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TheraPee Bedwetting Reviews and Success Stories

This really works! My 11 year old son had been wetting the bed almost every night. After two months of using this program, he has now been completely dry for 4 months and counting! We are just thrilled by these results.


Thank YOU Dr. Sagie for all the help for the Therapee thing my mom is so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of me.

We have tried everything and then we decided to use this program to help my son and it worked. He is so proud of himself and I am too. We are Thankful for this program. Thanks again.


This WORKS! My 11 year old daughter was a nightly bedwetter and getting more frustrated by the day. This program promotes involvement by the child. This accountability is a key component to success, in my opinion. After 1 week (after a few wet nights) my daughter achieved 100% success. The investment is negligible for the payoff. The improved confidence in my child is priceless. I only wish I had bought it sooner.


When we started this program, my 12 year old daughter wore a pull-up every night because she is a very deep sleeper and would always have an accident. She had only had at most 10 dry pull-ups in her life. Within the first 2 weeks, we saw 6 dry nights! We are now at 12 weeks and she has had 10 weeks plus 3 days dry. We tried a clip-on alarm in the past and it didn’t work.
This issue always caused her a lot of stress at sleepovers and when friends would come over in case they found her pull-ups. I can’t tell you how much Therapee has changed all of our lives. Thank you!


We just wanted to say we are so pleased. Our son has had a continual problem since coming out of nappies. He got to the age of 8 1/2 and was still wetting the bed typically 5 times a week, having tried the little wetting alarms which didn’t work for us – we also tried the NHS but the waiting time to see a specialist was 6 months. So we stumped up the high price for Therapee. It is really worth it, the videos helped him understand he isn’t the only kid with this problem and really helped with his confidence. The video guidance over the 6 months gets quite detailed but it’s very effective. The first month we had mixed success but we persevered and after around 5 months he completely stopped wetting the bed. Its been 9 months now and we haven’t had a single incident – very pleased and in hindsight well worth the money – thank you Dr. Sagie!

J.B (UK)

This was the best purchase we have made for our son. He consistently wet the bed every single night for nine years (save for maybe 3 times when the only reason he was dry was due to poor sleep). We finally decided to take a step and try Therapee. I was worried it would be frustrating getting up at night and that an alarm type system would change his sleep pattern. Don’t let those fears stop you. The way this system works, the noise doesn’t go on for long, you’re not up for long and it’s undoubtedly worth it. He sleeps just as well as he did before the system. My son continued to wet for about 2 weeks and then was dry except for a couple of exceptions. The entire process for him was about 14 weeks and we are forever grateful. So happy to not buy nighttime pull-ups and wash sheet protectors and sheets daily anymore!


I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Therapee, my 6 year old boy is literally jumping for joy at being told he’s done it. The difference in his confidence is amazing and he’s now planning sleepovers with his friends when COVID is over.

L (Brunei)

Having tried unsuccessfully a couple of times to do overnight training, we thought this method would be a lot more painful than it was. In the past when we’ve taken off the pull-ups and just buckled down for some sleepless nights, that’s exactly what we got. Changing sheets every night and worse, our son waking up cold and upset after hours in wet sheets.
Having the alarm changed that, in that as soon as the bed got wet, we could change the sheets, take our son to the bathroom, and know he was dry and comfortable again. Having the ‘star’ chart was really motivating for him, and the fortnightly videos from Dr. Sagie definitely helped our son feel more a part of the process. We were told it could take up to 6 months, and we expected it to based on his history, but once we began we were thrilled to see progress right away. There were probably 2 or 3 weeks of once or twice nightly sheet changes, but then came the first star (dry night) and a few more spotted through the next fortnight. After about a month he was having stretches of 4-5 dry nights, and then after about two months, it was rare for him to pee the bed. We were just working up to the coveted gold star by that point – which took a surprisingly thorough 45-ish nights by the end! At least we knew he’d graduated without a doubt! Our son was only 6 which is probably not too old in the scheme of things, but we didn’t want to wait until he was older and feeling more self-aware. It feels awesome going into summer and knowing that camping, sleepovers, and life, in general, will be so much simpler for him.

M.B (Canada)

My 11 year old has struggled all his life with chronic bedwetting. It was a nightly occurrence and we’ve seen every specialist who thought it was this issue or that issue. We followed all advice given to us to help our son but all failed. This was the ONLY thing that helped and didn’t require any supplements or medication! Within 1 month we saw several dry nights in a row and within 3 months we saw weeks of dry nights. We couldn’t be happier with our investment in Therapee. Thank you for such a wonderful tool to help our boy overcome this hurdle in his life!!


We had tried pretty much everything to get my 9 year old daughter out of pull-ups at night. Nothing worked. So after I read the reviews on this site I decided to make a go of it. We saw continuous progress with a few slip-ups here and there. I am happy to say, I submitted my request for a subscription cancellation yesterday! Do not wait another day to use this product/service!


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