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Success Stories

Many thanks to Dr. Sagie for the Therapee system.
I tried different approaches with my 11 y.o. son and nothing worked. I honestly gave up at some point and decided to wait until my son outgrows from this condition. Last summer my son was invited camping with family friends. My son was too embarrassed to wear diapers at night so he didn’t use any and consequently wetted my friend’s tent. When my friends told me about it, I realized that I had to do something right away and can’t wait any longer. Thanks to Dr. Sagie, my son has been dry for the last month! I highly recommend this therapy to everybody who suffer from night enuresis.
Thank you, Doctor Sagie!

N.P (Canada)

My boy has always been a bit challenged in relation to toilet training all hurdles got jumped except night time bed wetting.

I never put too much pressure on him, but we made a lot of attempts, cajoling, rewarding etc..

I came across a Facebook post. I was skeptical but the review did seem genuine – always a challenge believing what’s marketing & what’s for real.

From day one he was game ball to give it a go, I am not if it’s the motivation of the chart or the dislike of the alarm but after a few little mishaps he had been dry now for 3 months.

This summer was a great test as it was late nights, travel , long days doing exercise & never one accident.

Just a big thank you & nice to see a genuine product that works.

Many Thanks!

M.C (the UAE)

We tried and tried and tried so many different things before trying your product and this is the only thing that’s ever worked. Our daughter is doing amazing not wetting the bed and by doing this program it has built her confidence up so much and I am grateful for that. She loved being able to see videos of the other kids that were going through the exact same thing that she was and that was very reassuring for her and made her feel like she wasn’t alone. Now she says she would love to be able to help other kids.

Thank you!!


We were definitely skeptics and now believers! My daughter was so happy to unplug her therapee and take it off of her bed after completing the program.
The star charts and the videos really help and she is now going into fourth grade without wearing diapers or waking up wet at night. This is such a huge relief to her and to us as parents. I’ve really seen her confidence grow.


Dear. Sagie,
I wanted to thank you for the program and for the fact that my sons have officially benefited from the treatment. Both of my sons were able to achieve their results within 12 weeks for one, and 14 weeks for the other. Navigating the program with my twin sons was arduous, but in the end, such a great accomplishment. I’m extremely proud of them for their perseverance and determination, and diligence with the exercises throughout the program.
My sons are 10 years old, and never complained and helped each other through the rougher patches. It was a way for them to be accountable and helpful with how they move forward with the program.

G.M (Canada)

My son hadn’t had a dry night before starting this programme. He was 10 and we were desperate to find a solution before he went to secondary school. We have been seeing specialist but our appointments were delayed because of Covid so we didn’t make any progress. I wanted to try an alarm system and then came across TheraPee. The combination of having an alarm but support and progress chart and the amazing reviews you have received really appealed to us.

My son was immediately engaged in the videos and the programme and on day one had a dry night and then for a couple of weeks only one or two wet beds. By week four he was consistently dry and has completed the programme in six weeks. It is life changing for him. Amazing – thank you! I would highly recommend this to any parent and child in our situation. I only wish we had done it sooner.

K.H (United Kingdom)

Hi to all

My husband and I just want to recommend this product Therapee. I don’t normally write reviews but this is one I feel I need to do for parents out there. We have a 10 year old daughter who has wet the bed 4/5 nights of the week and sometimes up to 3 times a night all her life. She has been in night pull ups all these years.
We thought at first it would be something she would grow out of so didn’t take much notice, just did the usual, limit drinks, tried waking her before we went to bed and waking her in the middle of the night but to no avail. We either couldn’t wake her, or if we did, she would use the toilet but still wet the bed later that night.
We/she has tried alarm pants but the noise of the alarm did not wake her even though it was up to the highest volume and by the time we got into her room it was too late, she had already wet the bed.
Our next attempt was to bring her to our GP, where from here she was referred onto a consultant and an ultrasound ( causing our daughter distress) was requested to rule out any abnormality’s, needless to say all was normal and we were grateful for this. The consultant prescribed medication which we were willing to give a go at least once. Unfortunately after the recommended time and lots of money, this did not work.
We again gave her some time (one year) hoping that as she got older that her sleep wouldn’t be so deep and that she might wake herself during the night when she felt the urge to wee. This didn’t happen. We had to think again, she was now 10 and missing out on sleepovers with her friends and starting to feel very self conscious about the whole thing.
That’s when i went online and found Therapee. Like lots of other parents we were very sceptical but after reading reviews we decided to give it try. We never looked back, the programme is designed around your child and makes them want to succeed and our daughter gave it her best possible try. There was a couple of hiccups along the way but overall she made progress weekly and looked forward to her stars which increased her confidence along the way at all times.
Her programme lasted 15 weeks which ended in the middle of May and she has been dry since. We had our first 3 night break away lately which we were a little worried about but everything went off perfectly and she is now ready to have sleepovers with her friends.
To us and especially our daughter it is like a miracle. And WELL WORTH giving it a go.

