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Success Stories

Alex has successfully completed the treatment thanks to you and the therapee method and alarm pad. Thanks so much for all your help is assisting him! He now has more confidence and better self esteem for himself! He wakes up during the night when he has to go to the bathroom. He is doing wonderfully! I really do appreciate what you do for these children and for helping make our child help become a happier child because of this treatment!! Thanks again for all your info and all your help 🙂 thanks 🙂


I’d like to honestly recommend to any parent who is trying to help his child stop wetting his/her bed to use this therapy. It did wonders for my 5 year old son. My boy stopped wearing a daily diaper at the age of 2 and in a period of 1 month he was complete controlling the whole “toilet” issue with grate success. The only thing he could never achieve was to have a dry night. No matter what we tried he ended up wetting this bed even 3 times in one night.My pediatrician told me not to worry about it and that it should stop on his own at some point and the urologist wanted me to first try and stop giving him liquid after 7 o’clock and a number of other advices that seems impossible to followed by a 5 year old boy. A few days before his 5 birthday I came across an advertisment of Therappe. I saw carefully the video and read many reviews and me and my husband decided to try it. That was the best decision we ever made on the matter! Our boy 5 years and 5 months old now just “gradueated” from the programm and he is completely wet for more than 2 months without a single accident. He is happier in the morning, he feels more “grown up” and really proud of himself for this achievment!



I feel so good to stop wetting the bed so I can do sleep overs without being stressed out. I don’t have to keep secrets anymore from my other family and friends. I feel like it is a big accomplishment! I am excited to do overnights without the alarm. Before I used it I was upset with my bed wetting at night because it kept waking me up and I would wake up wet. And now that I’m done I don’t have to carry it back and forth between my parent’s houses. I am glad that I used therapee!
C. (age 9)


Thank you Dr. Sagie and the Therapee team!
Our 8-year-old boy had a chronic problem of bed-wetting. We didn’t know how to understand it or how to approach the issue. Watching the very first Therapee video immediately helped our boy feel better about himself and feel positive about the training. I could see the moment when the penny dropped that there was nothing wrong with him. He just needed to train his brain! As soon as he heard this I could see his spirits lift. After 12 weeks the problem was completely fixed. We are very grateful indeed for the Therapee program. It may seem daunting at first but we have found it to be a game-changer. And our boy’s confidence and self-esteem have been lifted through his conquering this problem. Thank you again.

P.A (Australia)

Therapee is an excellent system.  I work in mental health and it is much more engaging than many of the psychological only tools that we use.  Well done!

Bobbie R
New Zealand

It really works!!!

I stumbled upon this product by accident. My 8 yr old wet the bed nightly and I thought that it was something he would just out grow. When I found the Therapee website and saw some of the personal stories of teens and older saying they were still having problems, I began to have doubts. I am skeptical about most things and when researching this product, I could only find excellent reviews. I was thinking that it might be too good to be true. I almost didn’t buy it, but figured that for what I’ve spent in the last many years on pullups, the possibility of not paying that anymore won out.

Essentially within 4 weeks he went from wetting the bed every night to wetting a couple times a week to being completely dry. Less than one month!

It should be noted that he never woke up himself to the alarm. It says it in the instructions that parents participation is required. We woke him up as soon as it went off and directed him towards the bathroom in a half-sleepy state. In my opinion one month of sleeplessness is a small price to pay for such an amazing outcome. It really works!!!

My Son had just turned 7 in December 2017 when I decided we needed to try something.  I did a lot of research on different methods / program etc. and felt very comfortable with Dr. Sagie’s site and program.  Although I have to admit I was not totally clear on “what” I was purchasing.  And was concerned about the cost.

My Son, since he was an infant always was what I called “a big pee’er” in the night.  When he became potty trained by age 3 ½ but was still peeing at night we moved to pull ups, but he would “pee right through them”.  I did some reading and found that putting a “pad” within the pull up worked for some.  This quickly turned to having to use adult pads that were the extra-large size. But still on some nights he would still wet straight through everything.

We did all the things of limiting drinks etc, and had a few good nights, but mostly not.  I think back now on all the laundry I did, and expense on pull ups and adult pads, and wished I tried this sooner.  Although, maybe it was just good timing, but he progressed quickly, I think he and I were ready.

We began the process right away once receiving the items.  We had a few issues with downloading the program (we couldn’t do it on the IPad) had to use the computer.  But, once we were up and running it was all good.

