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Success Stories

Dr. Sagie,
We are thrilled with the progress of this program. Our daughter is 6 years old and was sleeping with pull ups and wetting them daily. Once we started the program she was dry (no accidents) after the first two weeks. She continues to be dry nightly! I am so glad we invested in this program and your customer support is top notch!


Dr. Sagie,
I cannot thank you enough for this program. As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with 21 years of experience and mother to a bedwetter, I can tell you there is absolutely no other program or solution out there that works like yours does. It took approx 5 months but my 5 year old son is FINALLY dry! He used to saturate the bed and have accidents during the day, being too distracted to use the bathroom. Your exercises SAVED us over here and taught my son control and gave him confidence and the thrill and relief of success.


My son is 9 and was very frequently wetting the bed (interestingly, not as much at his dad’s house). It was so exhausting having to get up in the middle of the night, change his bedsheets, and wash them every morning, sometimes two loads a day. Within a week of starting the program, I saw incredible results and he has now completed the program. I don’t know what to say except that this was an incredible result and I’m thrilled. I debated for a long time about whether the cost was worth it, but when I factored in the cost of pullups and using the coin laundry machines, over a few months it paid for itself. And the problem is solved! I’m really blown away and wish I had heard of this years ago. I’ll be telling my pediatrician (who just said year after year that it was normal) and everyone else I know in the same situation.
The customer service was great – I always got a fast reply to my questions.
Thank you so much!!!!

K.T (Canada)

My 9-year-old daughter was having 2 or 3 accidents a night.  We had gone to BC Children’s hospital and many tests were done with all coming back normal.  With no solution, we were even able to get funding for pull-ups from the government.  Her urologist thought she would just grow out of it but things were not improving.

Grade 4 was coming up this year, she was getting sores, and sleepovers were impossible, and then I saw the ad on Facebook and I must admit to being skeptical and the cost was significant for us.

All I can say is that it was really worth the price.  The program works as its a combination of full support with DR Sagie, he personalizes the program for our daughter and got her involved which made a huge difference, She loved the stars and the exercises and the video every 2 weeks.  We noticed she was dry within a few weeks and it continued until she had 8 weeks without an accident.  For us, it was the perfect solution and well worth the money.

C.F (Canada)

Dr. Sagie,

I am writing to thank you for all you have done to help my son!  He graduated today, and I am AMAZED that he is dry after 16 weeks of doing the program!  He had only had 5 dry nights in his LIFE before this program.  He is the deepest sleeper, and the bedwetting alarm that we had tried three years ago woke everyone up in the house except for my son!  He is so proud of himself and is looking forward to all the sleepovers and overnight camps that he will be able to do now!  Thank you for the confidence that you have helped my son to have and the relief that I now have as a mom!


my 16 year old continued to wet the bed 3 to 4 nights a week. He was diagnosed with a small bladder, due to bladder spasms since he was very young. He also was a very very deep sleeper. We tried EVERYTHING! Including as a last resort, hypnotherapy. The alarms that clipped to him broke and were ineffective. The stress as a family was intense and we worried as the years went by that it wouldn’t resolve. I ordered Therapee after reading reviews. (And is why I am writing this) and ordered as we really had nothing to lose. We took him off all medications and let him drink fluids with no restrictions and I slept outside his room for the first while to respond to the alarm and make sure he got up to deal with the wet bed and make it to the bathroom. A small price to pay as it gave us at least some control over what time he was wetting vs never really having any idea at all. I am very very very happy and relieved to say that he has now been dry for 80 days!! It only took 2.5 months for his dry journey! And to think that the week before the alarm arrived he had 6 nights wet. I now have myself a confident, relieved, happy teen. I am writing to tell you to not wait like I did for this effective product! It is worth every penny!

T.L (Canada)

Dear Dr. Sagie,

I was skeptical about buying your program since I spent so much time, energy, and money on other systems to help night train our daughter.  We were not giving up an was encouraged by a doctor of ours to try your program.  Our daughter is now trained at night.  She was trained after four weeks and has stayed dry, for 11 weeks.  We have a tremendous debt of gratitude to you for helping us with this difficult endeavor.  I would encourage any parent who is having difficulty to use your program.  The mat is less annoying to a sensory child than clips.  The software helps the child feel rewarded and they have their independence to fill out the forms themselves.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I am still in disbelief that the product worked! My 8 year old son never had a dry night. He is a very sound sleeper and simply could not wake up. Sometimes he would even pee twice during the night and leak through the overnight pull-up. He was so embarrassed by the bedwetting and was not able to have sleepovers with his friends. I started to review products and almost went with a similar product for less. I decided to go with Therapee because of the therapy/guidance from a professional. Within a few weeks, he started having dry nights and within a few more weeks he was having mostly dry nights. Now, several months in, we graduated the system. I am so happy for my little guy! This was life changing for him! He had his first sleepover with a friend and cannot wait for another! The system is worth every penny. The strategies and guidance provided along the way were very helpful and part of his success. Thank you, Therapee!


We were in great need of finding a solution for our grandson who was soon turning 12 years…bedwetting was not going to continue if we could help in any way at all…..
As grandparents, we searched and searched…..and found Therapee!! Our son and daughter-in-law and grandson were in agreement…we must try this !!
Success in 4 months !!
Thanks Therapee for this wonderful program and all the time and effort you put into it and answering our questions!!


Summer was approaching, school had been canceled because of COVID, so kids were home and we were not sure what will be in the summer.

Then an overnight camp opened and I knew how much my kids would benefit from it so I instantly signed her up fearing that spots will fill up quickly,
only to realize she has a bedwetting problem and she cants go! how did I forget?!
by then it was too late, the fees were paid and she was too excited to go. How can I cancel? what should I do now?
then I remember I’ve heard of therapee and been wanting to try but people around me didn’t really expect to work. I got a little discouraged but in the back of my mind I still wanted to try..what can I lose?
(if you think you can lose money think about the amount of pull-ups you are buying)
just never had that push to start till the day I signed her up for camp I purchase the Therapee program it instantly, I even paid for fast shipping!  …she right away started to get better, it was amazing how the day before she had to leave for camp she “graduated ” from the program she was completely dry! it took her about 2 months.
At the age of 9 she no longer has a bedwetting problem, thank G-d and thank you Dr. Sagie!
This letter is to express my thanks to Therapee and my honest review to help people reach out to therapee because it works!.
you should go for this in full belief, trust, and attitude that it will work, do exactly what they say even if you’re tired in the middle of the night it will pay off at the end.


The opinions expressed here are only the evaluations of the individuals, results may vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee the same results for every client.