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TheraPee Bedwetting Reviews and Success Stories

From my son: I was wetting the bed every night, but then I started to be dry more. The first couple of nights were shaky, In the end, I was dry everyday. It brings me so much joy to be dry every night and not wetting the bed. Now I feel comfortable sleeping knowing I am not going to wet the bed. Thank you so much! I cannot express my feelings of how happy I am that I am dry every night!

From me (mom): When we started TheraPee with my 10 year-old son, we had just about accepted that we would be in nighttime underwear/pull-ups forever. He had never been dry for more than two-three nights in a row. Sometimes, he would flood the pull-up, and the sheets and his shorts would be soaked. The pediatrician just kept assuring us that he would grow out of it, and that many boys had delayed control overnight. We even tried another bedwetting alarm that was a complete failure, and had tried medication as well. Let me tell you, I didn’t expect that this program would work as quickly as it did for our son!

He has a new-found confidence, and is thrilled to go to sleepovers with friends. He no longer has to hide a wet pull-up in a recycled grocery sack in his overnight bag. He sleeps well, and wakes up dry EVERY morning! This program was absolutely worth the money, and now we’re going to use it for my middle son who is just turning 7.


We did all the things that the website talked about. Pull-ups for way too long, limiting water at night, waking up our 6 year old to pee at 11 pm, etc. It only took a week to have 2 dry nights. Then we continued the program. The dry nights increased and at 5 weeks he was dry almost every night! He hasn’t had a wet night since week 8.
I still can’t believe it! He was such a deep sleeper and wouldn’t wake up when he was wet. The alarm is amazing and our son now sleeps through the night with no wet alarms. We are at week 13/14 now and can’t remember when he had wet alarms! Thank you!


I would like to take a few minutes to write a review on the journey we had with TheraPee.

I wish to help parents that are not sure, or skeptical that it can work.

My Daughter, E, 6 years old, was wetting the bed every night, even few times at night, since she was an infant.

We thought all along that it will be a phase, and probably it will stop someday.

The days went by, and there was no change.

After a while we were all totally desperate.

We did all the mistakes in the book.

We tried to wake her up few time at night, we didn’t let her drink before bed time,

We even put her diapers, so wrong, but we couldn’t do it anymore. It was a torture!

Few months ago I came across a post on one of the mother’s groups with a warm recommendation about TheraPee.

Skeptical, I visited the Facebook page and website, and called the Customer service to hear more details.

I have to emphasize again that both, my husband and I, were really skeptical, but we decided we have nothing to lose.

At the beginning of the treatment we didn’t see so much change,

But then, a week into the treatment, she suddenly woke up dry one morning,

And then the day after again, and it was shocking.

Now, 3.5 months later ,we are amazed, totally grateful and thrilled that we made that decision.

The wetting has completely stopped, and we got a confident child that doesn’t feel ashamed anymore.

I want to thank Dr. Jacob Sagie and Tal Sagie, for this amazing journey.

We are truly grateful and happy to say goodbye to wet sheets 😊


N.L (Israel)

Wow! What more can I say! Our daughter is almost 8 and will wet the bed every night if we do not wake her up to use the bathroom. She is a very deep sleeper and we physically have to carry her to the bathroom in the middle of the night. After seeing all the positive reviews, we decided to buy this program. I thought it would take awhile because she is such a heavy sleeper. Night 1 the alarm went off because she was sweating. She did not wake up to the alarm and we took her to the bathroom and figured we would try again the next day. Day 2 we changed the moisture sensitivity level and made the volume louder in hopes that she would wake up. Turns out, we didn’t need to worry about the volume level because this girl has had a dry night ever since night 2! We are only 12 days in but the fact that she has had 12 days straight of no bed wetting is something she is incredibly proud of! Thank you!


I just want to tell you we are so impressed with Dr Sagie’s program!! My 10yo was wet almost every night of her life and finally we learned of Therapee. Within 3-4 months of treatment, my child is dry every night!! The videos from Dr Sagie were encouraging and informative. My child was relieved to discover she was not alone in her struggle to stop bedwetting! The exercises prescribed, as we progressed thru the program, were a big help for her to feel like she was DOING something to make a diff! I give this 5 star review for effectiveness, quality, and EVERYTHING! We cannot thank you enough for giving my child a big boost thru this program!


