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Success Stories

I just wanted to get in touch to express my gratitude for this programme. My almost 6-year-old had never been dry at night, despite multiple efforts and different techniques. Nothing had worked and we were beginning to despair and she was starting to be more affected by it.
We purchased the alarm kit over a year ago but had put off using it until she said she wanted to give it a go. On doing this and following the advice and using the chart to record her activity, she was dry after just four weeks!!! We’re now 9 weeks in and there’s not been a single accident. I have to say, we were a bit sceptical about the whole concept, but we’re now massive advocats. She’s now very confident and proud of herself and it’s a game-changer for us as we’re no longer having to get up in the night to remake the bed.

A massive thank you from all of us!

S.P (United Kingdom)

If you have issues with bedwetting beyond the “potty training” phase I cannot recommend enough the Bedwetting TheraPee program by Dr. Sagie. We were pushing beyond the 7yrs mark for our son and I had had enough. I know sleepovers are starting soon, sleep away camp, traveling, etc… I didn’t want him to be “that kid”, but I had no idea what to do and it didn’t seem like he was just going to “outgrow it” any time soon. It was a bit of an investment but after just 14 weeks we are officially done. He hasn’t had an accident in over 4 weeks! I never thought this would be possible, but here we are! I’d pay twice as much again knowing that he won’t be stigmatized with this issue.


Dear Dr. Sagie, thank you for helping me stop wetting the bed. It feels good to wake up and not feel wet. You are the best Doctor I could have! Thank you Dr. Sagie!!

sincerely, H.


My family cannot thank Dr. Sagie enough for helping us. I have two sons who both completed the program. The exercises, along with the alarm system, took about three months each for my boys. They both feel so much better waking up dry every morning. They are no longer fearful of being invited to sleepovers. As parents, it is amazing to see our boys so happy and confident. Also, not having to wash bedding every day has been amazing! I highly recommend this program to anyone who has a child wetting the bed. It truly works. The customer service is excellent as well. Any time I had a question or concern, my question was fully answered in less than 24 hours. This is the only program you will need if your child needs help to stop wetting the bed.


Dear Dr. Sagie,

Thank you for helping me with my body training. I used to have accidents almost every night but when I got the pad for my bed it was different. The exercises you gave me helped a lot. They were hard to do but it was worth it. Now I only have accidents once in a while. I am so glad you helped me!

(8 years old)


Our son was 8 when we found your product/system. Before we found you, we tried all the “traditional” methods. Our son was wearing training pants to bed and before this, had not had a single dry night. After only 2 weeks he had his first dry night!!. In just a few short weeks after this, he was dry and was able to graduate from the product!! Your product worked wonders for him and helped him build his confidence, THANK YOU!!


This is a fantastic product. While it is still early days for my 9 year old, he has been accident free for 6 weeks. There was an immediate change in the frequency of his bedwetting at the start of using this product. Previously we used, without much success, the type of alarm that clips onto the underwear. I suspect that as this was something that was “happening” to him rather than something he was controlling himself, we didn’t have a good track record. As soon as he listened to Dr. Sagie’s instructions, felt motivated by the stories of other, older children Dr. Sagie discussed and eyed the star chart; it seemed as though he had ownership of this project. He had 2 accidents during which he woke up and completed in the toilet in the first two weeks and hasn’t had an accident since. We are now in week 10. As a parent I like the communication from Dr. Sagie and would suggest that even a brief, live 1-2-1 consultation would be hugely beneficial too as part of the package. Beyond that the life exercises in regular drinking and strengthening the sphincter muscle are incredibly valuable. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who is struggling with bedwetting. Thank you for supporting us to make a difference at home!

G.I (UK)

We are so so grateful!!! Our six year old son has his confidence back. I have to admit, I was a little hesitant because of the price but after reading all the testimonies, I decided to purchase THERApee- I am so glad I did because the device has changed our lives. I love imputing the bedwetting data because it shows a trend of what time/how often accidents are occurring. Imputing the data also encourages the kids because it lets them know, hey you may have had an accident BUT it was only 2 instead of 3 or 1 instead of 2! If they were in a pull-up they would just wake up wet and not see the improvement. During the first week we saw improvement; bedwetting went from 2 to 1x a night, week two completely dry and week 3 he had 2 accidents. We are currently on week 8 and have been accident free for 44 days!! My son loved putting his stars on and meeting with Dr. Sagie every two weeks to review his data. I highly recommend THERApee! We are forever grateful to Dr. Sagie because he has changed our lives and given our 6yo his confidence back.


I can’t thank Dr. Sagie enough. when I was starting grade 4rth I felt like I was the only one with this situation. but when I got on this treatment I found out that I am not alone, there were even 13 year old’s having this problem, that made me way better. it took a lot of effort to be fully dry, but it was totally worth it. and now I can wake up with nothing feeling wet at all, and I am so happy!!!!!!!!! thank you so much for what you did for me!!
thank you so much Dr. Sagie!


We were very hopeful and somewhat skeptical at first. But this is truly an amazing technology. We live in Sydney, and had seen a previous post of somebody else that had purchased a product near our area. My husband and I discussed purchasing it, as our six-year-old daughter wet only at night time – every night a full pull-up. We have just received a gold star ⭐️ . She actually started having dry nights after about one week. She has been dry for a couple of weeks now and even wakes herself up to do a wee at night. We fully endorse the therapee. The biggest reward of all is seeing my daughter‘s face on how excited she is to fill out her online chart and that she knows she is finally dry.

L.S (Australia)

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