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Success Stories

Therapee is an excellent system.  I work in mental health and it is much more engaging than many of the psychological only tools that we use.  Well done!

Bobbie R
New Zealand

Happy & Relieved to have found TheraPee

This program was fantastic. We found Dr. Sagie after trying so many other things to no avail. My son had just turned 12 and was so discouraged and my husband was anxious because we could not solve the problem. But with Dr. Sagie’s program my son was able to take ownership of a calendar and track things on his own. My son was extremely proud of the stars he earned and the progress he made. We did not use the alarm due since the bedwetting was less frequent – about once per week or every other. Dr. Sagie spoke to him on the videos that seemed to speak personally to him based on his needs and his progress. After one month progress was HUGE. After 2 months problem completely solved. Money so well spent. We can’t thank Dr. Sagie enough for giving my son his self confidence back and allowing him to do friend sleepovers again!

Sevgili Therapee ve thrapee çalışanları, Her gün altıma kaçırıyordum.Hatta bazen iki kez bile kaçırdığım olmuştur.Çok üzülüyordum.Ailem de üzülüyordu.Bunun bir çaresini bulmak istiyorduk.Her ay doktora gittik.Birçok ilaç verildi, şu verildi derken bir faydasını göremedik.Girdim internete.Aramaya başladım.Bir an önce bu hastalığın son bulmasını canı gönülden istiyorduk.Gezinirken Therapee adında bir site gördüm.Hemen aileme danıştım.İlk başta hap zannettik.Ancak babam bunun hap olmadığını söyledi.Gerekli incelemeleri yapıyorduk.Sizi telefonla aradık.Bize therapeenin nasıl bir alet olduğunu anlattılar. Fiyatı tam tamına 750 liraydı.%90 bu aletin işe yarayacağını söylediler.Ya %10’un içinde olursak.Bu hastalığımdan kurtulmak için Tanrıya dualar ettim.Ve sipariş ettiğimiz therapee bize ulaştı.Artık 3 ay boyunca sürekli kullanacaktım.Bize therapeenin yazılımının olduğunu söylediler.Gerçekten tebrik ederim.Yazılımın gerçekten faydasını gördüğümü düşünüyorum. Büyük bir sarı yıldız aldım.Gerçekten mutluydum. Yazılımda yıldızları görmek beni ve ailemi mutlu etti.Her hafta therapeenin söylediği egzersizleri yaptım.Ve tam tamına 3,5 ay sonunda bu hastalığımdan kurtuldum.Artık uykumu rahatlıkla alacaktım. Ailem ve ben bunu haketmiştik.Tanrı’da bu dualarımızıda esirgemedi ve çok şükür artık bezle yatmayacaktım.Gerçekten therapee ailesine teşekkür ediyorum.Sizler sayesinde çoğu çocuk hastalığından kurtuluyordu.Dr.Sagie’e buradan hürmetler.Her şey için teşekkürler therapee.Hoşçaklalın.

A. S. (Turkey)


My 13 (nearly 14) year old son has been dry for 7 weeks now … thank you, thank you, thank you!! We tried different bedwetting alarms (attached to his body) and waking him for bathroom breaks over the years with no success. We were not willing to try any medication for bedwetting … too many risks associated with the meds. This started working after the first week and he is now completely and consistently dry after 11 weeks. AMAZING!

Finally! Some peace for my son!

As a mother I have watched my son struggle as we tried many products which added up to about a thousand dollars. All of the products were suggestions from other parents I found this product on my own . It was simply amazing and would recommend to any mother or child who is struggling with bedwetting .

Wendy kingbay
February 18, 2016

It took a while-about 8 months, but we are 2 months dry! During the initial two weeks of the treatment our 9 y/o son wet the bed 12 out of 14 nights-generally twice each night. No wonder he soaked through “superundies” and we were exhausted. We During the second two weeks of the treatment, he was dry 11 out of 14 nights. Our process was gradual. We would have 10 dry nights and 1 wet, followed by 7 dry nights then 1 wet then 27 dry nights and 2 wet the next week etc. for almost 8 months. We toughed it out and our son happily graduated 3 weeks ago and has been dry ever since. Dr. Sagie -Thank you for helping our son, reducing our water bill, helping our house smell better and getting our son ready for sleepovers and school camp.


Helped Our 9 Year Old

Our 9 year old daughter was still wetting the bed most nights and having to wear pull ups. We tried everything from limiting her fluid intake before bed, waking her up during the night, and desmopressin nasal spray. We were literally 3 weeks away from a consultation with a pediatric urologist. We then found and bought the Therapee Bedwetting system. Our daughter started having dry nights during the second week of the program!! Long story short, we ended up cancelling the urology consult. Our daughter was completely dry after the first month of the program. She completed the whole program in 3 months. She enjoyed the interactions with Dr. Sagie. The alarm easily woke her from her sleep and we liked the fact that it was not attached to her. She has had her first 2 sleepovers and was so happy when she remained completely dry. I work in the medical profession and have been letting my colleagues know how wonderful this program has been. We can’t thank you enough Dr. Sagie for everything you have done!!

We are so so grateful!!! Our six year old son has his confidence back. I have to admit, I was a little hesitant because of the price but after reading all the testimonies, I decided to purchase THERApee- I am so glad I did because the device has changed our lives. I love imputing the bedwetting data because it shows a trend of what time/how often accidents are occurring. Imputing the data also encourages the kids because it lets them know, hey you may have had an accident BUT it was only 2 instead of 3 or 1 instead of 2! If they were in a pull-up they would just wake up wet and not see the improvement. During the first week we saw improvement; bedwetting went from 2 to 1x a night, week two completely dry and week 3 he had 2 accidents. We are currently on week 8 and have been accident free for 44 days!! My son loved putting his stars on and meeting with Dr. Sagie every two weeks to review his data. I highly recommend THERApee! We are forever grateful to Dr. Sagie because he has changed our lives and given our 6yo his confidence back.


This is long overdue but I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for your amazing product! IT WORKS!!! I have a 12-year-old son who was unable to do sleepovers and felt so discouraged since nothing else we tried seemed to work…until we found Therapee. It has truly been a life-changer. My son went to sleep-away camp for the first time ever thanks to you!

Jennifer (USA)

From skeptical to thrilled in 3 weeks!

My son is 8yr old and had never had a dry night. He wore pull-ups every night and several times a week he would wet his bed even while wearing a pull-up. Our pediatrician told us to wait it out and he would eventually outgrow it and not to bother with an alarm-type device until he started having dry nights on his own. I was very hesitant to try this based on the cost and the doctor’s warning. After reading the positive reviews for Therapee and discussing with my son (to see if he was interested in trying it) we decided to give it a try. The first week he was wetting the bed 2 and 3 times a night (one night it was even up to 4 times). It was like having an infant again and I was very skeptical this would actually work. I would tell my son it would take a few weeks and not to give up, even though in my mind I was beginning to think this was a bad decision. By the end of week 2 we had our first dry night (WOW!). We are now towards the end of week 3 and he has had 5 dry nights total – including 2 in a row. I am shocked and thrilled (and I think my son is as well). He is very happy with his progress and the chart keeps him motivated. I am now very confident that this is going to work.

February 18, 2016

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