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Success Stories

My daughter was 7 and still wetting the bed more than she wasn’t each week. We were buying pull-ups because it was easier. She was upset that her 5 year old sister and younger cousins didn’t pee at night anymore. She didn’t know what to do and would ask what was wrong with her. She also has a hard time holding any pee at all. She would use the bathroom many times at school, on road trips we needed to stop as soon as she said she had to pee, and she would have small accidents on her way to the bathroom.
We tried holding back water and waking her up at night, those things didn’t work.
We needed help, that’s when I found Therapee. I talked to her about it and she wanted to try it, she wanted to stop and we both knew that we would need some extra support.
This system was helpful from the first video. Dr. Sagie answered her questions right up front and gave her something to look forward to. He assured her that she could do this, he said it would take work, but that it would be worth it. In as little as 6 weeks, she was dry! Weeks 1-3 were tough, we woke up a lot, had multiple accidents on some nights and changed a lot of sheets. However, by week 4 she only had 2 accidents and then only one wet night in week 5. . .week 6 first full week being dry and the rest is history! She is so proud of herself.
The exercises that she did not only helped her at night, but has helped her not peeing every 2 hours or more. We can now drive 2 full hours without a bathroom break and she is going less at school.
I would 100% purchase this again. The hard work we put into it was very much worth it. All the best things take time, work, and patience, and my daughter is so proud of herself! We are a dry house!

Thank you.


I cannot tell you enough how thankful we are for your program. You have saved our family! I will tell everyone I know about your website and the great success our family had. My son had always wet the bed until he turned 10 years old. He was so disappointed and upset to miss his first class trip. I found several programs that were very expensive and your program was the first one that was reasonable enough for our family to afford. Within several weeks, my son was dry every night and he was so happy!

Thank you again!!!

M.S (Germany)

When I saw the charts of the other children, I was encouraged to do this program. I thought to myself, if they could do it, I could do it too! I am 5 years old and sleep really soundly, so I was not waking up. I am so glad I did Therapee and was surprised at my results. After only a couple of weeks, I was able to keep it dry!! After 21 weeks, I am still keeping it dry at night. Thank you so much for all your help! I could NOT have done this without Therapee, and I would have just continued to wet the bed for years. I am so thankful that I found this program, and I encourage other children like me to try it because if it worked for me, I know it will work for them too!!


The Therapee program worked very well for our daughter (age 12) who had been dry for years and during the pandemic, suddenly began bedwetting again. We are very grateful this system was available. Our daughter was dry again, most nights, within 1 month of starting the program. Thank you Dr Sagie for making this program widely available!

L.D (Canada)

To all Moms out there that their kid is struggling with bedwetting. PLEASE try this!!!!!!! It is worth the money I am telling you my 10-year-old daughter could not have sleepovers. She was too embarrassed to even let her sisters know about her problem. Every night she Peed in her bed she felt so little and shameful. I didn’t try it earlier because of the price but I’m telling you I would’ve paid double. I was really really really skeptical at first, I didn’t see any progress until like the 10th week mark then slowly she started getting better. Finally she is no longer a bedwetter. She has stopped the program around a month or two ago and she’s already had three sleepovers! Her confidence is through the roof. I am raising a different child. I have tried other alarms and have gone to many urologists. I’ve even tried to limit drinking before bed (that also didn’t help) NOTHING else has helped until therapee. I never wanted to show my daughter how defeated I was myself, I never let her see how much I cried from worry about her problem.

Thank you Dr. Sagie for saving my child!


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TheraPee to anyone.

We signed up when my son was six and he’d barely had a dry night but we were approaching sleep over age plus he was conscious of his younger brother being dry so he was motivated to try.

The first week was hard, lots of tears at having to go the bathroom at night but in week 2 he had his first dry night and was then dry with the exception of one accident from week 3 til the end. He’s now graduated from the programme and has proudly told grandparents of his success. I know it can take longer for others but it’s so worth it.

Our son loved the videos and interaction, he really thought Dr. Sagie was talking to him and responded well to the motivation element too. Overall it’s been a massive confidence boost to him as before this system he really thought he couldn’t stay dry at night and hopefully this is a lesson for him in other areas of his life.

