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Success Stories

A huge success! My daughter is a very deep sleeper and continuously wet the bed 3-4 nights/week. Initially, we thought she would just outgrow it which was wishful thinking. Next, we tried alarms that clipped onto her underwear but she often removed them because they were so uncomfortable. The pediatrician recommended a specialist but then I came across the glowing reviews for the Therapee System. With nothing to lose, I ordered the system and watched in amazement as my daughter went from being wet 3-4 nights per week to waking up on her own by the 2nd week, to being completely dry by 8 weeks. Truly Amazing! My only advice would be to make sure you thoroughly clean the sleeping pad with soapy water after an accident to prevent the thin metal wires from corroding and breaking. Unfortunately, this happened to us but the customer service was great and sent a new pad for no additional cost.


TheraPee has worked. My daughter had medical issues from the start. While we were working with top urologists in our area, she experienced a traumatic abuse. This event, combined with her pre-existing condition, made her incontinence especially difficult to treat. She’s been in trauma therapy with a LCSW for several years now. As her body has grown and changed, we expected that her condition was resolving itself. The TheraPee system was the best option to work with her in a “hands-off” way. Since the first night, she has been dry. She cried and complained of not sleeping because she was scared of setting it off, but she finally got used to it somewhat, and she did sleep. She hasn’t worn a GoodNight since day one using the system. Personally, I never thought we’d see this day. Her body was ready, but her mind wouldn’t trust itself. This form of therapy allowed her to discover the power within her. Thank you so much.


It worked! Worth the extra money. I was starting to feel like we would never be able to sort this issue. So relieved and love seeing my little girl so happy 😌

K.W (New Zealand)

My son was 9 years old and still wetting the bed every night. We tried everything, different types of alarms, medication, chiro, waking him up in the middle of the night. Nothing worked. We bought Therapee and within 2 weeks he was dry and has been since! It’s been almost a year! I would highly recommend this product! I wish I would’ve bought it sooner!!

C.B (Canada)

My son Oliver who is 6 and a half is on his 30th week of the program and he has only wet the bed once in around 60 days! He is so proud of himself (as are we) and his confidence has grown.
Oliver went from wetting the bed twice a night to now not wetting the bed. He has almost finished the program and he is SUPER excited about that.
This program is so fantastic we can’t recommend it enough. It requires persistence from the child and parent/s and every bit of effort are 100% worth it. We read so many reviews about TheraPee before purchasing and we were excited to start but also worried that it wouldn’t work for Oliver. We started to see results a few weeks in and it was then that we knew this program would most definitely help him.
At around the 18-week mark, Oliver started to wet the bed regularly again and we email the Support Team as very concerned parents. The Support Team got back to us within hours and reassured us and our son that this was only a ‘bad patch’ and to keep encouraging him and using positive language. We did exactly that and Oliver got back on track in no time.  Amazing!
We followed Dr. Sagie’s instructions the whole time and 30 weeks later we are almost done. We can’t believe it and we really are so so so happy! Oliver is now confident about going to bed a night.
This has been a life-changing experience for our son. As dramatic as that sounds, it’s the truth and we’ve only just realized how much happier he is every single night.

D.A (Australia)

My son is 10yrs old. We tried many different things over the years for his bedwetting. Some things worked for awhile, a RX nose spray for example. Though I didn’t want that long term. Once we stopped it he started wetting again. We limited liquids, woke him up in middle of night (or tried!), etc. Finally through some internet research I came across an ad for Therapee and read all I could on it. I showed my son and he was eager to try it. I ended up putting it off for a year! I regret that. But fortunately finally ended up purchasing the program. We had nothing to loose! I was beside myself trying to help him and he was so over it and upset when he would wet. We followed the program and within 16wks he was completely dry!!! Could not believe it! What a relief for him and our whole family! He could now do sleep overs and school field trips with no more concern! Thank you Thank you Thank you Therapee and Dr. Sagie!!! I would 100% recommend this program to anyone! I get teary just writing this.


I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we were with this program. Our 12-year-old son struggled with soaking his bed and good nights pants every night even more than once sometimes. We tried restricting fluids, getting him up at night to pee and were frustrated and he was too. It impacted his self-esteem as he was so embarrassed by it and we really were ready to try anything. We got the device and set up the program and watched the video with our son. That was a great start as it got us all on the same page, and my son really liked the letters from other kids. it made him feel less alone in this. The first 2 weeks were rough. the alarm would go off and wake everyone in the house except my son, so I would have to wake him and walk him to the bathroom and clean up the bed, etc. To be honest I was a little discouraged and tired those first 2 weeks as he had I think a wet night every night and didn’t wake up. But in week 3 we started to see things improve the number of dry nights began to increase exponentially, and he started to hear the alarm at night, then he woke up on his own. We followed the instructions he was given and we faithfully used the program and pad daily. By week 4-5 he was dry about 90% of the time and we completed the program by week 12 and he has not had an accident even once. The daily charts and review from the doctor were very motivational for my son, he was really proud of himself. This was the best money we ever spent, The only regret is not trying it sooner. The main thing I would tell anyone trying this is to stick with it. It works!

K.M (Canada)

With a week at summer camp coming up, we knew we had to get our 6-year-old dry consistently overnight. Day potty training just after he was 2 was a breeze but night time was inconsistent. It was heartbreaking that he was in Kindergarten and still struggling. It took only 2 months and only a handful of accidents which lessened after the first few weeks to have total success. The chart and videos were so motivating and our son was excited to turn on his alarm every night. What I loved most about the program was how Dr. Sagie emphasized that bed wetting is not something kids can help. It is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. There is a stigma attached but it’s so prevalent. This really made us feel at ease in the process and took away the tension my son felt talking about the subject. I think he would now be able to comfort another child going through this and be open about his journey. Thank you so much for this amazing program!! After our son succeeded in completing the program he went to overnight summer camp with no issues!


Dr. Sagie,
I wanted to take a minute to thank you for this program. For the 1st time in 10 years, I am not having to buy some type of diaper product! Our son wore a pull up every single night and sometimes even peed through those! We had tried everything (except medication) and nothing worked. His confidence was really starting to become affected, especially since we were always dodging sleepover invitations. I decided to try your program but didn’t think it would work because we had tried other alarms in the past with no success. Your program was different and within the first 2 weeks, he was completely dry! I’m amazed that he was able to go from maybe 5 dry nights in 10 years to dry every night for the past 2 months! I would definitely recommend this program!


My son was 12 and was wet every night, sometimes two or three times a night. We tried everything alarms, tablets lifting, reducing drinks at bedtime, nothing worked. My son was missing out on so many trips with the school sleepovers and although he tried hard not to show it he was deeply upset and frustrated.
I saw a review of Dr. Sagies alarm on the ERIC site and actually felt the price was ok considering everything else I had purchased dealing with this issue. We sat down as a family and watched the first session, hoping this would be the thing that worked. For the first week and a half we had accidents but then a few nights with no accidents. Over the next two weeks, we had more dry nights than wet. After the first four weeks, he was dry completely. The sessions with helpful exercises were amazing and really kept my son going and positive along with the star chart which kept him motivated.
When the alarm was taken away at the end of the treatment I was really nervous it would all start again, but it hasn’t we are 3 months down the line and no wet nights.

Dr. Sagie has changed our lives I can not recommend it enough thank you.

J.K (UK)

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