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Success Stories

Did the job for us!!! My son …

Did the job for us!!! My son was dry for his 6 birthday and now has sleep over parties with no worrys. Go therapee!!!

March 27, 2016

I cannot tell you enough how thankful we are for your program. You have saved our family! I will tell everyone I know about your website and the great success our family had. My son had always wet the bed until he turned 10 years old. He was so disappointed and upset to miss his first class trip. I found several programs that were very expensive and your program was the first one that was reasonable enough for our family to afford. Within several weeks, my son was dry every night and he was so happy!

Thank you again!!!

M.S (Germany)

My 8-year old son was very frustrated, self-conscious, and increasingly becoming aggressive because of bedwetting. I’m not normally someone who writes product testimonials, but the Therapee product and software changed his life. We had dry nights within three months’ time. He was very proud! Thank you!


Extremely Happy with Purchase and Results

My daughter was 11 and still wetting the bed 2-3 times a week. I tried taking the pull ups away thinking wetting herself would wake her up and give her the incentive she needs. I had no luck and it just proved how heavy of a sleeper she was. I found this product online and was eager to try it. Although my daughter was a little slower than some of the others, it has proved to be a great success. I could see progress being made throughout the process and finally after 6 months she has been accident free. She is thrilled to finally have this behind her.

With the product being sold overseas I was somewhat skeptical regarding customer service, but I was extremely pleased with how great it was. Anytime I reached out to them I received a helpful response within 24 hours.

I wish I would have found this product when she was much younger and would recommend to any child that still wets the bed.

December 24, 2014

Thanks so much!  You have no idea what a blessing this program has been for my daughter. I am amazed it has worked so well and so fast!• Thanks so much!  You have no idea what a blessing this program has been for my daughter. I am amazed it has worked so well and so fast!Many blessings!


God bless you for your efforts in helping children (and adults) with this most embarrassing problem.

Kelley A

We are in shock, my 9 year old just finished the program. You hear it all the time, but this is a life changer. He is the oldest of 4, as the years went on, he would feel worse and worse as each sibling stopped wearing pull-ups at night. The other morning, we watched the video saying congratulations, he is finished. I couldn’t contain the tears, and I know he feels so good about it, such a weight lifted off his shoulders.

Thank you!


Thank you Dr. Sagie

The Therapee program was wonderful. The video consultations allowed my 10 year old son to go through the program without embarrassment. The program included concrete solutions and detailed instructions about what to do. And after so many failed methods, he is finally dry. Even when there is a relapse on occasion, we have the tools we need to quickly get back on track. The company was also very responsive to my questions and concerns along the way. My son is so happy and we are so grateful to Dr. Sagie!

Amazon Customer
February 29, 2016

You won’t regret your decision

If you have a bed wetter, stop what you’ve been trying and invest in this system! You won’t regret it.

My son was an early potty trainer – out of diapers/pull-ups during the day at 22 months. However at night he wet the bed every single night, most nights peeing through his super absorbent night time pull up made for an adult. He was such a sound sleeper that even with his entire bed soaked – sheets and all he never even woke up. When he turned 6 my pediatrician told me to get an alarm and handed me a brochure. I couldn’t believe the number of options out there. And they were expensive! I didn’t want to try one option only to have to try another. And I really wanted someone to help me through the process. I was so confused and so frustrated!

I researched the situation on the web and kept running across Dr. Sagie’s product. I was skeptical, but I bought it because it was not just an alarm, it was an entire system. The thought of having someone walk me through the steps was what made me decide to buy it. My son was so excited to get started, he wanted to be dry at night so badly so he could have sleep overs. Within the first 2 weeks we had our first dry night, followed by another and another. In less than 3 months he graduated from the program. A year later he has had only 1 accident!

The interactive system is great, my son loved being able to reward himself. I will say the videos are informative yet a little creepy. Some random dude who has a fairly strong accent talking directly to you based on your results. However, it is very straight forward. He explains the science behind it and gives the kids great exercises to help. I recommend this system 100%. Knowing what I know now and how easy it was, I would have paid double for the same product and I sure wish I had done it a year earlier!

I would like to endlessly thank you for helping our child and us. Nothing less than best experience with your company.  We wish best success for you personally, your company and all people who work for you. You help my child to get confidence that every problem can be solved.  What a beautiful gift he got at early age.

J.P (Canada)

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