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Success Stories

“Hemos estado en urólogos pediátricos y pediatras, intentado alarmas previas, medicación, quiroprácticos, restricciones de comida y nada ayudó. Después de cuatro meses en el programa con el Dr. Sagie nuestro hijo de 10 años está seco. No podemos agradecerles lo suficiente.”

Hemos estado

This system was helpful

This system works! I bought this for my 5 1/2 year old who routinely soaked through her pull up every night. We tried various ways and times to do the night time potty training but the attempts left her anxious, upset, and sad. This system was helpful, empowering, and she totally bought into every word and training exercise that Dr. Sagie suggested. It also gave us good guidance on how to go about working with her. The correlating online chart and videos were cute, simple, and something she looked forward to. She started to consistently wake up dry within about 3 weeks of starting the program and has stayed dry in the months following. Worth every penny when I think of what I was paying for in pull ups each month! I am going to use the same program for my son- apparently we are a family of deep sleepers! Great product.

Wish We Would Have Purchased This Sooner! Great Success for our 6 Year Old!

Our 6 year old son is completely dry after using the TheraPee bedwetting alarm. We haven’t had one wet night since we completed the program. It has changed our life! I wish we had purchased it months before. Definitely the best money we’ve spent.

My son was 12 and was wet every night, sometimes two or three times a night. We tried everything alarms, tablets lifting, reducing drinks at bedtime, nothing worked. My son was missing out on so many trips with the school sleepovers and although he tried hard not to show it he was deeply upset and frustrated.
I saw a review of Dr. Sagies alarm on the ERIC site and actually felt the price was ok considering everything else I had purchased dealing with this issue. We sat down as a family and watched the first session, hoping this would be the thing that worked. For the first week and a half we had accidents but then a few nights with no accidents. Over the next two weeks, we had more dry nights than wet. After the first four weeks, he was dry completely. The sessions with helpful exercises were amazing and really kept my son going and positive along with the star chart which kept him motivated.
When the alarm was taken away at the end of the treatment I was really nervous it would all start again, but it hasn’t we are 3 months down the line and no wet nights.

Dr. Sagie has changed our lives I can not recommend it enough thank you.

J.K (UK)


I have been telling everyone I know about how FANTASTIC this program is!! My son is an extremely heavy sleeper and couldn’t stop wetting the bed no matter how hard he tried. He was extremely self conscious about it and was getting frustrated that he wasn’t just outgrowing the problem as everyone said that he would. As parents we were feeling discouraged and felt that we needed to do something more. Upon researching many different programs to buy, this one has been worth every cent! It’s not just a bed alarm but a complete program that gives the child certain exercises to do that make logic sense to help them stop wetting the bed and stay that way. Everything about it is simple. My son very quickly felt more confident and in control of the situation. The customer service has been EXCELLENT and the shipping was super FAST! We are so grateful for this wonderful program that has been such a blessing to our son. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this program-it gets results!!

I could not have made a better use of our finances

After so much stress and so much laundry and really searching for the right answer to help our 12 year old daughter, I went back to the internet…. again searching for solutions. I found Therapee online, and after months of determining if we should make the financial investment in Therapee, we finally purchased. I could not have made a better use of our finances!! My 12 year old daughter is now free from bedwetting!! She is so relieved and happy, my only regret is that we didn’t find this sooner. We are so happy that we are going to use the program with her two brothers that still wet the bed! Looking forward to their success as well! Thank you Dr. Sagie!!

I am writing this with tears, this product you have invented is amazing! In the beginning I was really discouraged and really didn’t think it would work. How wrong I was!! The last 2 nights we slept in a hotel, no pull-ups nothing! No embarrassing cleaning sheets and mattresses! Thank you for proving me wrong!!! My son is so happy! We are now even talking sleepovers!!! We, Gd willing, will be in Israel for the holidays, my son and I both really want to meet you if that’s possible! We both want to personally thank you, especially him!!!! His self esteem has also really improved! Thank you Dr. Sagie, please keep up your amazing work! We are very grateful, and will be happy to recommend your product!!! It really really really works!!!!! Thank you,

N.Y. U.S.A

My wife and I are overjoyed, relieved and so thankful to the work Dr. Sagie put into making Therapee so successful for our child. Our child used Therapee for about five months and was getting consistent dry nights for the last 2 months. Our child has not wet the bed since and he is waking at nights to use the bathroom. We are so very grateful and thank you so much for being our light during a trying time.

David (US)

TheraPee Bedwetting Help

At 4 our daughter went a year without wetting the bed, then at 5 began wetting the bed every night and sometimes twice. We tried everything, talking about bedwetting, reading about it, peeing before bedtime, not drinking two hours before bed time, counseling and nothing got us more than two or three dry nights in a row. So, after scouring the web I found the Therapee and after about two weeks, we began to see signs of improvement and a couple of dry days in a row. Then at the end of the first month we started to get dry weeks in a row, and now we are going on months. I wish we had found the Therapee sooner.

It Really Does Work!!

We got this for our 6 year old daughter who was such a deep sleeper that she was having trouble waking up to use the bathroom at night and would thus wet the bed every single night, often multiple times. We tried everything from limiting water intake before bed, to waking her up several times a night to use the bathroom etc. Nothing worked so I started searching for alternative ways to help her. I came across Therapee and saw the amazing success rate so I very skeptically ordered it. It was nothing short of a miracle, seriously. She stopped wetting the bed completely after just a couple of weeks! We went ahead and finished the recommended 3 month treatment just to be on the safe side, but she was dry the whole time and has been dry ever since. I cannot recommend it highly enough, it really does work!!

The opinions expressed here are only the evaluations of the individuals, results may vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee the same results for every client.