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Success Stories

My 9 year old son was wetting the bed 2-3 times a night. We were cutting off liquids and foods early, making sure he went to the bathroom before bed and then waking him up in the middle of the night to go. Most of the time he was wet by the time I got to him in the middle of the night. He would sleep on towels and there was endless laundry. He was sad that he had to go through this and I wondered if he would ever get to the point of dry nights. The doctor had the option for medicine but recommended a bed alarm. I started my research and found several options. Therapee was the most expensive but it had the best success rate. We decided to pay the extra for what seemed to be the most successful. It was a lot of work on my end as the parent to get up when the alarm went off, cleaning the pad every morning, more laundry. But we saw progress within a few weeks! My son is now 10 and after 4 months of using Therapee, he has “graduated” and been dry for over a month and counting! My advice to all parents who are thinking about it, do it! You will not regret the effort, time and money to help your child move past this part of life. Thank you Dr. Sagie!


We started our bed wetting journey with therapee in July 2020, when my son decided to buy a sensor alarm himself and together we looked at the options online: therapee was the one he was impressed from.
He was almost 10yo and this bedwetting problem never left him, maximum he stayed dry was maybe 5days on a holiday trip, but that was really an exception, when we thought it was as done after a couple of dry nights, he started again to get wet.
This was so upsetting for him and for us, especially after his little sister managed to stay dry at night at 3yo and suddenly.
We tried all the classical exercises, from friends and google advice, limiting his drinks at evening, waking him up at night and take him to toilet, lots of shouting and frustration, from both sides. It was not the happiest time of our lives, so that is why we were happy to pay maybe a little more but we wanted a solution for good.
The sensor made me realize at times he was wetting the bed not just once, but twice and only waking up at the last time, when the bed was soiled with urine, and we didn’t know this before trying the sensor mat.
Was not easy to start with, as he did not want to do the exercises, so we were doing it with him, and now after 7months he did it.
I have informed school at the time to ask them to check on his drinking, but that was not really listened to, so I had to talk clear to him and ask to drink the whole water bottle during the 6hours in school.
He was looking forward for the golden star!
We are really happy, and feel we helped our son in the best way possible, it was not acceptable to go on that way, I felt I had to act and do something to help my son, as none else would have done it.
Thank you Dr Sagie!

V.C (UK)

When I was younger, I wet the bed almost continually until the age of 21, this was in spite of many well-intended interventions during the course of my childhood and adolescence, including medication, hypnotherapy, and enuresis alarms. Bedwetting had a profoundly negative effect on all aspects of my life, mainly social and educational.

With my own son aged four-and-a-half and still wearing nappies in bed, I was determined that he would not endure the same experience, despite the knowledge that bedwetting often runs in families.

We researched tirelessly. We tried implementing our own motivational regimes for almost a year, with very limited success, before coming across Dr. Sagie’s Therapee programme on the Internet.

The package containing the system arrived very promptly through the letterbox, and we set about using it straight away. It was the best quality bedwetting alarm I had ever seen, and indeed it has worked faultlessly throughout.

The educational and motivational quality of the web-based content really enthralled my son, and he was proud of achieving his blue, then red, then gold stars, whilst carrying out the exercises he was given (although only as and when he wanted to!)

Best news of all – there was steady progress and the programme worked, in exactly the time frame we were promised!

I think we started it at the perfect age (5). We would strongly recommend the system to any parent with a child who wets the bed.

Dr. Sagie, you have transformed my son’s life more than you can imagine! Thank you!

S.J (UK)

Thank you, Dr. Sagie! We had tried everything with our 11-year-old son. We talked to our chiropractor, doctor, and occupational therapist about solutions. We tried limiting fluids in the evening, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, and waking him 90 minutes after bedtime to use the bathroom. We gave it as much time as we felt we could for development and to grow out of it. Nothing made a difference and nighttime wetting was occurring every single night. We just felt like it was because he was such a hard sleeper and had some sensory issues (being hyposensitive). Then I saw an ad for the TheraPee program. It was a challenge to make the investment into one more thing that we didn’t think would work….but it did work! We saw immediate results and within about 6 weeks, our son was dry every single night! I’m telling as many people as I can about this program.


My 9 Years old boy was still using nappies and nothing seemed to make him wake up at night. We tried many methods and fell every single one.
He was starting to feel under confident and felt very embarrassed about it. After seeing the ads on facebook and the reviews from so many parents, we decided to try it. We are in New Zealand so it seemed to be a bit far away to order it but we finally made the decision. It worked in the first week. We had a couple of accidents after but that was it. I think the turning point for our child was when he watched the video and the doctor said that “there was nothing wrong with him” he was just a deep sleeper and with the very first time the alarm went off it made a click in his mind and was definite. Also the fact that we could fill up the chart together and track progress made it a lot more interesting.
Incredibly grateful we found this product. Thank you, thank you, and more million thanks.

