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Success Stories

Dear Dr. Sagie:
Your bedwetting program has changed our son’s life. For years our doctor told us he would outgrow it. And then he was on the brink of turning 12 and we knew we had to take action. I feel sure that since he has gone through the program successfully and had no further bedwetting incidents, that your diagnosis of a sound sleeper was correct.
Since he started the program in September, he has only had a few incidents of bedwetting. It has made a HUGE difference in his happiness and confidence. He even went out of town for a weekend ski trip a couple of weeks ago and had a great time and didn’t worry about it!
We are thoroughly relieved and believe that with the combination of the alarm, the videos and the exercises, that it was the right program for our son. He is so happy that he can now go to sleepovers and not worry about having an accident.
Thank you so much. Your program was worth every penny. Our only regret is that we didn’t find out about it sooner.
Y. S (USA)

Y. S

This is the thing that finally worked for our son! My 7 year old had almost never had a dry night. He was soaking wet every morning, and he was in such a deep sleep that he didn’t even notice until he woke up. When we starting using the alarm, we realized that he was wetting the bed multiple times a night. It seemed hopeless. This wasn’t a quick fix and it took a lot of work — you have to be ready to wake up your child, clean the sheets, wipe down the pad, help him back to bed . . .and often repeat 2-3 times a night. But after a few weeks, my son started having some dry nights for the first time ever! He was so excited. After about two months, he was completely dry. It’s been four months now, and he hasn’t had an accident since. He was so proud of himself when he “graduated” from the program. I was pretty skeptical when I ordered this, but we were desperate for a solution. We were running multiple loads of laundry every day. Traveling was stressful because a pull-up couldn’t even contain the mess. Now we can travel without worry, he can sleep over a friends house, and most important of all — he isn’t stressed about why he can’t control his bladder at night. For anyone who is struggling with this problem, the expense is well, well worth it. This actually works.


This is long overdue but I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for your amazing product! IT WORKS!!! I have a 12-year-old son who was unable to do sleepovers and felt so discouraged since nothing else we tried seemed to work…until we found Therapee. It has truly been a life-changer. My son went to sleep-away camp for the first time ever thanks to you!

Jennifer (USA)

Thank you Dr. Sagie

The Therapee program was wonderful. The video consultations allowed my 10 year old son to go through the program without embarrassment. The program included concrete solutions and detailed instructions about what to do. And after so many failed methods, he is finally dry. Even when there is a relapse on occasion, we have the tools we need to quickly get back on track. The company was also very responsive to my questions and concerns along the way. My son is so happy and we are so grateful to Dr. Sagie!

Amazon Customer
February 29, 2016

Joshua was 7 years old and was tremendously struggling to stay dry at night. He would sometimes have 1 dry night a week, but pull-ups were a must unless I wanted to clean bedding every day. I was at a loss as to what to do. Nothing I tried worked and I was really worried we would never figure it out. Then, I began searching for a solution online. I stumbled upon Dr. Sagie’s solution and boy am I glad I did. As the weeks passed, my son wet less and less. It took about 3 months to have all dry nights. He has now been dry for 3 months. We could not be more happy with the results and will continue to use Dr. Sagie’s exercises to ensure his success continues. Our son has so much more confidence and that in itself is the most wonderful feeling. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Sagie!! I will be forever thankful!


This program works wonders!

My 6 year old was wetting the bed every night – I couldn’t keep up with Mount Laundry! The Therapee is not just the pad/alarm, but a whole program – and my son loved everything about this program: he loved knowing this was something that could be fixed, he loved setting the “alarm” and filling out the daily charts, he loved getting stars and watched the messages from the doctor over and over. It took two 2-week sessions, and he never wet the bed again – it’s been 2 months! It was empowering for him – I highly recommend this program.

Hi Dr. Sagie

We have completed Therapee and it was a success!!! We can’t thank you enough for developing this fabulous system. Your system was the first we tried. All the other alarms on the market involved placing a sensor on the child and I was never comfortable with that. What also sold me on your system is that the sensor required no wifi or any radio frequency. I knew it was the safest product on the market. I read many reviews as well and they were all positive. I loved the chart as well and the exercises that were taught. Frankly , I’m shocked it only took my son less than 2 weeks to be dry!!! It was a rough first week but then it’s like the alarm triggered a reflex in his brain!!! We are forever grateful to your system. I was skeptical at first but I’ve changed my mind. I’m keeping the system forever and will let other people know if their children have a bed wetting problem , to try yours.

Tracey (U.S)

My daughter had wet the bed regularly for years and we first thought she would grow out of it. We then went down the route that our local gp gave us which did not work. We tried stopping drinks at night and many other things over the years but nothing worked. My daughter was now 10 years old nearly 11 and it was the summer before she was due to go to senior school. I really didn’t want her suffering with this anymore. Two people had come across Dr Sagie’s program and I wasn’t sure how it could possibly work but we were now willing to try anything and it was worth every penny spent. It has been such a relief for the whole family to be free of this. The chart and exercises given are really good and the customer service is exceptional. My daughter has recently had a minor regression after months of being dry but the team got back to me asap with advice and I have no worries that my daughter will be back to 100% dry again as Dr Sagie’s program has already shown me that this works! Could not recommend enough! If your child has been struggling for years like mine was all I can say is this works! Thank you so much.

S.K (UK)

Dear Dr. Sagie,

Thank you for helping me with my body training. I used to have accidents almost every night but when I got the pad for my bed it was different. The exercises you gave me helped a lot. They were hard to do but it was worth it. Now I only have accidents once in a while. I am so glad you helped me!

(8 years old)


Yes! No more tears, he is cured.

THANK YOU!!! In a moment of complete desperation, tears streaming down my face, I sought a solution for my 9-year-old’s bed wetting. Within the first month he went from soaking the bed nearly every night to once a week. The second month was completely dry. HALLELUJAH! Wish I had tried this much earlier.

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