The World's #1
Bedwetting Solution

The World's #1
Bedwetting Solution

How to Stop Bedwetting?

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  • Ideal for ages 4 – 18
  • Get the ultimate device
    includes StoPee™, the most advanced and safe bedwetting alarm on the market. Totally detached from the child’s body.
  • Step-by-step program tailor – made to your child
    Includes TheraPee’s interactive web-based software.
  • Avoid embarrassment – treatment is conducted in the child’s natural environment.
  • Affordable price – a fraction of the price you would have to pay for “face-to-face” bedwetting treatment in a clinic.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee (excluding shipping)

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Welcome to Dr. Sagie Bedwetting Clinics; when it comes to providing you and your child with the extensive support required for effective dryness you really can find no better than us.

In most cases, bedwetting is not related to any medical or psychological conditions. Most bedwetters are completely normal children who simply experience extremely deep sleep. In many cases it has also been found that bedwetting is hereditary.

Dr. Sagie Bedwetting Clinics have been offering effective bed wetting solutions since 1984. The TheraPee program is based on our traditional bedwetting treatment incorporating clinical experience of tens of thousands of bedwetting patients.

TheraPee is a combination of a very advanced bedwetting alarm together with online software that resembles Dr. Sagie’s face-to-face bedwetting treatment.  The average program lasts 3 – 5 months and we get more than 90% success rate in this time frame. Our program is ideal for children from the age of 4 up to 18.

Once every two weeks, a pre-recorded session is conducted based on the child’s current condition.

In these sessions we give the child feedback regarding their progress, guide the child and the parents how to continue with the treatment, gradually incorporate physical exercises and so much more.

Since the program is tailor-made to each child’s condition, we won’t treat a young child the same way we would a teenager. If you encounter any difficulties during the program, we are more than happy to provide a personal consultation at any stage of the treatment process.

There are many bed wetting solutions available in the market ranging from simple bedwetting alarms to more intensive traditional programs that are conducted via walk-in clinics.

The TheraPee program gives you all the benefits of the traditional program, but at a fraction of the price.

TheraPee is currently available in English, Spanish, Turkish and Hebrew. In the near future, it will be available in a much wider variety of languages.

If you have been searching for truly effective bed wetting solutions and haven’t found the right one for your child, please read more about the TheraPee program and its uniqueness compared to other solutions on the market.

We wish you and your child the best of luck, with TheraPee lifelong dryness can be achieved!