From very happy parents and an overjoyed young girl who’s life has changed forever

K.C (Ireland)

We started the program in April and prior my son woke up soaked every night.  I washed a full bed of sheets, blanket and comforter every morning.
My son turned 14 at the end of May and he’s been dry every night!  We just have a few more nights of the session and then we will fold up the mat and put it back in its box. He was so happy and confident attending his first sleepover a few days ago. We can’t believe how fast the program worked for him. It was worth every penny and quite frankly, seemed like a miracle cure!


Words can not describe my gratitude towards Dr Sagie and this product. My daughter was quick to potty train during the day but at night, it was a different story. She would pee the bed almost every night at 4, 5 and 6 years old. I went to the doctor who said it’s still considered normal and she would outgrow it. He sent her for an ultrasound just to make sure the bladder was ok. So she wore pull ups. Then as she grew older, I removed the pull-ups, but then began the changing of sheets in the night and in the morning. I tried everything. Making her pee before bed, not drinking a lot of liquid before bed, waking her up once in the night to pee. That worked for a bit but if I didn’t wake her up, she would have another accident. Years went on and soon I had a 10 yr old who was very upset and embarrassed by this problem. So last summer, I came across this product on Facebook, I read the amazing reviews and I decided to invest in this product. I thought it was pricy but decided to try it anyway. Let me tell you this was the BEST product I have ever invested in and worth every penny. Had I known about this product and its success rate, I would have tried it years ago! I haven’t posted any review on Facebook in order to respect my daughter’s privacy. However, I want to tell the world about this product!! I have no clue how it worked so quickly but we saw results almost immediately. At first, my daughter really liked the virtual chart. The star system gave her something to work towards and she could track her progress. The personalized videos by Dr Sagie were very encouraging and offered hope. The exercises were effective. Whenever I had questions, the company was quick to respond to my emails. The alarm and pad worked perfectly. Let me tell you, my daughter is an extremely deep sleeper and NOTHING wakes her up! Even this extremely loud alarm, DID NOT wake her up. So I had to sleep with her and the moment it rang, I would wake her up and accompany her to the bathroom. So even though she didn’t wake up on her own, the cognitive therapy worked. In a matter of weeks we saw a huge difference..many dry nights. In a matter of 3 months, she graduated the program and has NOT had an accident since! I call it a miracle! I have waited to write this review because I could not believe the results myself. However, we are approaching a year now of being accident free. I now have a very confident 11 year old. Words cannot express how thankful I am towards Dr Sagie and his team and product. I only wish I had tried it years ago to save my daughter’s embarrassment. As a parent, I am willing to do anything to protect my children. I hope that if you are reading this, you invest in this product because IT WORKS!! Thank you thank you thank you
A very grateful mom and daughter from Canada.

P.B (Canada)

My email will never explain just how grateful I am for finding this program. It has changed my son’s life, our life and our family. My 7 year son has had toilet problems his whole life, constant day leakage due to Voiding dysfunction. We have had surgery and medication over the last 2 years which thankfully has solved the day time.
Wearing a pull up at age 7 was really affecting him, his behavior and self esteem. Even medication at night did nothing to ease the wetting.
I found your program on Facebook and thought I’d give it a try – I thought I nothing to lose!
Within a month it has not only worked but our son is like a different child.
14 nights so far with only 1 wet night.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Our son is so proud of himself and so are we.

A.F (Australia)

The opinions expressed here are only the evaluations of the individuals, results may vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee the same results for every client.