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My 5-year-old has been potty trained during the day since she was 3 but night time was a different story. She was still in pull-ups and would be wet almost every morning. I don’t know that she had a true bedwetting problem,  but your program was perfect for our needs. She only wet the bed a few times during the course of treatment. She learned very quickly that she wasn’t able to wet her underwear like she did with the pull-ups. The stars on the computer calendar were a great incentive for her. She was overjoyed when she earned her first red star and beside herself when she earned her first gold star! She only had 5 wet nights throughout the course of the program and has not wet the bed in 14 weeks!  I could not be more pleased with the results. Thank you for a great product and program!


My 8-year old son was very frustrated, self-conscious, and increasingly becoming aggressive because of bedwetting. I’m not normally someone who writes product testimonials, but the Therapee product and software changed his life. We had dry nights within three months’ time. He was very proud! Thank you!


Dear Dr. Sagie,

I do not have the words to express my gratitude for your program. Like many other parents, we had tried many different things to try and stop the bedwetting and none of them worked. I was discouraged and felt helpless as a parent because this was something I couldn’t fix for her. She was discouraged, angry, and her self esteem was plummeting. Her friends were starting to have sleepovers and she felt left out but, didn’t want to chance embarrassment. Her younger brother had been out of diapers for years and she felt like she was still a baby. It was at this point that I found your program! We sat down together and read the reviews and watched the videos. She was fully on board and we anxiously awaited the arrival of Therapee. It was a long process for us but, we saw improvements and sure enough, we eventually had more dry nights than wet ones. She was able to go to sleepovers and we could travel without bringing the dreaded pull-ups along with us. In just a few days we are taking our first destination vacation without having to worry about bedwetting! This has made such a difference in our lives and I am convinced if we had not found this program we would still be struggling with bedwetting on nearly a nightly basis.  My daughter was 10 when she started this program, and although it took time and perseverance, she “graduated” just before her 11th birthday. There were tears in both of our eyes when the program loaded and Dr.Sagie came on and told her she had done it! I could not have asked for a better birthday gift for my daughter. Thank you 1000 times over!


We have used the Alarm for 19 weeks. And my daughter who is 7 had been wetting the bed sometimes twice to three times a night before we started the therapy is now dry! We had tried EVERYTHING! She also has issues staying clean during the day and there we had also tried EVERYTHING. I was skeptical at first, I was worried that she had a biological issue which the therapy would bot resolve. I ordered the first time and canceled the order before it arrived. And a few months later decided to go for it. I mean nothing can be worse than 2-3 times of bedwetting in addition to day time accidents! And so we started, we did the exercises as best we could. That was the hardest part. But I found in the end, she would do them by herself. She especially likes the affirmation. She is now dry at night!! AND it has made a massive difference during the day. She still sometimes gets distracted or too into play that she doesn’t want to stop. But it’s still a lot better than it was before. We are SO GLAD we went for it in the end. My daughter had her friends over for her 7th sleepover birthday party because she was finally dry!! Thank you DR Sagie!!!!

L.K (Sweden)

My daughter turned 9 and I could not believe we were still in pull-ups. We had tried almost everything. I was not willing to give her medications just for bed wedding but we tried everything else…other alarm, fluid restriction, waking her up when we went to bed for one last bathroom break, etc. She still wet the bed at least 4 times a week. Many times I’d have to wake her up at 7 AM in a wet bed and she had no idea she was even wet… She was that deep of a sleeper. I wish I bought the system earlier and honestly the only reason I didn’t is because it was expensive. I now know it is worth every penny. The very first day she was so motivated by Dr. Sagie’s videos and the other testimonials. The very first night the alarm actually woke her up the instant she started to pee so she had a very small spot and took herself to the bathroom. I knew she was bought in and ready to tackle this! This continued for the first couple of weeks but then she started to stay completely (And consistently) dry on her own by the third or fourth week. The video check-ins at each session kept her motivated. At one point she was not doing the exercise assigned to her and when she replied as such Dr. Sagie said (in the video) he was disappointed. I laugh at how down she was that she disappointed him…She started doing the exercises consistently that day, ha! She loves updating her chart each morning. I’m loving not buying pull-ups, not doing as much laundry, and ESPECIALLY the priceless confidence you’ve given my girl. Thank you!!


