Bedwetting as an Idiopathic symptom

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Most bedwetting children  (about 70-80%) have no medical or psychological problems that cause them to wet. They are normal, healthy, and balanced children, in both body and mind. Among them we can find outstanding students, outstanding athletes, and socially popular children. In fact, there are no external signals that differentiate these children from others.

In these children’s cases, bedwetting is considered as a “restraint learning deficiency”. They did not learn to operate the restraint mechanism while they are asleep. Although the mechanism does exist in their brain, it does not recognize the signal sent from the filling bladder. Instead of contracting the sphincter muscles and holding back the urine, they do the opposite, i.e. relax the sphincter muscles and wet the bed.

These children’s bedwetting is considered “pure”. Their bedwetting is in fact an Idiopathic symptom, which is a stand-alone symptom, that doesn’t indicate another problem. It is different from a symptom that is a manifestation of a particular problem, for example – bedwetting as a result of mental stress (Psychological cause), or bedwetting due to urinary issues (medical cause).  The common thing for all these children, is their depth of sleep. 97% parents who come to our clinics report that their child is an extremely deep sleeper. Read more about bedwetting and deep sleep.

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