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Success Stories

Summer was approaching, school had been canceled because of COVID, so kids were home and we were not sure what will be in the summer.

Then an overnight camp opened and I knew how much my kids would benefit from it so I instantly signed her up fearing that spots will fill up quickly,
only to realize she has a bedwetting problem and she cants go! how did I forget?!
by then it was too late, the fees were paid and she was too excited to go. How can I cancel? what should I do now?
then I remember I’ve heard of therapee and been wanting to try but people around me didn’t really expect to work. I got a little discouraged but in the back of my mind I still wanted to try..what can I lose?
(if you think you can lose money think about the amount of pull-ups you are buying)
just never had that push to start till the day I signed her up for camp I purchase the Therapee program it instantly, I even paid for fast shipping!  …she right away started to get better, it was amazing how the day before she had to leave for camp she “graduated ” from the program she was completely dry! it took her about 2 months.
At the age of 9 she no longer has a bedwetting problem, thank G-d and thank you Dr. Sagie!
This letter is to express my thanks to Therapee and my honest review to help people reach out to therapee because it works!.
you should go for this in full belief, trust, and attitude that it will work, do exactly what they say even if you’re tired in the middle of the night it will pay off at the end.

We did all the things that the website talked about. Pull-ups for way too long, limiting water at night, waking up our 6 year old to pee at 11 pm, etc. It only took a week to have 2 dry nights. Then we continued the program. The dry nights increased and at 5 weeks he was dry almost every night! He hasn’t had a wet night since week 8.
I still can’t believe it! He was such a deep sleeper and wouldn’t wake up when he was wet. The alarm is amazing and our son now sleeps through the night with no wet alarms. We are at week 13/14 now and can’t remember when he had wet alarms! Thank you!





I never ever write reviews but I had to make an exception.
My daughter now 9 has never been dry at night so I looked for a solution everywhere. Then came across Dr Sagie’s bedwetting system. The reviews were good but I was still dubious. I bought it and gave it a try. Within 8 weeks she was only wetting twice in a fortnight. Within 12 weeks completely dry. You have to follow the programme exactly but it is so worth it for the results. One happy mum and daughter. Amazing!!

Mrs V M Palmer
February 9, 2016

We have SUCCESSFULLY completed your program! I am holding back tears while writing this email. This is a day we have been waiting to come for a years….about 13 to be exact. I can’t write enough words to say “Thank You!” We went to every doctor and tried every kind of medicine available for bed wetting. Nothing worked. This program was so easy, yet it worked!! I did have all the apprehensions at first…she will never wake up, it will wake me up too much, it can’t work, how is it different, etc. However, it proved me wrong. How I wish I would have found it years ago! I just wish everyone experiencing this issue could find your program. I tell everyone about it that I hear is suffering from bed wetting. The problem is, many families keep this issue a “secret.” This has made such a big difference in my daughter. She just went to her first sleepover (at age 13) and is excited about going to church camp this summer! So again, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! A very happy mother.


I heard about Therapee from a friend and feel that its been the best possible investment.

My son is 10 years old and a very deep sleeper who had accidents a lot. We had previously tried sticker charts, waking him and taking him to the toilet and after years and years still not having much luck getting him consistently through the night. I heard about Therapee from a friend and feel that its been the best possible investment we have made and its a game changer. My son, is consistently dry now and proud of himself. He has grown in his confidence and loves completing the online star chart and although reluctant to do some of the sessions, when he applied himself he realised that it worked. I highly recommend Therapee to all.

The BEST product for bedwetting

I wish I had bought it earlier!!!
My son was 12 years old and we had tried several methods so as to stop bedwetting. The results wasn’t good. I saw TheraPee and I desided to buy it. It was my last hope because I have tried all the other methods. The people at the clinic were very helpful and very good businessman. I was very satisfied from the people there but I was most satisfied from the results. After 2 months my son stopped bedwetting. 4 months now he is completely dry every night.
Thank you very much Dr Sagie for your method!!!

The support given by the TheraPee program was brilliant. 

Our son had been struggling with bedwetting for a long time. We had tried other alarm systems but these didn’t seem to work. The support given by the TheraPee program was brilliant. It helped provide motivation and also provided feedback when needed. The use of the star chart allowed us to track progress in a visual and effective way. The actual bedwetting mat was more durable than others we had tried. Our son is now dry at nights. It took nearly 3 months of hard work but was well worth the effort. Our son feels successful and can now go confidently on sleep overs.

This was life changing for my son. He was such a deep sleeper that he wasn’t able to get up when he needed to pee at night. A friend recommended Therapee and I’m so glad I listened! From day 1 my son didn’t wet the bed. We watched the videos and did the steps along the way. He did amazing. I left the mat on his bed for a few months and we continued to do the program and when he was ready we removed it and he’s been dry since, that was almost 3 years ago. We started when he was 6 and he’s going to be 9 soon.

S.B (Canada)

This program works wonders!

My 6 year old was wetting the bed every night – I couldn’t keep up with Mount Laundry! The Therapee is not just the pad/alarm, but a whole program – and my son loved everything about this program: he loved knowing this was something that could be fixed, he loved setting the “alarm” and filling out the daily charts, he loved getting stars and watched the messages from the doctor over and over. It took two 2-week sessions, and he never wet the bed again – it’s been 2 months! It was empowering for him – I highly recommend this program.

The opinions expressed here are only the evaluations of the individuals, results may vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee the same results for every client.