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Success Stories

Our ten year old is a deep sleeper (if you try to wake him even 15 minutes after he falls asleep, he wakes up talking nonsense and wanders around the house bumping into walls). He would wake up with all his bedding completely drenched, requiring two loads of laundry every morning and a house filled with an atrocious smell. We wondered how the filth didn’t wake him and felt sorry for his brother who shared his room and had to breathe that putrid air all night. We discovered this gem of a program after spending over a thousand dollars on urology appointments, tons of laundry, ultrasounds, oral medications that only worked 80 per cent of the time, laundry, alarms that disappeared (to our son’s great devastation-we think they must have been flushed in his late night confusion after ransacking the house and the garbage cans), alarms that stopped working altogether, and (did I mention?) LAUNDRY. I received an ad in my Facebook feed and am often leery about these kinds of ads. But I read through the reviews and thought, WHAT IF? What if THIS time, we have found something that will actually work? Immediately we saw improvement, and figured even if Therapee never took COMPLETELY, at least it would pay for itself in time just by decreasing our laundry by two daily loads 3 or 4 times a week. Then it decreased our laundry by two loads 5 or 6 times a week. Then we were only washing extra bedding once every few weeks. And instead of washing pajamas, sheets, blankets and comforters, we were only washing a single pair of underwear and a sheet. Sometimes, he would regress and we would have to wash two or three pairs of underwear and sheets, but steadily, slowly, he progressed. We took the machine with us on out of town trips, and wonder of wonders, after 6 months of use, we are declared graduates! This was a family journey, we have prayed that God would send us healing, and we are grateful that He used Dr Sagie and his program to bring that healing! We were hoping to be on the short end of success (2 months would have been great!) But we stuck with the exercises and the machine and 6 months was all it took to be completely free. This came at an excellent time, just one month prior to summer camp. And this time, his counselor won’t have to wake him before the other campers to clean up and get rid of all his potentially traumatic evidence. Yay! If you are considering taking the plunge and paying the price for this product, wait no more! It is so worth it! Very quickly you could be on your way to dry nights and elation at success as well!

July (USA)

My 9 yr old almost 10 has been in pull-ups all of his life and I was getting sick of buying them, I tried the parents worst mistakes trying to get yr child up at night and limiting his liquids before bed, until recently my son said to me I’m sick of pull-ups mum!! I was so happy that I started researching the best bed wetting alarms that’s when I came across “Therapee”… my son was waiting patiently for it to arrive and when it did arrive we were ready for the first night with the alarm… my son was nervous but excited at the same time.. well the first night he wet once thru the night and did for the next 12 days , then all of a sudden he stopped wetting the bed… wow he was so happy with himself…he has been dry for a month now and can now have sleepovers and school camps now not having to worry about wearing pullups…. thanku Dr Sagie from the bottom of my heart I have a very happy boy thanks to your program…..

My son Oliver who is 6 and a half is on his 30th week of the program and he has only wet the bed once in around 60 days! He is so proud of himself (as are we) and his confidence has grown.
Oliver went from wetting the bed twice a night to now not wetting the bed. He has almost finished the program and he is SUPER excited about that.
This program is so fantastic we can’t recommend it enough. It requires persistence from the child and parent/s and every bit of effort are 100% worth it. We read so many reviews about TheraPee before purchasing and we were excited to start but also worried that it wouldn’t work for Oliver. We started to see results a few weeks in and it was then that we knew this program would most definitely help him.
At around the 18-week mark, Oliver started to wet the bed regularly again and we email the Support Team as very concerned parents. The Support Team got back to us within hours and reassured us and our son that this was only a ‘bad patch’ and to keep encouraging him and using positive language. We did exactly that and Oliver got back on track in no time.  Amazing!
We followed Dr. Sagie’s instructions the whole time and 30 weeks later we are almost done. We can’t believe it and we really are so so so happy! Oliver is now confident about going to bed a night.
This has been a life-changing experience for our son. As dramatic as that sounds, it’s the truth and we’ve only just realized how much happier he is every single night.
D.A (Australia)

Our son is so proud that he is no longer bedwetting!

Finally a product that works! After buying several flimsy alarms that broke, and seeing our son so discouraged that he could not stop bedwetting, we found this wonderful program. It encouraged our son and empowered him, it gave him daily feedback, and allowed him to feel successful after many weeks of dry nights. The videos are perfect, the daily input of information felt engaging to our son, and he was very proud with each milestone. I’m very happy for him and it’s a relief for us. Thank you, Dr. Sagie!

Amazon Customer
January 19, 2016

We just want to give a big thank you! This program was amazing & within 12 weeks my son is completely dry at night. I wish we would have understood everything you explained in your program….years ago!!! Once we understood all those common mistakes and the science behind the alarm it has made ALL the difference.
Thank you! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with bedwetting.
It has been amazing for my son to experience this wonderful success.

C.G (Australia)

When I saw the charts of the other children, I was encouraged to do this program. I thought to myself, if they could do it, I could do it too! I am 5 years old and sleep really soundly, so I was not waking up. I am so glad I did Therapee and was surprised at my results. After only a couple of weeks, I was able to keep it dry!! After 21 weeks, I am still keeping it dry at night. Thank you so much for all your help! I could NOT have done this without Therapee, and I would have just continued to wet the bed for years. I am so thankful that I found this program, and I encourage other children like me to try it because if it worked for me, I know it will work for them too!!


We have used the Alarm for 19 weeks. And my daughter who is 7 had been wetting the bed sometimes twice to three times a night before we started the therapy is now dry! We had tried EVERYTHING! She also has issues staying clean during the day and there we had also tried EVERYTHING. I was skeptical at first, I was worried that she had a biological issue which the therapy would bot resolve. I ordered the first time and canceled the order before it arrived. And a few months later decided to go for it. I mean nothing can be worse than 2-3 times of bedwetting in addition to day time accidents! And so we started, we did the exercises as best we could. That was the hardest part. But I found in the end, she would do them by herself. She especially likes the affirmation. She is now dry at night!! AND it has made a massive difference during the day. She still sometimes gets distracted or too into play that she doesn’t want to stop. But it’s still a lot better than it was before. We are SO GLAD we went for it in the end. My daughter had her friends over for her 7th sleepover birthday party because she was finally dry!! Thank you DR Sagie!!!!

L.K (Sweden)

Hi Dr. Sagie and Tal –
I wish you could have seen Riley’s face yesterday, when she realized that she had basically ‘graduated’ from the program. She was sobbing with joy and relief!
Of course she will continue with your recommendations, but all of our fingers are crossed that these dry nights will continue FOREVER!
PLEASE – I am happy to chat with anyone about our experience, and will be writing a letter of recommendation to ALL of the many doctors we have seen for this problem, recommending your program.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,


Thank you Dr. Sagie!

I can truly testify that use of the TheraPee program yielded amazing results for our family. Right from the word go, we saw instantaneous
results which seemed so wondrous and too good to be true. However by whatever methods it works by, it sure did enhance the cognitive behavioural feedback mechanisms of our little boy. Going from wearing pull ups every night to having completely dry nights in such a short space of time was truly astonishing.
I smile back thinking how I took a chance by trusting all the online reviews and making the decision to try. It certainly exceeded all our expectations.

M.Q (South Africa)

We began this program in February 2016 and after the 6th week our 9 year old son has been dry for the past 8 weeks. He is very happy to have dry nights and felt that the program was easy to do. We feel it so worth it!


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