If you are thinking about purchasing don’t hesitate it really has changed our lives.

R.B (UK)

Having successfully used TheraPee for my eldest child at 7, and my younger child having delayed dry nights, he was very keen himself to start following the programme.  We tried it first when he was 5 but he got scared by the noise. We tried it again when he was 6, but without success.  However, when we tried it when he was 7, he did amazingly well, and it was clearly the right time for him.  My son was really motivated with the online programme, enjoying seeing how the blue stars stacked up.  He enjoyed it when Dr Sagie ’spoke to him’ with encouragement and more information, and in all, it took him around 3 months to be consistently dry, and has been dry ever since.  Both of my children responded so well to TheraPee and clearly for them, 7 was the magic age at which to use it!  We received fantastic customer support throughout our time with TheraPee and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting a positive and effective way to help their children become dry at night.

J.A (UK)

We came to therapee as a last resort having tried other alarms and even hormone drugs. This alarm and system has changed my son’s life and our family life. I would like to say to any parent thinking shall I try this please do. It works. As a parent you have to put the work in with your child. It’s not them alone you have to make sure you are in it with them. You have to work hard and be prepared to lose some sleep but in the long run it’s really worth it. It took my son 6 weeks in this programme to be totally dry. I felt like a miracle had happened. For the first 4 weeks we both had broken sleep and waking in the night with the alarm but it got better and better and each day we could see things getting better. Thank you for this programme and helping our children. It’s been amazing.

Mother of 10 yr old boy.

A.F (United Kingdom)

Amazing product, program, and customer service. We saw the ad on Facebook and we were skeptical to begin with, but all the video reviews, local reviews, and product information put our minds at ease and after talking about the financial and time investment with our son (age 7) we were all ready to give it our best shot. My son is a very heavy sleeper and we of course had tried all the typical strategies that Dr. Sagie mentions ‘make it worse’ including, waking our son up and taking him to the toilet, leaving him in pull ups, waiting till he grows out of it, and of course letting him wet the bed over and over until we were all to exhausted to continue – then back to pull ups. The first two weeks of the program were tough on us all. My son wet the bed 1-2 times per night and unfortunately we had a technical issue that meant we were up longer than necessary with each bedwetting episode trying to dry the mat to stop false alarms when we plugged it back in. We contacted Therapee and they were amazing. I have not received such excellent and responsive customer service from an organisation in a very long time. They were quick to resolve the issue and provided us with alternative solutions to try while we waited. They followed up with us every day until we were sorted (which was super quick). I was really impressed with how effective the alarm was as each time there was only a small-medium wet spot. We were expecting to be up at night for a long time (as I mentioned we were all committed) however on day 8 my son had his first dry night and again on day 11. Day 14 was the last time we heard the alarm – he has been dry every night since!!! The personalised chart was really effective for both our son and ourselves in tracking progress. We noticed shortly after day 14 that he started waking up and going to the toilet on his own. We could even hear him doing the three-second-exercise in the middle of the night (he was very committed). Today my son watched his fourth session video (about eight weeks) and he was so proud and excited to be told he has done it. He still needs to continue on with his exercises but he has done it!!! We are so grateful to Therapee staff and Dr. Sagie for giving us access to this program. Yes, it is a significant financial outlay however, so are pull ups every 12 months.

I highly recommend this product/program and it is worth every cent just to see the proud smile on our son’s face. Thanks team!!!

L.T (Australia)
Dear Dr. Sagie,
Hi, I’m Joe, and I’m eleven years old.  Thanks to you I am doing GREAT!  Your alarm and program are awesome, and my five other siblings are waiting in line!  Crazy huh?!  My first dry night was very inspiring, and I cannot believe how well your alarm works!
To any other kids out there who aren’t dry yet, do not be ashamed, whatever the age; because you will be dry!  It does not matter what other people think at all.  Do not give up!  It’s a lot of work, but it will be fun when you are dry!  This program works!
Our family tried almost every program out there, and this is the first one that has produced positive results!  It only took me five months!
Once again, I thank you, Dr. Sagie, for working to help me stay dry!

The opinions expressed here are only the evaluations of the individuals, results may vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee the same results for every client.