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This is the thing that finally worked for our son! My 7 year old had almost never had a dry night. He was soaking wet every morning, and he was in such a deep sleep that he didn’t even notice until he woke up. When we starting using the alarm, we realized that he was wetting the bed multiple times a night. It seemed hopeless. This wasn’t a quick fix and it took a lot of work — you have to be ready to wake up your child, clean the sheets, wipe down the pad, help him back to bed . . .and often repeat 2-3 times a night. But after a few weeks, my son started having some dry nights for the first time ever! He was so excited. After about two months, he was completely dry. It’s been four months now, and he hasn’t had an accident since. He was so proud of himself when he “graduated” from the program. I was pretty skeptical when I ordered this, but we were desperate for a solution. We were running multiple loads of laundry every day. Traveling was stressful because a pull-up couldn’t even contain the mess. Now we can travel without worry, he can sleep over a friends house, and most important of all — he isn’t stressed about why he can’t control his bladder at night. For anyone who is struggling with this problem, the expense is well, well worth it. This actually works.


After exhausting all other options and losing hope, I

After exhausting all other options and losing hope, I came across Therapee online, I was skeptical at first but after reading the reviews I decided to try it. Within a couple months my son had completely stopped wetting the bed. It truly gave him confidence and me some peace of mind.

My family cannot thank Dr. Sagie enough for helping us. I have two sons who both completed the program. The exercises, along with the alarm system, took about three months each for my boys. They both feel so much better waking up dry every morning. They are no longer fearful of being invited to sleepovers. As parents, it is amazing to see our boys so happy and confident. Also, not having to wash bedding every day has been amazing! I highly recommend this program to anyone who has a child wetting the bed. It truly works. The customer service is excellent as well. Any time I had a question or concern, my question was fully answered in less than 24 hours. This is the only program you will need if your child needs help to stop wetting the bed.


If you’ve come to this page to scan the range of testimonials here in an effort to decide whether the TheraPee product will work for your child, please read my brief story below. As the father of a 12 year old bed-wetting boy, my wife and I had reached the point this past spring where we genuinely felt that “nothing would work” for addressing our son’s nightly bed wetting. We had even made an appointment to begin psychological evaluations of our son which were designed to “break him” of this uncomfortable and deeply embarrassing habit. Fortunately, after a reasonable amount of web-searching, I found the TheraPee product. The price seemed a bit high, but we were desperate to try ANYTHING that might help him. To cut to the chase, I have two words that genuinely brought tears to our eyes: it worked. Our son is now completely dry each and every night, and is able to sleep all the way through the night without any incident/event whatsoever.

If you are “on the fence” about getting this product, please consider this: you will be making a one-time investment for your son or daughter – once he or she can sleep through the night without wetting their bed, THAT’S IT!! There’s no reverting back to their earlier behavior for the rest of their lives!! As 2017 comes to a close, we are truly grateful to Dr. Sagie and this marvelous system which changed our boy’s life for the better – forever! Thank you!!!

David (USA)

No Regrets, other than not purchasing sooner

We were relucant to make this purchase because of the price and unknown if it would work and thinking that the problem would solve itself. The first week was tough, our son did not wake for the alarm (very deep sleeper), and this is an alarm that can wake the dead. The second week he was waking for the alarm. By the third week the wet nights was down to 1/2. By the 4th week, he was 100% dry. He has now been dry for over 2 months. This was the best money spent. It has been great for his confidence and feeling of owning and ability to control his own bodily function. I regret not getting this product sooner.

Dear Dr. Sagie:
Your bedwetting program has changed our son’s life. For years our doctor told us he would outgrow it. And then he was on the brink of turning 12 and we knew we had to take action. I feel sure that since he has gone through the program successfully and had no further bedwetting incidents, that your diagnosis of a sound sleeper was correct.
Since he started the program in September, he has only had a few incidents of bedwetting. It has made a HUGE difference in his happiness and confidence. He even went out of town for a weekend ski trip a couple of weeks ago and had a great time and didn’t worry about it!
We are thoroughly relieved and believe that with the combination of the alarm, the videos and the exercises, that it was the right program for our son. He is so happy that he can now go to sleepovers and not worry about having an accident.
Thank you so much. Your program was worth every penny. Our only regret is that we didn’t find out about it sooner.
Y. S (USA)

Y. S

We began this program in February 2016 and after the 6th week our 9 year old son has been dry for the past 8 weeks. He is very happy to have dry nights and felt that the program was easy to do. We feel it so worth it!


It was a great relief for him 

Thank you so much ! Your program has indeed been instrumental in getting our son over his bed wetting. He has been struggling with this for 13 years. I can’t tell you how much we have spent on pull-ups and laundry soap cleaning bed sheets. Having to deal with the social stigma, missed sleep overs, camping trips that had to be avoided, all were not possible up until January this year when he turned the corner and started getting dry nights and getting up himself to go to the bath room. Our son now 14 is completed free of bed wetting after having used your Therapee program for about 6 months. He stopped using the alarm pad 5 months ago and can now have sleep overs with confidence. He finished his grade 8 year with a school field trip and was totally confident he would have dry beds and accomplished this with no problem.

Our son has always been a very deep sleeper and quite physically active in the day doing sports. He just never developed the skill of bladder control most likely because of the deep sleeping. It was a great relief for him and us to know this was normal and not a result of laziness or immaturity. What made the difference with the Therapee program for our son was the combination of non-judgemental , simple and practical step by step process towards success. We would highly recommend this program for anyone dealing with bed wetting.

Therapee Really Worked for Us!

TheraPee really does work! My son was 8 and still bedwetting at night. He was wearing pull ups every night and becoming quite embarrassed by it plus pull ups are expensive! I bought the TheraPee program and it worked sooner than we could have even imagined (within a month). It was much easier to use this alarm than the one we had used in the past (that didn’t work). The previous one pinned onto my son and was cumbersome. This one we just laid beneath his top sheet, he slept normally and easily unplugged it when the alarm went off. This in combination with the positive reinforcement from the videos/Dr. Sagie and the chart seemed to be the key. My only complaint is that when you are done with the mat, there is no program to return it for some sort of money back or some sort of recycling program. I could give it to a friend, however the friend would not get the benefit of the entire program. At least the other alarm you could resell and hope it worked for somebody else! Definitely worth the purchase price.

L. Cook "lovechildrensbooks"
January 10, 2015

My son is 4. We started the program in January as he was refusing to wear the pull up but was having accidents every night. A friend shared her experience with her 4 year old son and how well the program worked. I decided to give it a try and after the 2nd week we were only having the alarm go off twice a week. By the 4th week, we were down to no alarms at all. By the 8th week we had only had two accidents. We are now on week 10 and about to exit the program. I am so thankful for therapee, my son was such a deep sleeper I truly believe in the program as long as you are consistent.


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