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Success Stories

I just wanted to say a very emotional THANK YOU for your product and service. My 13 year old son has been dry for 9 weeks now and has just completed a week away on a residential school trip which is something we could not imagine happening 3 months ago to the point where we thought he would have to miss out. He was dry every night away from home in a cold tent and even woke up on 2 occasions to use the toilet in the middle of the night which is something he has only done twice before in his whole lifetime (and that was part way into the Therapee programme). I waited for over 3 years since a doctor suggested an alarm pad to me. The wait was partly a reluctance to commit financially but also I think because it meant really admitting that this bedwetting was not something my son would simply grow out of. I kept hoping each birthday would mean a change and that the milestones like leaving primary school or becoming a teenager would prompt a hormonal change. From day one, just talking openly to him about the bedwetting and deciding to take some action together changed his mindset. He started to be dry consistently after just a month and has been dry since. Why did I wait?! I would pay 10 times the amount invested to feel this sense of relief and happiness, to start each morning positively and to see the change in my son. THANK YOU again! I would be happy to speak to anyone considering buying the pad and starting the programme to share my experience.

A.H (UK)

I did extensive research for a bedwetting solution for my daughter when she was 5 years old. She was ready to sleep in underwear at night and when trying, we were always unsuccessful. She never had a dry night until we started Dr. Sagie’s program. She was very excited to get her alarm and even more so when she saw the charting/reward system. During our 10 weeks with the bedwetting alarm, my daughter only had 3 wet nights before she became dry consistently. We could not believe how quick the program worked for us. My daughter also wakes in the night occasionally to go to the bathroom – which she has also NEVER done before! My advice is to follow Dr. Sagie’s instructions exactly as he says and do the exercises you are given. We never missed one night of using the alarm and even took it with us when we traveled. My daughter, my husband, and I were fully committed to the program and it was very much worth the money. We also feel she was the perfect age to do it and was completely willing


My child is 13 and he was getting increasingly embarrassed about wetting the bed on a daily basis. We did not know if it would ever stop. He wanted to go to camp in the summer without having to worry about it so we started this program 5 months before camp because we had exhausted many other options. He was 13 and he definitely was not showing signs of growing out of bed wetting. The cool thing is we found out when he was wetting the bed and it was always after 3 am and it kept getting later and later in the night. It was not an immediate fix as it took time but after about 8 weeks we started seeing dry nights regularly. This is the first program that worked and he does the exercises most nights because I told him if I was paying all this money I needed him to do everything. This program truly works even with older kids who we have tried so many different ways to stop it. The confidence he has gained is amazing!! Also, he graduates the program the day before he leaves for camp!!


My daughter was stuck. We’ve tried other strategies before but determined her body just wasn’t ready. As she got older and older the ongoing issue (almost every night) continued to affect her self-esteem. The day we implemented the Bedwetting Therapy system everything started to get better. I think the combination of an intentional plan, the alarm, and the ongoing sessions made all the difference in flipping a switch in her mind and body. She’s now immensely relieved it’s over and it almost seems like a distant memory.

Thanks, Dr Sagie!


This program was the only one out there that gave us hope that we could do something for our son to help him.
The Drs wouldn’t consider it an issue until after he was 7 years old, and then would only think he had bladder issues and wanted to look at his bladder or prescribe pills for him.
It was so difficult to get anyone to take us seriously and try something different.

Peeing the bed was drastically affecting our son’s self esteem. And it was stressful to have to deal with cleaning it up every single day.
He was also getting a rash on his skin from laying in his pee every night.
But this program saved us! It took some time! But it 100% worked!!!


Dear Dr. Sagie,
I wanted to write you a note of gratitude for your TheraPee program. I can say without exaggeration that it changed my son’s life.
Last summer, just before my son turned 14, I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He replied, “Dad, the only thing I want in the world is not to start high school as a bedwetter.” His words broke my heart. Up to that point, he had struggled with bedwetting since he was toilet trained. We tried everything. Medication provided a short-term relief, but the side effects were unsustainable, and any progress ceased as soon as he stopped taking it. Other alarm systems didn’t work — they woke up everyone else in the house but him. My wife and I took him to various doctors who all reacted in a nonchalant manner and advised us to just keep him in pull-ups until he eventually grew out of it.

