Treating bedwetting: two children at the same time?

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A lot of times, more than one child in the family suffers from bedwetting. The question that many parents ask when facing this issue is – should they get two alarms and treat two children at the same time, or get one alarm and treat one child after the other?

There are advantages for starting the program with two children at the same time:
🟢 We usually see some kind of “healthy competition” between siblings. This motivates, in many cases, the children to get better results in the program and to reach dryness as fast as possible.
🟢 The time frame of the bedwetting treatment: instead of treating one child for a couple of months and then starting another treatment from the beginning, both children can finish their treatment in a few months.

But there are also some disadvantage to consider:
🟠 The first couple of weeks can be more challenging for the parents: waking up when the device goes off each time for a different child – or both, changing sheets a few times a night etc.
🟠 It is more expensive to buy two alarms.

What are the options in case the parents are not interested in treating two children at the same time?
In these cases,  the parents can start the bedwetting treatment with the first child and after the first treatment ends, they will be able to use the same device for another child.

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