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TheraPee Bedwetting Reviews and Success Stories

We are blown away at how quickly this program worked! My 7 year old had never been dry through the night, a very heavy sleeper and we relied on big kids pulls ups every single night. Even with those, she would sometimes leak through. By day 6 of Therapee, my daughter was dry and never wet again after that! The program definitely takes commitment from the child and parents, and was challenging the first few nights waking up to the alarm, but absolutely worth it! The first three nights, she woke up twice, then after that only once. We continued the program and exercises for two months, with zero setbacks. My daughter was so proud to accomplish this, so quickly!

I wish I would have found this program years ago. I will forever recommend this to any family struggling with bedwetting.


This program was life changing. It had such a positive impact and we are so grateful for this program. I, too, was hesitant and I reached out to a few of the ladies who commented on Facebook and they all said the same thing, they wish they had done it sooner and it worked for their child, so that’s why I decided to make the purchase. I had no idea my daughter was urinating up to 3-4 x a week, but as the weeks went on, that number decreased and decreased until she was accident free and has successfully completed the program. It has been wonderful and a huge confidence builder.

Thank you.


I would like to endlessly thank you for helping our child and us. Nothing less than best experience with your company.  We wish best success for you personally, your company and all people who work for you. You help my child to get confidence that every problem can be solved.  What a beautiful gift he got at early age.

J.P (Canada)

Dear Dr Sagie and Team,
We are in the process of finishing the program with our son who just turned 8. We started in August and I was skeptical but desperate! We have been blown away by the results and I am recommending the program to everyone and will be to our pediatrician when I’m next in (as it’s available in German – we are an English speaking household but live in a German speaking area).  We just wanted to say THANK YOU. This has been life changing and I honestly was at the point that I thought we would never conquer this!!

M.M (Switzerland)

My daughter had wet the bed regularly for years and we first thought she would grow out of it. We then went down the route that our local gp gave us which did not work. We tried stopping drinks at night and many other things over the years but nothing worked. My daughter was now 10 years old nearly 11 and it was the summer before she was due to go to senior school. I really didn’t want her suffering with this anymore. Two people had come across Dr Sagie’s program and I wasn’t sure how it could possibly work but we were now willing to try anything and it was worth every penny spent. It has been such a relief for the whole family to be free of this. The chart and exercises given are really good and the customer service is exceptional. My daughter has recently had a minor regression after months of being dry but the team got back to me asap with advice and I have no worries that my daughter will be back to 100% dry again as Dr Sagie’s program has already shown me that this works! Could not recommend enough! If your child has been struggling for years like mine was all I can say is this works! Thank you so much.

S.K (UK)

My daughter was 7 and still wetting the bed more than she wasn’t each week. We were buying pull-ups because it was easier. She was upset that her 5 year old sister and younger cousins didn’t pee at night anymore. She didn’t know what to do and would ask what was wrong with her. She also has a hard time holding any pee at all. She would use the bathroom many times at school, on road trips we needed to stop as soon as she said she had to pee, and she would have small accidents on her way to the bathroom.
We tried holding back water and waking her up at night, those things didn’t work.
We needed help, that’s when I found Therapee. I talked to her about it and she wanted to try it, she wanted to stop and we both knew that we would need some extra support.
This system was helpful from the first video. Dr. Sagie answered her questions right up front and gave her something to look forward to. He assured her that she could do this, he said it would take work, but that it would be worth it. In as little as 6 weeks, she was dry! Weeks 1-3 were tough, we woke up a lot, had multiple accidents on some nights and changed a lot of sheets. However, by week 4 she only had 2 accidents and then only one wet night in week 5. . .week 6 first full week being dry and the rest is history! She is so proud of herself.
The exercises that she did not only helped her at night, but has helped her not peeing every 2 hours or more. We can now drive 2 full hours without a bathroom break and she is going less at school.
I would 100% purchase this again. The hard work we put into it was very much worth it. All the best things take time, work, and patience, and my daughter is so proud of herself! We are a dry house!

Thank you.


I cannot tell you enough how thankful we are for your program. You have saved our family! I will tell everyone I know about your website and the great success our family had. My son had always wet the bed until he turned 10 years old. He was so disappointed and upset to miss his first class trip. I found several programs that were very expensive and your program was the first one that was reasonable enough for our family to afford. Within several weeks, my son was dry every night and he was so happy!

Thank you again!!!

M.S (Germany)

When I saw the charts of the other children, I was encouraged to do this program. I thought to myself, if they could do it, I could do it too! I am 5 years old and sleep really soundly, so I was not waking up. I am so glad I did Therapee and was surprised at my results. After only a couple of weeks, I was able to keep it dry!! After 21 weeks, I am still keeping it dry at night. Thank you so much for all your help! I could NOT have done this without Therapee, and I would have just continued to wet the bed for years. I am so thankful that I found this program, and I encourage other children like me to try it because if it worked for me, I know it will work for them too!!


The Therapee program worked very well for our daughter (age 12) who had been dry for years and during the pandemic, suddenly began bedwetting again. We are very grateful this system was available. Our daughter was dry again, most nights, within 1 month of starting the program. Thank you Dr Sagie for making this program widely available!

L.D (Canada)

To all Moms out there that their kid is struggling with bedwetting. PLEASE try this!!!!!!! It is worth the money I am telling you my 10-year-old daughter could not have sleepovers. She was too embarrassed to even let her sisters know about her problem. Every night she Peed in her bed she felt so little and shameful. I didn’t try it earlier because of the price but I’m telling you I would’ve paid double. I was really really really skeptical at first, I didn’t see any progress until like the 10th week mark then slowly she started getting better. Finally she is no longer a bedwetter. She has stopped the program around a month or two ago and she’s already had three sleepovers! Her confidence is through the roof. I am raising a different child. I have tried other alarms and have gone to many urologists. I’ve even tried to limit drinking before bed (that also didn’t help) NOTHING else has helped until therapee. I never wanted to show my daughter how defeated I was myself, I never let her see how much I cried from worry about her problem.

Thank you Dr. Sagie for saving my child!


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