His bedwetting caused him to miss out on so much of his childhood. There were no sleepovers, school trips, Boy Scout camps, etc. because he was too afraid that his peers would find out he still wet the bed. He was so embarrassed to still be wearing absorbent underwear to bed as a teenager. I knew I had to do whatever I could to end this problem once and for all.

I discovered TheraPee and we saw results almost instantly. In one month, he went from wetting the bed every night (sometimes multiple times a night) to having just a couple accidents a week. About six weeks in, he was fully dry for a week for this first time in his life. After a little more than two months, he was consistently dry. It has now been 13 months since he began the program, and he no longer wets the bed. It’s a miracle.

One of the happiest days of my life was the day that he and I took his leftover pull-ups and donated them to a local Goodwill. He was so proud that he didn’t need them anymore. And he got his wish: when he started high school last fall, he was no longer a bedwetter.



My 8 year old son is a very, very deep sleeper. Since about 5 or 6 years of age we noticed his bed was wet many mornings. We thought he’d grow out of it. We tried limiting drinks before bed and even attempting to get him up around midnight to go to the bathroom. It was a disaster. He was impossible to wake up, and when he did he was extremely grumpy. After much frustration we decided to put him in overnight underwear. He fought it for a while, since that is what babies do, but eventually capitulated and wore them each night. This went on for almost two years and it was clear that nothing was working. I stumbled upon Therapee from an Instagram ad and decided to give it a shot after reading all of the reviews and deciding that we did not want to medicate him, as his doctor gave us that option. For the first few weeks my son was wetting the bed almost twice a night. Sometimes very big, sometimes just a little. My wife and I were losing sleep, changing sheets and clothes twice a night, but we all stuck with it. The next month he was wetting the bed only a couple times per week. Progress? We had hoped so. Some nights when the alarm woke him up he was very grumpy and disappointed. We reassured him that this is an ongoing process and to stick with it. The next month he was only wetting the bed a few times per month and he was excited at his progress. Eventually, he’d go a couple weeks without wetting the bed at all. And here we are three or four months later, with no wetting for well over a month. He’s proud of himself, and we are thrilled for him. To see him light up talking about his dry nights is wonderful. I can’t recommend Dr. Sagie’s program enough, and the support we’ve received from his team during the whole process. It really is worth the money especially if you’ve tried everything else. Thank you to the whole Therapee team!


We just want to give a big thank you! This program was amazing & within 12 weeks my son is completely dry at night. I wish we would have understood everything you explained in your program….years ago!!! Once we understood all those common mistakes and the science behind the alarm it has made ALL the difference.
Thank you! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with bedwetting.
It has been amazing for my son to experience this wonderful success.

C.G (Australia)

My 6 year old was constantly wetting her bed or having to wear pull-ups every night, while her twin stopped around the age of 3. You could tell this bothered her and in-turn bothered me. I tried to wake up in the middle of the night, but I could never time the bed-wetting for it to be effective and this was becoming tiring and troublesome for me. I am impressed by Dr. Sagie’s device. The alarm system plus exercises my daughter participate in have been a game changer. In our first 2 week session, she earned 1 star. In our second 2 week session she earned 7, including a red star. In our third week session, she has been dry the entire time. What I am most grateful for to Dr Sagie, is that his device is bringing joy to my daughter’s face when she wakes up with a dry bed. Thank you. I wish I found you sooner


Our 13 yo daughter had bedwetting issues and we didn’t know what to do about it. We hoped she’d eventually just outgrow it. Before a school camp, our daughter took it upon herself to look for info online and came across Therapee. We ordered right away, and our daughter was dry within about 3-4 weeks, well before her school camp. She is very mature, so waking up once a night and following the program instructions was easy for us. She also learned through this experience and can have this knowledge to help others.

We 100% recommend Therapee A++

LV (New Zealand)

The opinions expressed here are only the evaluations of the individuals, results may vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee the same results for every client.