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Success Stories

The online program is so easy to use & the regular contact makes it seem more personal.

After many years of visiting doctors & specialists and trying other alarms, I found the TheraPee program a life saver for my sons bed wetting problem. As a teenager it was getting harder to use ‘sleep pants’ as they would continually leak & cause going to sleep overs a real problem due to accidents still happening. After using the TheraPee alarm & following all exercises given, my son is now bedwetting free. The online program is so easy to use & the regular contact makes it seem more personal. I am forever grateful for the help & support we had while using this program.

Having successfully used TheraPee for my eldest child at 7, and my younger child having delayed dry nights, he was very keen himself to start following the programme.  We tried it first when he was 5 but he got scared by the noise. We tried it again when he was 6, but without success.  However, when we tried it when he was 7, he did amazingly well, and it was clearly the right time for him.  My son was really motivated with the online programme, enjoying seeing how the blue stars stacked up.  He enjoyed it when Dr Sagie ’spoke to him’ with encouragement and more information, and in all, it took him around 3 months to be consistently dry, and has been dry ever since.  Both of my children responded so well to TheraPee and clearly for them, 7 was the magic age at which to use it!  We received fantastic customer support throughout our time with TheraPee and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting a positive and effective way to help their children become dry at night.

J.A (UK)


I am so glad I purchased this! My daughter had gone through spells of off and on being dry at night and recently we were back to having her use pull ups this was not what she wanted as she is now 9years old and going back to that was hard and embarrassing for her, getting to the age of sleep overs, I was nervous when the occasional friend would sleep over that they would find out and she would feel bad. Then I went to waking her up to go in the middle of the night, as she was just such a sound sleeper that she wouldn’t wake on her own. we were in need of ‘something ‘ to get us over the hump and back on track once and for all. So in searching the internet I found this system and based on other reviews purchased it.
The pad is super sensitive, which makes it so great. And the alarm is affective, even for heavy sleepers. It honestly worked just a they said it would. We had a few nights of the alarm going off that she didn’t wake for (and I found a quick and easy way to change the sheets in the middle of the night. ) then she had some dry nights and then a few alarms-she quickly started to wake on her own. It was just a few weeks. She is doing great ! We are still using the alarm, for the ‘just in case’ for a while just to make absolute sure she is good to go, but honestly I feel that is was just what we needed to turn the corner and she feels such a sense of accomplishment. I will defiantly use this for my younger two daughters when they are ready so we can quickly and successfully night train, rather than letting the process drag on and on. Thank you Dr. Saige!

God bless you for your efforts in helping children (and adults) with this most embarrassing problem.

Kelley A

We have SUCCESSFULLY completed your program! I am holding back tears while writing this email. This is a day we have been waiting to come for a years….about 13 to be exact. I can’t write enough words to say “Thank You!” We went to every doctor and tried every kind of medicine available for bed wetting. Nothing worked. This program was so easy, yet it worked!! I did have all the apprehensions at first…she will never wake up, it will wake me up too much, it can’t work, how is it different, etc. However, it proved me wrong. How I wish I would have found it years ago! I just wish everyone experiencing this issue could find your program. I tell everyone about it that I hear is suffering from bed wetting. The problem is, many families keep this issue a “secret.” This has made such a big difference in my daughter. She just went to her first sleepover (at age 13) and is excited about going to church camp this summer! So again, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! A very happy mother.

Dear. Sagie,
I wanted to thank you for the program and for the fact that my sons have officially benefited from the treatment. Both of my sons were able to achieve their results within 12 weeks for one, and 14 weeks for the other. Navigating the program with my twin sons was arduous, but in the end, such a great accomplishment. I’m extremely proud of them for their perseverance and determination, and diligence with the exercises throughout the program.
My sons are 10 years old, and never complained and helped each other through the rougher patches. It was a way for them to be accountable and helpful with how they move forward with the program.
G.M (Canada)

My name is Ian. I tried for years to stop wetting the bed at night and nothing worked. When I turned 8 years old my parents found Dr. Sagie. Within the first week I already had some dry nights. Then on week 10 I graduated. It felt good to be done wetting the bed. I hope you trust Dr. Sagie’s process and you will have success too.


From skeptical to thrilled in 3 weeks!

