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Success Stories

Your product was amazing. My son completely stopped wetting the bed and he is so happy now.
It truly works. It was a little time consuming in the beginning but the only thing that worked.
My sister in law now has purchased this for her daughter.

Joanne (AU)


I never ever write reviews but I had to make an exception.
My daughter now 9 has never been dry at night so I looked for a solution everywhere. Then came across Dr Sagie’s bedwetting system. The reviews were good but I was still dubious. I bought it and gave it a try. Within 8 weeks she was only wetting twice in a fortnight. Within 12 weeks completely dry. You have to follow the programme exactly but it is so worth it for the results. One happy mum and daughter. Amazing!!

Mrs V M Palmer
February 9, 2016

SO impressed with this product! Buy it today!

I have bought easily hundreds of items from Amazon over the years, and this is the first time I have ever felt compelled to write a review. I just cannot shout loudly enough from a high enough mountaintop about TheraPee! My almost-8-year-old daughter has been wearing pull ups at night since she was 3, and was wet in the mornings 98% of the time. Our pediatrician told us not to worry, that she would probably stop when she started puberty. I was ok with that until it really started bothering her; she was nervous about sleepovers, and felt that it was so unfair that she had this problem. We started out by trying a much cheaper “system” that involved a sensor clipped to her undies with a wire than ran up through her pajamas to an alarm clipped to her shoulder. It was so cumbersome and difficult to use, we ditched it after one night, knowing there had to be a better way. A few months later, after reading all the rave reviews on Amazon, we ordered TheraPee. The video with Dr. Saigee is perfect; no matter how much I had told her that she was not the only kid who wet her bed at night, and that this wasn’t something to be ashamed of, that it was just a miscommunication between her body and her brain, hearing it from Dr. Saigee finally put her at ease. I could literally see the anxiety and shame she had felt leave her. She was bought in 100%. The online component, where she tracks her progress, keeps her engaged in the process. The best part in my mind was that Dr. Saigee made it clear that she should not expect success right away, that in can take months, and that a wet night, or even a wet week, here or there was nothing to worry about. I was afraid that if she was wet the first night she’d be discouraged and not want to use it anymore. Setting the pad and alarm unit up that first night was easy peasy. As others suggested, I “double made” her bed with two layers of sheets and waterproof pads, so that if she did wet I could just take the wet sheet off, reposition the sensor pad, and get her back to bed. She did wet the bed that first night, and for the next two nights, and drying off the pad and taking off the wet sheets was super easy. We were up such a short time, neither of us was tired the next day. Then, after three wet nights, something clicked. We have been using the product for 6 weeks and she’s only had ONE wet night since Day 4! I am totally amazed by this product! She is so happy and confident, it’s an amazing thing! We are planning a night at a fancy hotel as our celebration when she finishes the program and we can’t wait! Trust me, buy this product today, I promise you won’t be sorry!

Amazon Customer
February 17, 2016

It is with great pleasure to say my 8 year old daughter graduated your therapy. I have waited for this day for years. When she was getting potty trained and the bedtime wetting was still continuing I figured one day she would outgrow it. Sheet changes, pull ups and a ton of tears and there was no end in sight. This therapy is worth its weight in gold and now the tears are of happiness. We are so thankful, blessed and in awe how amazing this program is and without you, my 8 year old would more than likely still be having multiple accidents a night. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and pray that others have the success that we have had. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone with a child having bed wetting issues.


My 6 year old was constantly wetting her bed or having to wear pull-ups every night, while her twin stopped around the age of 3. You could tell this bothered her and in-turn bothered me. I tried to wake up in the middle of the night, but I could never time the bed-wetting for it to be effective and this was becoming tiring and troublesome for me. I am impressed by Dr. Sagie’s device. The alarm system plus exercises my daughter participate in have been a game changer. In our first 2 week session, she earned 1 star. In our second 2 week session she earned 7, including a red star. In our third week session, she has been dry the entire time. What I am most grateful for to Dr Sagie, is that his device is bringing joy to my daughter’s face when she wakes up with a dry bed. Thank you. I wish I found you sooner


We did all the things that the website talked about. Pull-ups for way too long, limiting water at night, waking up our 6 year old to pee at 11 pm, etc. It only took a week to have 2 dry nights. Then we continued the program. The dry nights increased and at 5 weeks he was dry almost every night! He hasn’t had a wet night since week 8.
I still can’t believe it! He was such a deep sleeper and wouldn’t wake up when he was wet. The alarm is amazing and our son now sleeps through the night with no wet alarms. We are at week 13/14 now and can’t remember when he had wet alarms! Thank you!


My daughter will soon be 6 and we had been working with her on overnight bed wetting since she was 4. We tried all the tricks that you can find online – waking her up before we went to bed, cutting out water at a certain time of day, rewards for dry nights, charts, etc. NOTHING worked! We finally found Thearapee and within 3 months she was consistently dry at night. The program has been a lifesaver and I anticipate I will need to use it with my younger child as well. My daughter is so happy now that she can have sleepovers and not worry about wetting the bed! Thank you Dr. Sagie.

edi (USA)

Therapee WORKS!!

We had tried everything we could think of and had given up. Therapee was the absolute last thing I was willing to try and are we glad we found it. Now that my son no longer wets the bed I am 100% sure that this system is the only answer. It has trained my son’s brain and muscles to respond to his need to pee. It only took a few weeks to go from hopeless to fully dry every morning.
And if that wasn’t enough, the gentle support from the doctor is not only encouraging but he builds the self – esteem of your child as he takes them through the process. Thank you for the care and dedication that you’ve put into creating this program.
I recommend it 100%

December 27, 2014

Worth every penny! Amazing results!

My 6.5 year old son peed so much at night that no mater what diaper we tried, it would leak most nights. He is a very deep sleeper. He was uncomfortable and embarrassed and we were tired of the laundry and expense. We bought TheraPee and followed their instructions. It took about 10 days for him to be able to wake himself up to go potty. Now, after less than a month he is doing amazingly! Dry for the last 12 nights! I’m so proud of him and he is trilled. I couldn’t recommend this more!

March 28, 2016

TheraPee works well & fast!

My 9 year daughter was still wetting the bed. We tried lots of different things – but nothing worked until TheraPee. Within 1 month she had almost stopped wetting completely (maybe 1-2 a month vs 3-5 a week). Within 3 months – no accidents at all. That was about 3 months ago & she has been completely dry ever since. She even went away to sleepaway camp this summer with no incidents! I really think that TheraPee is worth it, it is quick, it works & it’s simple, it’s also FSA eligible. My daughter liked filling in the on line star sheet & seeing her progress. Before that we were either washing sheets 3-5 times a week, or using pullups, which is quite embarrassing for a 9 yr old. Any questions are answered almost immediately via email, and even phone. They are very helpful! I’m now recommending this to anyone with a bedwetting issue

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