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Unlimited license for Dr. Sagie’s online, personalized bedwetting treatment.

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Success Stories

Just wanted to say thank you.

My 12 year old had struggled with wetting her bed for years. It was frustrating, affected her confidence and was an inconvenience. We had tried alarms, buzzers, went to the dr, went to a specialist. In a matter of 2 weeks, she had stopped wetting the bed every night. In 3 weeks later she is completely dry with no accidents. I am so grateful!
Thank you!!


This was life changing for my son. He was such a deep sleeper that he wasn’t able to get up when he needed to pee at night. A friend recommended Therapee and I’m so glad I listened! From day 1 my son didn’t wet the bed. We watched the videos and did the steps along the way. He did amazing. I left the mat on his bed for a few months and we continued to do the program and when he was ready we removed it and he’s been dry since, that was almost 3 years ago. We started when he was 6 and he’s going to be 9 soon.

S.B (Canada)

Thank you Dr. Sagie!

I can truly testify that use of the TheraPee program yielded amazing results for our family. Right from the word go, we saw instantaneous
results which seemed so wondrous and too good to be true. However by whatever methods it works by, it sure did enhance the cognitive behavioural feedback mechanisms of our little boy. Going from wearing pull ups every night to having completely dry nights in such a short space of time was truly astonishing.
I smile back thinking how I took a chance by trusting all the online reviews and making the decision to try. It certainly exceeded all our expectations.

M.Q (South Africa)

Our 15 year old son eventually managed to treat his bedwetting thanks to Therapee and Dr. Sagie dedicated and tailored advice. Despite being dry for a year or so when he was 8, his bedwetting episodes got worse and worse with years as he started experiencing wet nights every morning despite seeing pediatricians, being on medications, using special alarms, forcing himself to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and trying to reduce his amount of drinks in the evening etc…we saw this advert on the internet and thought we had to try. it has been such a relief as after just a couple of months, he could already see an improvement and within less than 6 months he was completely dry and has never had a wet night since. We think not only the alarm helped but also the tailored exercises and support he received which for the first time felt as if someone was caring for him. I would definitely recommend it.

F.P (Netherlands)

I am so thankful we finally decided to get this program for our son! With our oldest son, never had any issues with nighttime potty training. As soon as he learned during the daytime he naturally woke up on his own at night and went to the bathroom and was able to hold it all night if he didn’t wake up. Then, along came our middle son. No matter what we did he just never seem to figure it out. We would wake him up throughout the night and try extending the time in between like many books recommend, but without fail he would wet every single night. He was also a zombie when we woke him up and he didn’t even remember us doing it. Every pediatrician we talked to about this issue said it was normal and he would just grow out of it, but I was sick and tired of hearing that answer to this issue. We finally decided to try out bedwetting therapee after he spent a week with his four-year-old cousin and realized that his cousin didn’t need to wear pull-ups to bed. He sadly asked me one night, “Will I wet the bed for the rest of my life?” I knew it was time to work hard at finding a solution for my son! The first three weeks were a bit hard as we realized he was wetting almost 3 times a night. But, within three weeks he started having dry nights and within nine weeks he was 90% dry. After 15 weeks he is now 100% dry and we don’t even have to think about it anymore. He is so happy and feels so proud!! No more hiding pull-ups at sleepovers! I send everyone I know with children that are struggling with nighttime wetting to your website! Absolutely the best solution out there! Thank you!!


Therapee works! We purchased Therapee for our 8 year old grandson who had been weeping the bed since birth. His parents would buy him pull ups for night time but these only masked the problem. Further, our Grandson also suffered from nightmares and his parents thought being force awake in the middle of the night would only create worse nightmares.
After a few years of discussing options, his parents finally agreed to try Therapee.
We purchased the unit and within 4 days, our Grandson is no longer a bed wetter. He can do sleepovers, will go to a week long camp this summer and his parents have saved a lot of money on pull-ups.

GUYS, Therapee WORKS!


My son was 10 years old when we started Therapee with him. My son didn’t wet the bed every night, but he had enough wet nights that I kept him in a pull up just in case. We had tried all the things people had suggested, no drinks after a certain time, no caffeine etc. and none of them provided a real solution to the problem. So I began to look on the internet for more information about bedwetting and stumbled across Therapee. It was a little costly, but I didn’t want just a bed alarm, I needed something that didn’t just tell us that the sheets were wet and it looked like Therapee would provide that. It was a great investment! Therapee isn’t just a bed alarm, it also provides your child with a goal chart, exercises to work on muscle development and control and “personalized sessions” to encourage and guide your child. It took 22 weeks in total and the difference has been amazing. My son is 13 now, no pull ups for a few years now. He still has the odd accident, but when he does we can assess the situation and figure out the cause right away and he is good again. I have already recommended this system to another friend.

C.B (Canada)

My 9yo son has NEVER stayed dry more than a single night his entire life. We never made a big deal out of it — I just always had an extra set of sheets and waterproof pads on his bed ready to go in case we needed to strip the top sheet. He wore pull-ups every night since he was out of diapers and leaked out of them regularly. He was getting to the point of embarrassment. He couldn’t do sleepovers. His younger brothers started making fun of him. Watching him be embarrassed for something he couldn’t help broke my heart. I found Therapee and was inspired by the reviews. It was pricey but I was desperate to help my son. I talked to him about it, showed him some reviews and we decided to go for it. The first week he stayed dry THREE nights! He was SO PROUD of himself! He got down in himself a bit when he had a string of mostly wet nights weeks 2 and 3 — especially if the accident was close to wake up time and he woke as soon as the Therapee alarm went off. I had to remind him that this would take work and commitment and he HAD to stay optimistic. We’re on week 12 and I am so happy to say he’s only been wet three nights over the last 9 weeks! It’s so amazing! We’re really looking at success now and it feels great. I’m so proud of him but more importantly, he’s proud of himself.


Dr. Sagie’s program was a miracle for us. My almost 12-year-old had been wetting the bed almost nightly despite many efforts to help him. We did everything we could during the past few years, from trying two different wearable alarms to waking him up in the middle of the night. Nothing worked. But within two weeks of using Dr. Sagie’s program, we started seeing a few dry nights. And within a month, he was completely dry. We can’t thank Dr. Sagie enough. My child can now have sleepovers and feels better about himself! I would never have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it myself, but I promise you that it is an amazing system!


Dr. Sagie,
We are thrilled with the progress of this program. Our daughter is 6 years old and was sleeping with pull ups and wetting them daily. Once we started the program she was dry (no accidents) after the first two weeks. She continues to be dry nightly! I am so glad we invested in this program and your customer support is top notch!


The opinions expressed here are only the evaluations of the individuals, results may vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee the same results for every client.