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Success Stories

I purchased this system for my 9 year daughter. She is a very deep sleeper, We had tried everything and nothing had worked. When I found this system and read all about it my husband and I decided to give it a try. Success!! I am so impressed with this simple system. It worked so fast for us, in about a month we saw amazing progress. It really worked. Since then I have used it again with my second daughter, age 6… Success again. Amazing, I would defiantly recommend this system. Thank you Dr. Saige.


Worked in 2/12 weeks for a hard-core sleeper 8 years old!

I have an 8 year old daughter and she is a hard-core deep sleeper. She had always wore pull-ups and just didn’t seem interested in being trained to get up and go potty at night (and mind you, she has a younger sister, age 7, who was getting up and using the potty each night). We tried for about 4 months to not use them and just talk to her about waking up and going potty at night. I ended up doing 1-2 loads of laundry each day depending on how much betting she peed on. We decided to purchase this system really as insurance. Yes, other systems are cheaper, but if they don’t work then you are out the money and have to purchase a better one. I like this system because it encompasses an online component and is personalized. My daughter really thought Dr. Sagie was speaking to her and it made her take it seriously, which she had not been doing. I thought it would take her 3 month or more to ‘graduate’. The reality is that within 2 1/2 weeks she was having NO accidents! Wow, worth every penny and especially in what you save in time and money doing laundry.

J. Templeton
February 14, 2016

Dear Dr. Sagie, thank you for helping me stop wetting the bed. It feels good to wake up and not feel wet. You are the best Doctor I could have! Thank you Dr. Sagie!!

sincerely, H.


My 9yo son has NEVER stayed dry more than a single night his entire life. We never made a big deal out of it — I just always had an extra set of sheets and waterproof pads on his bed ready to go in case we needed to strip the top sheet. He wore pull-ups every night since he was out of diapers and leaked out of them regularly. He was getting to the point of embarrassment. He couldn’t do sleepovers. His younger brothers started making fun of him. Watching him be embarrassed for something he couldn’t help broke my heart. I found Therapee and was inspired by the reviews. It was pricey but I was desperate to help my son. I talked to him about it, showed him some reviews and we decided to go for it. The first week he stayed dry THREE nights! He was SO PROUD of himself! He got down in himself a bit when he had a string of mostly wet nights weeks 2 and 3 — especially if the accident was close to wake up time and he woke as soon as the Therapee alarm went off. I had to remind him that this would take work and commitment and he HAD to stay optimistic. We’re on week 12 and I am so happy to say he’s only been wet three nights over the last 9 weeks! It’s so amazing! We’re really looking at success now and it feels great. I’m so proud of him but more importantly, he’s proud of himself.

Our son has had a dry bed now for close to three months!  Nothing short of a miracle.
He’s almost ten and had been a consistent bed wetter for years.  The constant bedwetting had taken such a toll on our stress; endless frustration, and hoping that the next morning, every morning, would be dry.  When we were at the end of the rope I stumbled upon your website late one night and looked over your information. I figured what the heck, nothing else had worked (exactly as you suggest on your site, i.e waking him up, other devices, meditation, pills). It was a bit of an expensive proposition, and we explained this to our son; we wanted him to be all in.
We followed the program understanding that it would be a commitment and take some time, but over the first month, we began to see a positive progression. Any dry night was a good night!  We watched the videos, practiced the exercises and continued on the path. We moved on to multiple dry nights and after about four months we finally exited this stressful period of our lives.
We cannot express how grateful we are to have found Therapee!
C.R (U.S)

When my son was seven, he was still wetting the bed nearly every night and he was getting so frustrated. Our son asked us often for help to make it through the night without wetting the bed between the ages of 4-7. We tried several things that were unsuccessful. Then in the fall of 2016, we found Dr. Sagie’s site and the Therapee program. Best choice we ever made was purchasing this program!! My son felt valued that someone was acknowledging that he was a heavy sleeper. My son gained confidence because there was a plan. And, of course, getting to use a computer program to track his progress was exciting for a seven year old boy. Within 3 weeks, our son completely stopped wetting the bed. We continued to use the system/program for another 2 months, but he never experienced another wet night after the first 3 weeks. Now 2 years later at 8 1/2 years old, and through colds and flus, our son can sleep with confidence in knowing that he won’t wet the bed. I cannot recommend this program highly enough! It was an amazing experience for our family and I am so thankful for the program.


Successful Theraphy-Therapee

After living through a 5 year frustating situation, we found out about the Therapee bedwetting solution for our son. Our problem ended within 12 weeks. After that , we had some 4-5 accidents which was due to our son’s stubbornness about continueing with the exercises, however he became totally drywithin 9 months. My suggestion to the parents is to never give up with the therapy even if some accidents occur after the concentrated initial theraphy.


Amazon Customer
December 13, 2015

My 11 year old grandson was a nightly bedwetter to the point his pillow would be wet. So many arguments and frustrations over the years. And then the self esteem issues and embarrassment. I finally did some research and found this program. Of course, the cost is always a concern (what if it doesn’t work and there are so many cheaper ones out there). But after reading the reviews, we signed up. He started the program in September and by December was waking up to urinate and no more wet beds! He was such a deep sleeper he would never wake up when he had to urinate. He has only had one accident since then. This system is easy to use, comfortable since there are no wires to attach, etc. and the videos and star chart are encouraging and helps to keep them going, no matter the age. in the program. Thank you for this program and I am recommending it to anyone who mentions their child has a problem.


I can not thank you enough for this amazing system – it works! it really works! my 7 year old daughter wet the bed every night! after just 3 weeks of therapee she became dry and we have just completed 10 weeks of the course. THANK YOU Dr Sagie – this system plus all your help and advise was worth every single penny! I cant actually believe my daughter is now dry at night and no longer a ‘bed wetter’ sleepovers and school camp trips here she comes!!! thank you!! I would 100% recommend this product!!


It was a great relief for him 

Thank you so much ! Your program has indeed been instrumental in getting our son over his bed wetting. He has been struggling with this for 13 years. I can’t tell you how much we have spent on pull-ups and laundry soap cleaning bed sheets. Having to deal with the social stigma, missed sleep overs, camping trips that had to be avoided, all were not possible up until January this year when he turned the corner and started getting dry nights and getting up himself to go to the bath room. Our son now 14 is completed free of bed wetting after having used your Therapee program for about 6 months. He stopped using the alarm pad 5 months ago and can now have sleep overs with confidence. He finished his grade 8 year with a school field trip and was totally confident he would have dry beds and accomplished this with no problem.

Our son has always been a very deep sleeper and quite physically active in the day doing sports. He just never developed the skill of bladder control most likely because of the deep sleeping. It was a great relief for him and us to know this was normal and not a result of laziness or immaturity. What made the difference with the Therapee program for our son was the combination of non-judgemental , simple and practical step by step process towards success. We would highly recommend this program for anyone dealing with bed wetting.

The opinions expressed here are only the evaluations of the individuals, results may vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee the same results for every client.