Dr. Tal Sagie

Dr. Tal Sagie, Ph.D.,  is an Enuresis specialist, specializing in children’s behavioral problems.
He has practiced bedwetting treatment since 1999 with tens-of-thousands of patients worldwide (children and adults up to thirty-five years old).
He was the first bedwetting expert to conduct an online bedwetting treatment with patients worldwide.
Dr. Sagie developed the first interactive enuresis web based software which is a breakthrough in the treatment of enuresis.
He was head of the R&D team in the production of this advanced device for the treatment of bedwetting.
He conducted a research study that examined the relationship between nocturnal enuresis and motility during sleep.
Dr. Sagie has been invited as a guest lecturer at academic institutions for professionals and parents.
He established, together with Dr. Jacob Sagie, the first enuresis clinic in China the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center (SCMC), a joint project of Project Hope and Schneider Children’s Medical Center.