Happy New Year! 2019 is a year to celebrate . . . my 14-year-old son is FINALLY dry every night!  We have three children, all of them were bedwetters. My husband wet the bed until he was 11 so it certainly runs in the family. For my oldest two children, we used an inexpensive alarm and it worked great, within less than a week each child was dry through the night. So when my youngest child had the same bedwetting issue, we were not too concerned. At about age 5 we started trying the alarm. It just never worked for him. We would try for a couple of months, fail, and revisit it a couple of times a year with no success. This went on for years. He is such a restless sleeper, if we pinned the alarm to his PJs it would be ripped off in the morning. Sometimes the whole thing would be on the floor in the morning as he woke up in a soaked bed. He would have no recollection of removing it. We tried several wireless units . . . the stories could go on and on but the bottom line is nothing worked. He was not one of those kids that had an accident a couple of times a week, he was wet every single night of this life!  We sent him to 6th-grade camp with all of his classmates hoping no one would see his pull-ups and also that he wouldn’t soak through them and soak his sleeping bag for everyone to see and smell. What a terrible thing for a 12-year-old to have to worry about. My mother in law kept saying he would outgrow it just like my husband did but I was not convinced and my patience was running out. The summer before 8th grade I was desperately searching for a new alarm or something to try and that is when I ran across Dr. Sagie’s Bedwetting Clinic. The kick-off to the 8th grade school year is a 2 day/night leadership retreat. It was bad enough sending my kid to 6th-grade camp with pull-ups but just horrible to think we were still dealing with this for the 8th-grade retreat. We started the program in July and although he hadn’t completed it by the start of the school year he did stay dry at his retreat. Being a 14-year-old boy, he wasn’t all that into the star chart . . . I think I was more into seeing his progress on the chart than he was. But he watched the videos and did the exercises as instructed. He would be dry of a good two or three weeks and then have a random accident but we stuck with it and it has now been dry for 2 months!

We did have an issue with the alarm not working at one point. I emailed Dr. Sagie’s support and after explaining the problem they immediately sent a new pad to us so we could continue therapy with as little interruption as possible. They were so helpful! I would recommend this system to anyone. My only regret is that we did not discover it sooner. We could have avoided years of struggle and heartache.
Dr. Sagie . . . thank you for making this the year that our son is finally dry and that I am no longer changing sheets and doing laundry EVERY single day! We are so grateful!


We are so happy with TheraPee- my 6-year-old went from wetting the bed 4 or more nights per week, to now a stretch of 6 weeks dry. It only took him 4 weeks. He responded really well to Tal’s videos and feedback as well as the Star chart and he was over the moon to get his first gold star. I highly recommend the program, thanks so much for the work you do!


A huge success! My daughter is a very deep sleeper and continuously wet the bed 3-4 nights/week. Initially, we thought she would just outgrow it which was wishful thinking. Next, we tried alarms that clipped onto her underwear but she often removed them because they were so uncomfortable. The pediatrician recommended a specialist but then I came across the glowing reviews for the Therapee System. With nothing to lose, I ordered the system and watched in amazement as my daughter went from being wet 3-4 nights per week to waking up on her own by the 2nd week, to being completely dry by 8 weeks. Truly Amazing! My only advice would be to make sure you thoroughly clean the sleeping pad with soapy water after an accident to prevent the thin metal wires from corroding and breaking. Unfortunately, this happened to us but the customer service was great and sent a new pad for no additional cost.


TheraPee has worked. My daughter had medical issues from the start. While we were working with top urologists in our area, she experienced a traumatic abuse. This event, combined with her pre-existing condition, made her incontinence especially difficult to treat. She’s been in trauma therapy with a LCSW for several years now. As her body has grown and changed, we expected that her condition was resolving itself. The TheraPee system was the best option to work with her in a “hands-off” way. Since the first night, she has been dry. She cried and complained of not sleeping because she was scared of setting it off, but she finally got used to it somewhat, and she did sleep. She hasn’t worn a GoodNight since day one using the system. Personally, I never thought we’d see this day. Her body was ready, but her mind wouldn’t trust itself. This form of therapy allowed her to discover the power within her. Thank you so much.


It worked! Worth the extra money. I was starting to feel like we would never be able to sort this issue. So relieved and love seeing my little girl so happy 😌

K.W (New Zealand)

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