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Success Stories

We are very grateful to the Therapee program and strongly recommend it.

Our 7 year old wet the bed almost every night. Nothing we did helped. We tried Therapee and after five or six weeks he has been dry every night! It really works. I am writing this review only to help other parents out there, and for no other reason. We are very grateful to the Therapee program and strongly recommend it.

Happy Mom & Dad
February 11, 2016

We have played the introductory video sessions several times. My daughter likes to watch it…


Therapee was the perfect product for my 7-year old daughter. She responded very well to the program and in a few months she was completely dry. The product is not just a bedwetting alarm – it is a complete program that gives parents and patients the needed support and guidance throughout the process. My daughter looked forward to completing her chart and watching the instruction videos. The alarm itself is well-made and easy to use. I couldn’t believe how effective it was and now my family is grateful for Dr Sagie and his team for creating this marvellous technology.

S. K

I can’t thank Dr. Sagie enough. when I was starting grade 4rth I felt like I was the only one with this situation. but when I got on this treatment I found out that I am not alone, there were even 13 year old’s having this problem, that made me way better. it took a lot of effort to be fully dry, but it was totally worth it. and now I can wake up with nothing feeling wet at all, and I am so happy!!!!!!!!! thank you so much for what you did for me!!
thank you so much Dr. Sagie!


highly recommend it.

worked very well for my son. highly recommend it.

Amazon Customer
January 28, 2016

Hello Dr. Sagie I must say I am intrigued and excited by your programme and this new alarm/recording system. After using different alarms for years, already we are seeing progress. I am seeing patterns in the info I am recording. Many thanks indeed.


We are blown away at how quickly this program worked! My 7 year old had never been dry through the night, a very heavy sleeper and we relied on big kids pulls ups every single night. Even with those, she would sometimes leak through. By day 6 of Therapee, my daughter was dry and never wet again after that! The program definitely takes commitment from the child and parents, and was challenging the first few nights waking up to the alarm, but absolutely worth it! The first three nights, she woke up twice, then after that only once. We continued the program and exercises for two months, with zero setbacks. My daughter was so proud to accomplish this, so quickly!

I wish I would have found this program years ago. I will forever recommend this to any family struggling with bedwetting.


Helped Our 9 Year Old

Our 9 year old daughter was still wetting the bed most nights and having to wear pull ups. We tried everything from limiting her fluid intake before bed, waking her up during the night, and desmopressin nasal spray. We were literally 3 weeks away from a consultation with a pediatric urologist. We then found and bought the Therapee Bedwetting system. Our daughter started having dry nights during the second week of the program!! Long story short, we ended up cancelling the urology consult. Our daughter was completely dry after the first month of the program. She completed the whole program in 3 months. She enjoyed the interactions with Dr. Sagie. The alarm easily woke her from her sleep and we liked the fact that it was not attached to her. She has had her first 2 sleepovers and was so happy when she remained completely dry. I work in the medical profession and have been letting my colleagues know how wonderful this program has been. We can’t thank you enough Dr. Sagie for everything you have done!!

Dry at Last

I am so thankful to Dr. Sagie and this system. We had tried two different potty pagers, a urologist, acupuncture, chiropractic and considered surgery and found Therapee by searching the internet in desperation. My 11 year old son was dry in about 3 months and the whole family is very grateful. At first it didn’t seem to be any different, but after a few weeks the exercises started kicking in and he gradually became dryer and dryer. He even started waking up to the alarm which he hadn’t before and the whole house heard it before he did! It is well worth the investment considered the cost of one urology appointment!

Having successfully used TheraPee for my eldest child at 7, and my younger child having delayed dry nights, he was very keen himself to start following the programme.  We tried it first when he was 5 but he got scared by the noise. We tried it again when he was 6, but without success.  However, when we tried it when he was 7, he did amazingly well, and it was clearly the right time for him.  My son was really motivated with the online programme, enjoying seeing how the blue stars stacked up.  He enjoyed it when Dr Sagie ’spoke to him’ with encouragement and more information, and in all, it took him around 3 months to be consistently dry, and has been dry ever since.  Both of my children responded so well to TheraPee and clearly for them, 7 was the magic age at which to use it!  We received fantastic customer support throughout our time with TheraPee and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting a positive and effective way to help their children become dry at night.

J.A (UK)

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