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Like many parents out there, we had got to the stage where we were desperate to find results for our 10-year-old boy.  Our son has been wetting the bed, sometimes two times a night for nearly 8 years, and we were at the stage where we wondered if he would ever grow out of it.  We had tried the usual routines of taking him to the bathroom, limiting fluids in the afternoon/evening, alarms and waking him up 2 times during sleep.  None of the ideas worked for us and we realized our son slept really deeply and had no memory of us waking him up to use the bathroom.

Throughout his bed wetting, I did notice if he was anxious about anything, he would have more bed wetting accidents.  It was also interesting to note that when he was on Summer Holiday for 6 weeks, he didn’t have any accidents, however, when our usual routine returned, so did the bed wetting.  During stretches of having dry nights, sometimes for a few weeks at a time, each time I thought that he had finally learned to control his bed wetting, but over the years, it would always come back.

This year, my son started at a new school and he will be away on 2 camps this year.  As parents, you obviously want your child to enjoy all these wonderful opportunities just like any other child.  I could see my son feeling anxious about the camp and decided that we needed to try something completely different.  I looked online and found the TheraPee method.  The online instructions, chart and information sessions have been fantastic for us.  Our son has been dry now for 3 months and the stress and constant feeling of disappointment on waking up wet have now stopped.  Your sessions by Dr. Sagie were very informative, reassuring and positive and we are all so happy as a family that our son has overcome a very stressful upset in his life.  Our son is more confident, happy and has a full sleep now and wakes up with the comfort of a dry bed.  Recently we were away and stayed in a hotel, our son was dry and there was no need to worry over wetting the bed.  He is now much more confident going to friend’s houses for sleepovers.

TheraPee really has changed the life of our 10 year old and we are so grateful to have found it.  Our son is so much happier, that is what we all want for our children!

Thank you!

N.A (AU)

I rarely feel enthusiastic enough about a product or service to take the time to write a detailed review, so this is the exception. My son has been living with the burden and embarrassment of bedwetting for 16 years. When dryness didn’t occur naturally by age 4 or 5, I discussed it with our Pediatrician who didn’t think it was cause for concern. He recommended that we simply wait and continue to use Pull-Ups. We did. A few years later, nothing had changed. Our pediatrician suggested using a “bell and pad” alarm system. We did. The problem was that it woke everyone in the house except my son. We abandonded that system after a few miserable weeks. Again, I expressed my frustration to our Pediatrician. He introduced us to a medicine that works for some people and suggested we give it a try. We did. It did not help – even at the highest dosage. Back to Pull-Ups. We restricted fluids and tried waking our son before we went to bed. That was no help because we couldn’t wake him. We would end up physically dragging him to the bathroom, but he was still asleep and very disoriented and would not pee. We tried another bedwetting alarm that attached to his underwear. The alarm woke me up, but again, my son slept through it almost every night. When the sleep deprivation got the better of me, we quit. Back to Pull-ups. Desperate for a solution, we tried the medicine again, hoping that now that he was older, it might have some effect. It did not. Back to Pull-Ups. My son has ADHD and it is common for kids (especially boys) with this disability to be later than their peers in achieving night time dryness. Our pediatrician seemed nonplussed that my son was still wearing Pull-Ups at age 12, 13, 14, and so that’s how we handled it. Eventually, we ditched the Pull-Ups hoping that the discomfort of being wet would wake him up. It did not. A wet bed every night for him and lots of laundry for me. I convinced my son that once he started to grow, the wetting would disappear. It did not. At 16 he was taller than me and still wetting every night. Downhearted and discouraged about the situation, my son pleaded with me to try the medicine again, but it hadn’t worked in the past and there was no reason to think it would work now. So there’s nothing we can do? That’s when I took to the internet – I was looking for a specialist. I came across Dr Sagie’s site and was impressed by what I read. I found the Therapee system on Amazon, accompanied by literally hundreds of 5 star reviews – many describing situations like my own. There was hope. First, I want to say that this system is far superior to any other alarm we’ve tried. The alarm does not have to be attached to the child, which had been source of complaint and discomfort. Amazingly, my son responded to this alarm from the first night on – I can’t explain why this one woke him when the others could not, but it did. We did have a couple of false alarms, but after adjusting the sensitivity level of the pad, the issue was resolved. I have to admit that we did have a few laughs about the name “TheraPEE” and “Dr. Soggy” as we liked to call him, but my son and I found the videos and the star chart to be very encouraging even though they are geared toward much younger kids. To be completely honest, the first 2 weeks were hellish – being woken abuptly once or twice in the wee hours left me feeling pretty raggedy, but soon we were having occassional dry nights (and better sleep). The exercises were helpful and gave my son an active way to participate in his treatment. My reason for writing such a lengthy review is to encourage anyone who is feeling as hopeless as we were. This was the answer for us. It took 6 weeks, but I’m elated to say that my son won’t be facing his 17th birthday as a bedwetter. He’s cured! So thankful for Dr. Sagie’s professional, comprehensive and compassionate treatment. I felt like I had the personal support of a top specialist with the confidence and success rate to solve our problem. By following his directions diligently, we acheived our goal. An enourmous weight has been lifted from my son’s shoulders. Worth every penny!


