Our Bedwetting Alarm (STOPEE)

The most advanced and safest device

STOPEE™ Bedwetting alarm

The device consists of two parts: the control unit (bedwetting alarm) and the sensor pad.
The sensor pad is placed underneath the sheet (not touching the child’s body). The bedwetting alarm is placed on a chair or a nightstand next to the child’s bed and connected with a thin cable to the pad.
In the case of a nighttime accident, the ultra-sensitive bedwetting alarm is activated at the first hint of wetness.
The parent should then come to the child’s room, help them to wake up (in the event that they do not wake up themselves), and send them to the bathroom.
By repeating this ritual every night, we work to condition the child’s reflex system. The child learns to make a subconscious connection between the bedwetting incident, the sound of the alarm (even if they initially didn’t wake by themselves), and the unpleasant experience of waking up in the middle of the night and going to the bathroom.

But the bedwetting alarm itself is not enough to guide the child to complete dryness. Together with the online software monitoring the progress and guiding the patient towards dry nights, THERAPEE™ will help your child overcome this most common, yet fixable problem.

STOPEE™ is considered to be the best bedwetting alarm on the market. It was designed by Dr. Sagie’s team over a period of three years. Development of the device was based on thirty years of experience with different bedwetting alarms and took into consideration human factors for optimal needs, efficiency, and friendly usage. STOPEE™ is based on the latest technology and has unique features, such as a sensitivity control button that allows you to adjust the desired sensitivity level and avoid false alarms due to humidity and sweat. It is very accurate and responds quickly following the first drop of urine. The loud speaker is very strong to suit deep-sleeping patients but can be adjusted by volume control. It has ten different types of sounds. The device also has a special tool button to prevent undesired changes in the device’s setting due to accidental pressing of the setting buttons. (Children tend to explore the device by pressing the different buttons. The tool button locks the other buttons.)

The sensor pad is a breakthrough in the development of sensor pads. It offers comfortable sleep by using very soft medical-approved EVA but at the same time ensures protection of the metal conductor, which is attached to the EVA sensor pad. This was achieved by applying the most advanced technique of high-frequency welding.

This bedwetting alarm is the safest on the market. Since there is no radio transmitter, it has no risk of radiation. Children sleep completely free, with no wires or objects attached to their body. The sensor pad is placed under the bedsheet, which eliminates any risk of suffocation or skin irritation.
This bedwetting alarm exceeds the most stringent safety requirements and regulations for children’s medical devices under both the FDA and the European CE.
Please refer to safety certifications.

  • The best bedwetting alarm and most advanced device on the market
  • Safe, reliable, and comfortable (no child resistance to using the device)
  • Automatic child lock to avoid unintentional changes of bedwetting alarm settings
  • 7 degrees of sensitivity level to prevent false alarms
  • Volume control
  • 10 types of sounds
  • Special reset button
  • Large sensor pad to detect bedwetting
  • Accurate and fast response
  • Strong loud speaker; suitable for deep-sleep patients
  • No wires attached to a child’s body
  • Bedwetting alarm detached from the child’s body (placed on a chair next to the bed)
  • No radiation hazard
  • Friendly user interface; control panel is easily accessible
  • LED indicators for different functions
  • Low battery consumption