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Success Stories

My son is 6.5 and before 3 months ago, had only been dry a handful of nights in his life. A few times we tried ditching the pull-ups and restricting water before bed, waking him up to pee before we went to bed, etc. None of it worked and I couldn’t see how it would change as long as he was wearing a pullup at night. He was telling us that he wanted to stop wearing pullups, but we didn’t know how to help him stay dry and he was getting frustrated and discouraged.

Enter Therapee! The first two weeks of the program he had no dry nights, weeks 3-4 he was dry about half the nights, and as of today he’s been dry every night for six weeks and has officially “graduated” from the program! He even stayed dry when we traveled during the treatment (I wasn’t totally sure how it would go in an unfamiliar house/bed). It seems that his brain and body have finally synced up to either keep him dry all night, or wake him up to use the toilet. We realized during this process just what a deep sleeper he is, which I have no doubt contributed to him wetting the bed at night up to this point.

Best of all, he’s so proud of himself for getting to this point and loved adding another star to the tracker every morning he woke up dry. The product and program are worth every penny!

We live in London and my son (now 10 yo) has been dry at night for nearly a year.
I was at my wit’s end. We had tried everything including a very primitive version of the alarm – the kind you clip to the underwear and 50% of the mornings he was waking up sodden – the nappy couldn’t even contain the volume of urine.
In an act of desperation I bought Dr. Sagie’s alarm. I had no faith it would work. I think there were a couple reasons it did work so quickly.
Firstly the alarm is very sensitive.
Secondly just that act of listening to Dr. Sagie initially and then on a bi-weekly basis I think really made something click in my son’s brain. He finally understood what he was supposed to be doing because Dr. Sagie calmly explained it and the progress metrics to him rather than his stressed-out mum! Somehow he managed to be able to make that connection between his brain and his body too.
We had a couple of accidents in those first few weeks and then it was smooth sailing! Of course we completed the 12-week course. He has had one accident in the last year and I know why that might have been so it didn’t raise any red flags.
G.I (U.K)
 A couple of years ago I came across an ad on Dr. Sagies therapee bedwetting alarm. Although my boy was struggling with nighttime bed wetting still as a teenager, I  kept scrolling and passed it up. I couldn’t justify paying for this alarm at the time, and decided to continue on with what we were doing hoping he would grow out of it :
 We tried other alarms, limiting water intake after a certain time, waking him up in the middle of the night, and even asking Our family doctor, who prescribed some meds for him. Nothing was working. My son was getting pretty frustrated and discouraged with himself.
 I kept seeing the ad periodically and finally at the age of 16 decided to buy it and have him give it a try.
 The first 2 weeks there was still accidents 3 or 4 time. Then on week 3 and 4 it decreased significantly. By week 7, he was completely dry!
 He looked forward to the sessions and listening to Dr. Sagies advice and encouragement, exercises to do, and seeing his progress with the stars(even at age 17).
 I am so very, very grateful to u Dr.Sagie for the help and the confidence u gave my son with this product.
 If anyone is skeptical about trying this product due to the price, or not being convinced that it will work,(like I was), Please please please don’t think that way. It works!!!!! And I am so beyond the moon excited and so happy for my son and his success. I just wish I did this sooner.
 Thank you again Dr. Sagie, how could I ever repay you?

Therapee not only been a beautiful and positive experience for my daughter and I but also a “bonding” one. I never made a big deal about her bed-wetting and we used pull-ups instead but she is getting to the age of having sleepovers with friends and she was the one who mentioned it was worrying her and she wanted to learn how to sleep without pull-ups and without accidents. She is so happy I had a solution to her problem and I AM SO HAPPY TOO! It has been 5 weeks now and the progress is evident. It makes her proud and makes her feel empowered. It’s simple to follow yet you can tell the small effort to follow the steps daily is very effective. She used to wake up every day with a fully wet pull-up. On the first night we realized she was having more than one accident per night. After that she has not had two accidents in the same night again. The amount of nights with accidents has decreased steadily and currently her longest streak was last week, nine days without an accident. I look forward to sharing when we’re fully done with accidents!!