We tried and tried and tried so many different things before trying your product and this is the only thing that’s ever worked. Our daughter is doing amazing not wetting the bed and by doing this program it has built her confidence up so much and I am grateful for that. She loved being able to see videos of the other kids that were going through the exact same thing that she was and that was very reassuring for her and made her feel like she wasn’t alone. Now she says she would love to be able to help other kids.

Thank you!!


I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Therapee, my 6 year old boy is literally jumping for joy at being told he’s done it. The difference in his confidence is amazing and he’s now planning sleepovers with his friends when COVID is over.

L (Brunei)

Worth every Penny = Confident Happy Kid

Worth every penny!! My daughter is 12 and was completely devastated and embarrassed about her wetting problem. I had tried many techniques and nothing worked, she still wet every night and buying pull-ups was expensive. I was skeptical about this product working because my daughter not only has tried many things to stop wetting but that she also had reflux problems that was fixed surgically. Her urologist said she should not have bed wetting issues but she did. I just didn’t know what else to do! I wish I would have found this product and invested in this years ago. I could have saved so much heart ache for my daughter. If your child has bed wetting issues, don’t hesitate about buying this product. The confidence my daughter has now, makes it worth every penny I spent! She was committed to the program and she was SUCCESSFUL!!! Crying happy tears 🙂 Thank you for this product!!

Amazon Customer
March 23, 2016

My child has struggled with bedwetting for years. We tried three different hypnosis therapies, medication and alarms. When my 17 year old was preparing for a year of study abroad, we were introduced to Dr. Sagie’s method and after 2 months, he was no longer suffering from the pain and embarrassment of bed wetting.

New York, USA

My son was 12 and was wet every night, sometimes two or three times a night. We tried everything alarms, tablets lifting, reducing drinks at bedtime, nothing worked. My son was missing out on so many trips with the school sleepovers and although he tried hard not to show it he was deeply upset and frustrated.
I saw a review of Dr. Sagies alarm on the ERIC site and actually felt the price was ok considering everything else I had purchased dealing with this issue. We sat down as a family and watched the first session, hoping this would be the thing that worked. For the first week and a half we had accidents but then a few nights with no accidents. Over the next two weeks, we had more dry nights than wet. After the first four weeks, he was dry completely. The sessions with helpful exercises were amazing and really kept my son going and positive along with the star chart which kept him motivated.
When the alarm was taken away at the end of the treatment I was really nervous it would all start again, but it hasn’t we are 3 months down the line and no wet nights.

Dr. Sagie has changed our lives I can not recommend it enough thank you.

J.K (UK)

We were sceptical when the pediatrician recommended an alarm

We cannot say enough about this product! We began using it in July for our 6 year old potty trained (only during the day) boy. He wet the bed about 4-5 times a week at night. He’s also a heavy sleeper. The first few months with the Therapee alarm he wet the bed less and less and we saw him begin to wake up little by little to the alarm and me helping him. To gradually getting up all by himself and going to the bathroom and going back to bed all by himself. All of a sudden, come December, he’s graduated. We were sceptical when the pediatrician recommended an alarm. I did the research and kept coming back to the Therapee product and so glad we purchased it. The online tracking system and the report from the doctor every 2 weeks also helped with the process. Definitely the one to get, hands down! Also I recommend paying a little extra for the unlimited tracking and Doctor reporting rather than paying monthly.

January 4, 2016

A huge success! My daughter is a very deep sleeper and continuously wet the bed 3-4 nights/week. Initially, we thought she would just outgrow it which was wishful thinking. Next, we tried alarms that clipped onto her underwear but she often removed them because they were so uncomfortable. The pediatrician recommended a specialist but then I came across the glowing reviews for the Therapee System. With nothing to lose, I ordered the system and watched in amazement as my daughter went from being wet 3-4 nights per week to waking up on her own by the 2nd week, to being completely dry by 8 weeks. Truly Amazing! My only advice would be to make sure you thoroughly clean the sleeping pad with soapy water after an accident to prevent the thin metal wires from corroding and breaking. Unfortunately, this happened to us but the customer service was great and sent a new pad for no additional cost.


This is long overdue but I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for your amazing product! IT WORKS!!! I have a 12-year-old son who was unable to do sleepovers and felt so discouraged since nothing else we tried seemed to work…until we found Therapee. It has truly been a life-changer. My son went to sleep-away camp for the first time ever thanks to you!

Jennifer (USA)

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