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Amazing program with great results

Our 10 yr old daughter had been hiding the fact that she was wetting her bed. We discovered that she was just a very deep sleeper and was not even knowing she wet the bed until she woke up.
We order Therapee and began using it the same day it was delivered. She had 4 wet nights in the first 11 days, by the 3rd wet night she was barely wet before the alarm went off and she was able to stop on her own. Since day 11 she has not had one single accident and she now knows what it is like to have to go. Her brain knows what to do when she has the sensation of having to go. She just finished up her 8th week of the program and she finally doesn’t have to say no to friends who ask to stay the night or invite her over. We celebrated by going mattress shopping!! She has so much more confidence, does not feel ashamed, and is so proud that she has stopped wetting the bed. I highly recommend Dr Sagie’s Therapee system, it is well worth the money!!!

Erica Molden
February 7, 2016

My name is Ian. I tried for years to stop wetting the bed at night and nothing worked. When I turned 8 years old my parents found Dr. Sagie. Within the first week I already had some dry nights. Then on week 10 I graduated. It felt good to be done wetting the bed. I hope you trust Dr. Sagie’s process and you will have success too.


My son is finally dry! He is about to turn 7 and desperately wanted to stop wearing pull-ups at night like his twin brother. He is a VERY heavy sleeper and was wetting every night. This system worked so well. At first, he was sleeping through the alarm at the loudest setting and we were having to wake him up (sometimes I don’t think he actually woke all the way up) and then after a few weeks, he started waking to the alarm…Then he started waking up before the alarm even went off. He’s been dry now for two months and he is so happy! This is definitely a commitment and no fun waking up to a loud alarm and changing sheets every night but we’re so glad we did it. Thanks, Dr. Sagie!

Denise (US)

My son and I are over-the-moon thrilled with the results! He is 12 years old and was still wetting the bed almost nightly. We tried medication with mild success, but not a cure. The results were not immediate for us as it took about 3 months, but the overall progress was evident. He has been dry for over a month now! He went on an overnight class trip with no concerns and can finally have sleepovers without the concern of his friends discovering his nighttime underwear. Can’t thank Dr. Sagie and the TheraPee system enough!!!

S.W (Canada)

outstanding product!

Product delivered exactly as explained! My son loved the computer program incentive/visual reward. Worth every penny. Also, customer service outstanding. When I had a problem setting up program, I spoke personally with owner/creator of product who walked me through it. Don’t hesitate to buy !

December 7, 2014

TheraPee absolutely worked!

I highly recommend TheraPee by Dr. Sagie. My 10 year old was bed-wetting anywhere from 1-6 nights a week. We had managed for years with medication but, one day the medication just stopped working. You have to follow this program diligently but, it absolutely worked. Ensure you watch the videos with your child (multiple times if necessary) and ensure he/she does the exercises consistently. Don’t give up as it could take weeks or months to see results. My son has been dry now for over two months with NO accidents. I am beyond thrilled! I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone looking to end bed-wetting issues for good

January 1, 2016

I highly recommend the Therapee package that includes the unlimited access to …

Life Changing! We tried everything for our 10 year old daughter from medication to limiting liquid to waking her up in the middle of the night to underwear alarms. This product is the ONLY one that worked for us. Desperate is the only way I can describe how I was feeling when I invested in Dr. Sagie’s TheraPee. To effectively get the results you want, parental involvement is necessary so be prepared to get up when you hear the alarm. I used a baby monitor so I could hear the alarm in her room since she was on another floor. It didn’t take long at all before she was waking up on her own and I didn’t have to go upstairs at all. I took a large waterproof pad that I had previously bought and put that on top of her sheets. I then put the Therapee pad on top of that. Over the pad I put a another sheet that ran horizontally (just enough to cover the Therapee pad) and tucked into each side of the bed. This way, when the alarm went off and the sheets needed to be changed, all she had to do was wipe and dry the Therapee pad and then change that top sheet only (as opposed to having to strip the whole bed in the middle of the night). And the waterproof pad kept her sheets clean underneath in case she peed a lot and came off the mat. I highly recommend the Therapee package that includes the unlimited access to the website. The children track their progress with stars. Additionally, your child will receive added tips and exercises (mental and physical) from Dr. Sagie that helps them on their road to dryness. Please be patient. It took us five months but the result is worth it all! My daughter’s quality of life has improved tremendously. I am so grateful to Dr. Sagie for what this program has meant to my daughter.

This really works, best money I have or will ever spend.

My daughter who is 8 would wet the bed every night. She was upset with herself and hated wearing pull ups. I was at my wits end in how to help her. I talked to our doctor who said it isn’t anything to worry about until she is 13 and it is still occurring. I finally googled how to cure bedwetting and this is what came up. I started reading all the reviews and information I could about Dr. Sagie. I filled out the questionnaire to make sure that this would really help her and kept reading the information on Dr. Sagie’s website. Before I even got the results I had already placed the order for the TheraPee system. We received it quickly and my Daughter was excited and hopeful that it would work for her. The first couple of nights I slept upstairs in the guest room so I would be closer to help her I also bought a baby monitor for when I went back to my room on the first floor. She wet the first couple of nights and then the wetting got less frequent and she was getting more proud of herself. We used this system since we received it on November 1st. She just finished the program she took to the system really well and has worked hard at following all the advise and exercises that are given to do. 16 weeks and she is now NOT a bedwetter. The first thing she said was I can go to Church camp this year. This was the best money I have ever spent or will ever. The confidence that she has gained and the understanding of Dr. Sagie. I just can’t say enough how wonderful this is and how well it works. Everyone will work at their own pace and some may finish quicker than my Daughter some may take longer but the key is it works.

Julia Sharit
February 17, 2016

My son had been dry for over a year until he was 5 – then he began wetting the bed every night. This continued until he was 9. We used this system and within two months he was dry every night. He has been dry every night now for over 2 months. This has been amazing. HIs self-esteem was very low and this has changed everything. Thank you so much!



We are so happy that our sweet 11 year old girl went from almost NEVER a dry night for her entire life to DRY EVERY NIGHT in about 6 weeks on the Dr. Sagie Therapee Program. As a 5th grade girl who was devastated to miss out on camp outs, sleepovers, and embarrassment on family vacation, THIS PROGRAM HAS CHANGED HER LIFE! It was simple and interactive and made her realize that this “wasn’t her fault”, and that many many kids her age and older struggle with the same thing. This motivated her to give it 100% and make it a success story. I’d give it 10 stars if we could!

mom of 3
January 15, 2015

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