meditation, pills). It was a bit of an expensive proposition, and we explained this to our son; we wanted him to be all in.
We followed the program understanding that it would be a commitment and take some time, but over the first month, we began to see a positive progression. Any dry night was a good night!  We watched the videos, practiced the exercises and continued on the path. We moved on to multiple dry nights and after about four months we finally exited this stressful period of our lives.
We cannot express how grateful we are to have found Therapee!

C.R (U.S)

My son is finally dry! He is about to turn 7 and desperately wanted to stop wearing pull-ups at night like his twin brother. He is a VERY heavy sleeper and was wetting every night. This system worked so well. At first, he was sleeping through the alarm at the loudest setting and we were having to wake him up (sometimes I don’t think he actually woke all the way up) and then after a few weeks, he started waking to the alarm…Then he started waking up before the alarm even went off. He’s been dry now for two months and he is so happy! This is definitely a commitment and no fun waking up to a loud alarm and changing sheets every night but we’re so glad we did it. Thanks, Dr. Sagie!

Denise (US)

My wife and I are overjoyed, relieved and so thankful to the work Dr. Sagie put into making Therapee so successful for our child. Our child used Therapee for about five months and was getting consistent dry nights for the last 2 months. Our child has not wet the bed since and he is waking at nights to use the bathroom. We are so very grateful and thank you so much for being our light during a trying time.

David (US)

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