M.H (Canada)

My name is Ian. I tried for years to stop wetting the bed at night and nothing worked. When I turned 8 years old my parents found Dr. Sagie. Within the first week I already had some dry nights. Then on week 10 I graduated. It felt good to be done wetting the bed. I hope you trust Dr. Sagie’s process and you will have success too.


Firstly I want to thank Dr Sagie for the amazing programme. I contemplated buying the programme for 12 months due to the cost. However as my daughter got closer to 7 the bed wetting was really affecting her. She was wet every night, in pull up pants (which she was embarrassed about as her little sister was dry before 2 years old) and didn’t like staying out anywhere. She was embarrassed that grandma and grandad or aunties would realise she was in pull up pants.
We purchased the product in September and started straight away. The programme was very easy to follow and we watched the instructions together which was nice to include her. After the first few days she got used to the alarm (as it is very loud and I was a little on the fence about continuing as it scared her) however we powered through and she had her first dry night – she was elated. We continued with the programme and the dry nights slowly became more often and beefier we knew it she was having more dry with the odd accident. She couldn’t believe she was finally in pants for bed it really was worth every penny to see her so happy. By week 9/10 every day was dry and we haven’t used the alarm mat since early November. I do still log the dry nights but more just to reiterate how proud we are of her and well she’s done in such a short space of time. I never believed she would be dry this quick and can’t thank Dr Sagie and his team enough – highly recommended programme.

E.L (United Kingdom)

My boy has wet the bed up to the age of 8. We have been through the GP’s, tried alarms and eventually ended up on desmomelt medication when he turned 6. This helped slightly but was still wet about 5 nights a week. After approx one year I got frustrated and I decided to stop the medication. I took to the internet to find other ways and came across therapee. We took the plunge and bought the package. My boy is now completely dry. It took 5 months which the first couple of months I did question if it was going to work but now my boy is 8 and a half and has been completely dry for the past 2 month. I think the version of the alarm with a mat worked a lot better than the standard clip on alarms we have tried before as he seemed to roll over in his sleep and detach it from his pants so it wasn’t reliable in waking him up wet.
The best thing we have ever tried and I’m so glad we found therapee.

A.W (UK)

I can not thank you enough for what this program has done for my son!  He has his confidence back and finally has learned about his body and why he had such difficulty with bed wetting.  We are truly thankful for the system, doctor meetings, exercises, and reward charts.  Everything worked for him (10 years old) perfectly!


Over a few months I continued to see ads for this program on Facebook, each time I would dig a little deeper by reading reviews or comments on the ads. Eventually I decided to buy it after trying so many other things with my 5 (almost 6) year old boy. We tried waking him up at regular intervals, chiropractic and more. He had never had a single dry night despite being potty trained for years already during the daytime. When we started the program he had 4-5 accidents a night (which was so hard and made us wonder if it could even work, we were so tired) and over that first week they decreased in frequency, in just over a week he was dry and has not had an accident since. He’s so proud of himself and happy to be able to wear underwear instead of pull ups to bed.

Our family is so glad we did it!

I just wanted to get in touch to express my gratitude for this programme. My almost 6-year-old had never been dry at night, despite multiple efforts and different techniques. Nothing had worked and we were beginning to despair and she was starting to be more affected by it.
We purchased the alarm kit over a year ago but had put off using it until she said she wanted to give it a go. On doing this and following the advice and using the chart to record her activity, she was dry after just four weeks!!! We’re now 9 weeks in and there’s not been a single accident. I have to say, we were a bit sceptical about the whole concept, but we’re now massive advocats. She’s now very confident and proud of herself and it’s a game-changer for us as we’re no longer having to get up in the night to remake the bed.

A massive thank you from all of us!
S.P (United Kingdom)

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