Enlarged adenoid, polyps and bedwetting

Does the removal of enlarged adenoid and polyps help stop bedwetting?
Some children who suffer from bedwetting have enlarged adenoid and polyps. Sometimes the removal of the enlarged polyp will cause the child to stop bedwetting. One shouldn’t jump to the wrong conclusion that enlarged adenoid and polyps are the cause for bedwetting. Many bedwetters do not have enlarged polyps and many children with enlarged polyps children do not have a bedwetting problem.

So what is the relationship between bedwetting and enlarged adenoid and polyps? Enlarged adenoid and polyps are contributor factors in the causes for bedwetting since the airflow (Oxygen) is disturbed and it affects the depth of sleep. It is very similar to obesity which also affects the airflow. Sometimes, the adenoid’s removal leads to dryness at night. However, in most cases it doesn’t solve the problem.