C.M (New Zealand)

I just wanted to share my huge thanks for helping my 6 year-old-son to become dry at night.
We had buried our heads in the sand and kept him in pull-ups, telling ourselves that he would just suddenly become dry. Appointments with doctors said the same thing – not to worry and it would happen with time. But I didn’t want to wait and it worried me as my son was getting older and if it had not been for COVID, he would probably have had the opportunity to join overnight camps with his friends. I didn’t want him to be embarrassed on nights away from home by needing to wear pull-ups and felt the need to try something to help things along.
We tried a well-known bed wetting book but the positive affirmations didn’t seem
to have any effect and no progress seemed to be made.
I had seen Therapee advertised and while it was an investment, we decided that if it worked for our son, we would save on the cost of pull-ups and so decided to give it a try.
My son was excited to get started and he enjoyed recording what happened each night and looked forward to updating his online star chart and video time with Dr Sagie. Within a couple of weeks we started to see dry nights – I couldn’t believe it! And then his night dryness just continually improved from there and within a few months, he had completed the programme and we removed the alarm. Now, he has been dry for about 6 months and even gets up in the night for the toilet if he needs it, which is such a turnaround.
It feels so wonderful to have reached this milestone and to give this freedom to our son, who took great joy in telling Santa of this achievement in his Christmas wish list at the end of last year. My regret it that we listened to the advice to ‘wait it out’ rather than trying Therapee sooner. I was really impressed by the system and thrilled with the results – a great weight has been lifted. Thank so very much for all your work to create a great product that works so well.

S.B (UK)

We were sceptical about alarms in general, but decided it was time to try something.  We had heard an alarm had worked overnight for a friend’s daughter.
Our 9 year old daughter had been wearing night time underwear for years.  Despite that underwear, her bedding and pajamas always had a strong urine smell.  She had to change in the morning before she could enjoy lounging on the sofa.  Even a simple hug or an occasional co-sleep with her was difficult because of the strong smell.
She was getting too big for the expansive (and polluting) night underwear.  She was not outgrowing the bedwetting despite what a pediatrician had suggested two years previously.
We didn’t want to use bed wetting control medicine as she already regularly takes a nasal spray and anti-histamines for her allergies.
We never pressured her and she never showed her frustration with the situation, but she is so happy about the fact she is dry now!
We can’t believe how fast this system worked for us.  We were bracing ourselves for waking up and having to change sheets and pajamas multiple times a night.  But we never needed all the replacement sheets we had piled up near the bed.
She enjoyed collecting data and inputting it in the computer.
We will pass the alarm along to another family who can purchase a plan separately. The alarm and mat are well made and will last a while.
We love that we will no longer be throwing single use nightwear in the garbage weekly and that the alarm can be re-used.
We are glad we didn’t delay until our daughter was off for the holidays to start, as initially planned; we instead enjoyed “dry” holidays!
Thank you very much for the Therapee system.  I would recommend it to anyone.

F.C (Canada)

I am a 15yr old boy who lives in New Zealand.
Before i started this program i was scared of going over to my friends houses for sleepovers.
I only went to about three friends houses, one of those friends was my best friend he would come over to my house and i would go to his house to stay but that friend knew about my problem. I had friends from school ask me to stay the night but i would say i couldn’t and that made my friendship not become as good as they could have become.
My confidence has gone up a lot more and I’ve stayed the night at one of my friends houses, I’ve known him for three years and it was my first time staying over night, when i was 13yrs he asked me to but i got my Dad to pick me up late at night because i was scared. I want the people reading this to know that it works, my first week i had a dry night and the longer we had the mat the more dry nights i had.
I really hope whoever is reading this will get the mat and program it helps and works. Thank you.

I am R’s mother, his father and i were getting very very worried my son was 15yrs and every night was a wet night, he had been dry a handful of times over the years.
When he was in Primary School (5yrs-10yrs) we would go and see a nurse up at the hospital, Drinking a certain amount of water during the day, charts, a bed wetting alarm, so much stuff we tried and nothing worked!
In the end we decided we were wasting the nurses time and ours, so we stopped going to see her.
I spent a year getting him up twice a night and twice a night the bed was wet, after a year i gave up, it took its toll on him and me.
So he wore nightwear again and hardly stayed at friends places except the one friend he mentioned.
Then i saw Therapee on Facebook and i looked at the reviews and kept going back and looking again.
The best decision we made was buying the mat and program.
There were video sessions and exercises and a chart and let me tell you that a 15yr old can get really excited about star charts.
We started a the beginning of the Sept school hols 2020 and finished in Nov ’20’
My son is a deep sleeper but this program works and i love seeing how happy my son is now.
Thank you to the Therapists and thankyou for all your quick replies to the questions i emailed during that time.
If you are reading this then go ahead and buy it, because this is worth every penny.

T.M (New Zealand)

Just wanted to say thank you.

My 12 year old had struggled with wetting her bed for years. It was frustrating, affected her confidence and was an inconvenience. We had tried alarms, buzzers, went to the dr, went to a specialist. In a matter of 2 weeks, she had stopped wetting the bed every night. In 3 weeks later she is completely dry with no accidents. I am so grateful!
Thank you!!


This was life changing for my son. He was such a deep sleeper that he wasn’t able to get up when he needed to pee at night. A friend recommended Therapee and I’m so glad I listened! From day 1 my son didn’t wet the bed. We watched the videos and did the steps along the way. He did amazing. I left the mat on his bed for a few months and we continued to do the program and when he was ready we removed it and he’s been dry since, that was almost 3 years ago. We started when he was 6 and he’s going to be 9 soon.

S.B (Canada)

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