Comparison of treatment methods

Drug treatment Do it yourself treatments with an alarm Other Enuresis clinics face to face treatments Dr. Sagie’s Enuresis face to face treatment THERAPEE
Suitable for patients over 4 years old  (1)
Treatment is conducted by Enuresis experts Unknown
Includes interactive Enuresis web based software
Tailor made step by step program Unknown
Unique treatment consisting of Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, exercises, feedback and other techniques Unknown
The treatment process continues until the patient is completely dry with no time limitation  (2) ___ Unknown
Appointments do not rely on clinic hours ___
Safety  (5)  (3)
No Side effects  (5)
Device’s comfort ___  (4) Unknown
Professional support Unknown
Success rate Low (2) Low Unknown High High
  • (1) – Not suitable for patients under 6 years old and for patients with low frequency of enuretic episoded
  • (2) – High relapse rate after stopping the drug
  • (3) – The wireless alarms use a radio transmitter attached to the child’s lower abdominal
  • (4) – Possible child resistance to wires and alarm attached to body
  • (5) – See FDA Alert