My son is 8yr old and had never had a dry night. He wore pull-ups every night and several times a week he would wet his bed even while wearing a pull-up. Our pediatrician told us to wait it out and he would eventually outgrow it and not to bother with an alarm-type device until he started having dry nights on his own. I was very hesitant to try this based on the cost and the doctor’s warning. After reading the positive reviews for Therapee and discussing with my son (to see if he was interested in trying it) we decided to give it a try. The first week he was wetting the bed 2 and 3 times a night (one night it was even up to 4 times). It was like having an infant again and I was very skeptical this would actually work. I would tell my son it would take a few weeks and not to give up, even though in my mind I was beginning to think this was a bad decision. By the end of week 2 we had our first dry night (WOW!). We are now towards the end of week 3 and he has had 5 dry nights total – including 2 in a row. I am shocked and thrilled (and I think my son is as well). He is very happy with his progress and the chart keeps him motivated. I am now very confident that this is going to work.

February 18, 2016

My Son had just turned 7 in December 2017 when I decided we needed to try something.  I did a lot of research on different methods / program etc. and felt very comfortable with Dr. Sagie’s site and program.  Although I have to admit I was not totally clear on “what” I was purchasing.  And was concerned about the cost.

My Son, since he was an infant always was what I called “a big pee’er” in the night.  When he became potty trained by age 3 ½ but was still peeing at night we moved to pull ups, but he would “pee right through them”.  I did some reading and found that putting a “pad” within the pull up worked for some.  This quickly turned to having to use adult pads that were the extra-large size. But still on some nights he would still wet straight through everything.

We did all the things of limiting drinks etc, and had a few good nights, but mostly not.  I think back now on all the laundry I did, and expense on pull ups and adult pads, and wished I tried this sooner.  Although, maybe it was just good timing, but he progressed quickly, I think he and I were ready.

We began the process right away once receiving the items.  We had a few issues with downloading the program (we couldn’t do it on the IPad) had to use the computer.  But, once we were up and running it was all good.

I remember the first night when the alarm went off, and it was a rough one….(OMG I thought this is loud and annoying) But it got easier after the initial shock of waking up in the middle of the night.  My son did really well at waking up and we had our routine.  Our first two weeks we had about half success. Week 3 & 4 – 100%.  My son liked the part of giving himself the star and listening to Dr. Sagie and what he had to say.  He is a pretty observant kid, and did notice that “he sometimes said the same thing” per my son.  But he got it.  The exercises, although we did some more than others I think just brought awareness to him and it gave us things to talk about which I think was helpful.  Week 5&6 and 7&8 we had a couple of times he wet the bed, but very minor and he got up on his own.  And, during this time he began to get the “gold stars” which was very exciting for him !  I could tell we were on the right path.  Week 9&10 and 11&12 no accidents, and we had our last sessions.

So, first off, thank you for helping us through this time in our lives.  For those parents who don’t go through this, it is hard to understand and describe.  You want to protect your child, but not knowing how to help is hard.  You don’t want to “make a big deal” but you want to help.   Money is a factor, but when I look back on how much I spent with pull-ups and pads, and time and washing of sheets, every night…. I do wish I tried earlier.  But, maybe he wouldn’t have been ready.

My advice to parents out there reading my story is try it, and try it now !  Approach it positive and as a team effort.  It might not happen as quickly as ours did, but it will happen and you will be happy you did it !  Keep it consistent and don’t miss a day, it is about the routine.  We would lay out the clean sheet and clean clothes to change into the night before, so to make the transition easier in the middle of the night.  Every morning we went on line and I had my son put in his own information.  We listened to the videos together, we made it a team effort, and that worked for us.  Just know it will get better, and it will change for the best !  Again Dr. Sagie and your team, thank you !

Sue (USA)

To all Moms out there that their kid is struggling with bedwetting. PLEASE try this!!!!!!! It is worth the money I am telling you my 10-year-old daughter could not have sleepovers. She was too embarrassed to even let her sisters know about her problem. Every night she Peed in her bed she felt so little and shameful. I didn’t try it earlier because of the price but I’m telling you I would’ve paid double. I was really really really skeptical at first, I didn’t see any progress until like the 10th week mark then slowly she started getting better. Finally she is no longer a bedwetter. She has stopped the program around a month or two ago and she’s already had three sleepovers! Her confidence is through the roof. I am raising a different child. I have tried other alarms and have gone to many urologists. I’ve even tried to limit drinking before bed (that also didn’t help) NOTHING else has helped until therapee. I never wanted to show my daughter how defeated I was myself, I never let her see how much I cried from worry about her problem.

Thank you Dr. Sagie for saving my child!


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