Our 6 year old son had suffered with bedwetting at night since potty training. He felt completely helpless and discouraged that he could not stay dry like his younger sister. We went through years of pull ups, countless nights with bedwetting and crying, and endless sheet washing and frustration. We heard about this program from doing a search on the internet. We immediately purchased and started the program. The first day of the program our son was beyond excited and encouraged by Dr Sagie’s videos and the testimonials. He was immediately motivated and encouraged even when he had accidents. The alarm and exercises helped with him taking control of his bedwetting on his own. He is now officially dry at night and considers himself a graduate of this program! This program is AMAZING and the support of Dr Sagie is truly incredible! Our son developed great self esteem and felt empowered to stop bedwetting on his own with the help of this system. If you are on the fence about whether this works or not, IT DOES. Purchase this immediately! We tried everything and this is the only thing that helped. THANK YOU doesn’t even come close!


My 9 year old son was wetting the bed 2-3 times a night. We were cutting off liquids and foods early, making sure he went to the bathroom before bed and then waking him up in the middle of the night to go. Most of the time he was wet by the time I got to him in the middle of the night. He would sleep on towels and there was endless laundry. He was sad that he had to go through this and I wondered if he would ever get to the point of dry nights. The doctor had the option for medicine but recommended a bed alarm. I started my research and found several options. Therapee was the most expensive but it had the best success rate. We decided to pay the extra for what seemed to be the most successful. It was a lot of work on my end as the parent to get up when the alarm went off, cleaning the pad every morning, more laundry. But we saw progress within a few weeks! My son is now 10 and after 4 months of using Therapee, he has “graduated” and been dry for over a month and counting! My advice to all parents who are thinking about it, do it! You will not regret the effort, time and money to help your child move past this part of life. Thank you Dr. Sagie!


We started our bed wetting journey with therapee in July 2020, when my son decided to buy a sensor alarm himself and together we looked at the options online: therapee was the one he was impressed from.
He was almost 10yo and this bedwetting problem never left him, maximum he stayed dry was maybe 5days on a holiday trip, but that was really an exception, when we thought it was as done after a couple of dry nights, he started again to get wet.
This was so upsetting for him and for us, especially after his little sister managed to stay dry at night at 3yo and suddenly.
We tried all the classical exercises, from friends and google advice, limiting his drinks at evening, waking him up at night and take him to toilet, lots of shouting and frustration, from both sides. It was not the happiest time of our lives, so that is why we were happy to pay maybe a little more but we wanted a solution for good.
The sensor made me realize at times he was wetting the bed not just once, but twice and only waking up at the last time, when the bed was soiled with urine, and we didn’t know this before trying the sensor mat.
Was not easy to start with, as he did not want to do the exercises, so we were doing it with him, and now after 7months he did it.
I have informed school at the time to ask them to check on his drinking, but that was not really listened to, so I had to talk clear to him and ask to drink the whole water bottle during the 6hours in school.
He was looking forward for the golden star!
We are really happy, and feel we helped our son in the best way possible, it was not acceptable to go on that way, I felt I had to act and do something to help my son, as none else would have done it.
Thank you Dr Sagie!

V.C (UK)

When I was younger, I wet the bed almost continually until the age of 21, this was in spite of many well-intended interventions during the course of my childhood and adolescence, including medication, hypnotherapy, and enuresis alarms. Bedwetting had a profoundly negative effect on all aspects of my life, mainly social and educational.

With my own son aged four-and-a-half and still wearing nappies in bed, I was determined that he would not endure the same experience, despite the knowledge that bedwetting often runs in families.

We researched tirelessly. We tried implementing our own motivational regimes for almost a year, with very limited success, before coming across Dr. Sagie’s Therapee programme on the Internet.

The package containing the system arrived very promptly through the letterbox, and we set about using it straight away. It was the best quality bedwetting alarm I had ever seen, and indeed it has worked faultlessly throughout.

The educational and motivational quality of the web-based content really enthralled my son, and he was proud of achieving his blue, then red, then gold stars, whilst carrying out the exercises he was given (although only as and when he wanted to!)

Best news of all – there was steady progress and the programme worked, in exactly the time frame we were promised!

I think we started it at the perfect age (5). We would strongly recommend the system to any parent with a child who wets the bed.

Dr. Sagie, you have transformed my son’s life more than you can imagine! Thank you!

S.J (UK)

Thank you, Dr. Sagie! We had tried everything with our 11-year-old son. We talked to our chiropractor, doctor, and occupational therapist about solutions. We tried limiting fluids in the evening, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, and waking him 90 minutes after bedtime to use the bathroom. We gave it as much time as we felt we could for development and to grow out of it. Nothing made a difference and nighttime wetting was occurring every single night. We just felt like it was because he was such a hard sleeper and had some sensory issues (being hyposensitive). Then I saw an ad for the TheraPee program. It was a challenge to make the investment into one more thing that we didn’t think would work….but it did work! We saw immediate results and within about 6 weeks, our son was dry every single night! I’m telling as many people as I can about this program.


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