I remember the first night when the alarm went off, and it was a rough one….(OMG I thought this is loud and annoying) But it got easier after the initial shock of waking up in the middle of the night.  My son did really well at waking up and we had our routine.  Our first two weeks we had about half success. Week 3 & 4 – 100%.  My son liked the part of giving himself the star and listening to Dr. Sagie and what he had to say.  He is a pretty observant kid, and did notice that “he sometimes said the same thing” per my son.  But he got it.  The exercises, although we did some more than others I think just brought awareness to him and it gave us things to talk about which I think was helpful.  Week 5&6 and 7&8 we had a couple of times he wet the bed, but very minor and he got up on his own.  And, during this time he began to get the “gold stars” which was very exciting for him !  I could tell we were on the right path.  Week 9&10 and 11&12 no accidents, and we had our last sessions.

So, first off, thank you for helping us through this time in our lives.  For those parents who don’t go through this, it is hard to understand and describe.  You want to protect your child, but not knowing how to help is hard.  You don’t want to “make a big deal” but you want to help.   Money is a factor, but when I look back on how much I spent with pull-ups and pads, and time and washing of sheets, every night…. I do wish I tried earlier.  But, maybe he wouldn’t have been ready.

My advice to parents out there reading my story is try it, and try it now !  Approach it positive and as a team effort.  It might not happen as quickly as ours did, but it will happen and you will be happy you did it !  Keep it consistent and don’t miss a day, it is about the routine.  We would lay out the clean sheet and clean clothes to change into the night before, so to make the transition easier in the middle of the night.  Every morning we went on line and I had my son put in his own information.  We listened to the videos together, we made it a team effort, and that worked for us.  Just know it will get better, and it will change for the best !  Again Dr. Sagie and your team, thank you !

Sue (USA)
We started the program in April and prior my son woke up soaked every night.  I washed a full bed of sheets, blanket and comforter every morning.
My son turned 14 at the end of May and he’s been dry every night!  We just have a few more nights of the session and then we will fold up the mat and put it back in its box. He was so happy and confident attending his first sleepover a few days ago. We can’t believe how fast the program worked for him. It was worth every penny and quite frankly, seemed like a miracle cure!

Hi to all

My husband and I just want to recommend this product Therapee. I don’t normally write reviews but this is one I feel I need to do for parents out there. We have a 10 year old daughter who has wet the bed 4/5 nights of the week and sometimes up to 3 times a night all her life. She has been in night pull ups all these years.
We thought at first it would be something she would grow out of so didn’t take much notice, just did the usual, limit drinks, tried waking her before we went to bed and waking her in the middle of the night but to no avail. We either couldn’t wake her, or if we did, she would use the toilet but still wet the bed later that night.
We/she has tried alarm pants but the noise of the alarm did not wake her even though it was up to the highest volume and by the time we got into her room it was too late, she had already wet the bed.
Our next attempt was to bring her to our GP, where from here she was referred onto a consultant and an ultrasound ( causing our daughter distress) was requested to rule out any abnormality’s, needless to say all was normal and we were grateful for this. The consultant prescribed medication which we were willing to give a go at least once. Unfortunately after the recommended time and lots of money, this did not work.
We again gave her some time (one year) hoping that as she got older that her sleep wouldn’t be so deep and that she might wake herself during the night when she felt the urge to wee. This didn’t happen. We had to think again, she was now 10 and missing out on sleepovers with her friends and starting to feel very self conscious about the whole thing.
That’s when i went online and found Therapee. Like lots of other parents we were very sceptical but after reading reviews we decided to give it try. We never looked back, the programme is designed around your child and makes them want to succeed and our daughter gave it her best possible try. There was a couple of hiccups along the way but overall she made progress weekly and looked forward to her stars which increased her confidence along the way at all times.
Her programme lasted 15 weeks which ended in the middle of May and she has been dry since. We had our first 3 night break away lately which we were a little worried about but everything went off perfectly and she is now ready to have sleepovers with her friends.
To us and especially our daughter it is like a miracle. And WELL WORTH giving it a go.

From very happy parents and an overjoyed young girl who’s life has changed forever

K.C (Ireland)

4 months of TheraPee and my daughter’s bed is dry!!

My daughter is 9 and has been bedwetting since she was born. We helped her stop the bedwetting by trying every solution Dr. Sagie considers wrong: waking up the child in the middle of the night, using pampers, no drinking before going to bed, etc. Eventually we discovered Therapee and started the therapy in February 2015. Since June 2015 there are no more traces of pee in her bed, she stopped bedwetting.
She is a different person now, TheraPee changed her and our life. The therapy and the equipment are very easy to follow and use. The interactive online program involves the child and helps him/her keep track of progress.
Most important is Dr Sagie’s assistance during the treatment and his real time availability for any query you may have.
The TheraPee kit was shipped and received in excellent conditions in Barbados where I live.
I definitely recommend this treatment to every child suffering from this very annoying condition.

The opinions expressed here are only the evaluations of the individuals, results may vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee the same results for every client.