Comparison of treatment methods

Drug treatmentDo it yourself treatments with an alarmOther Enuresis clinics face to face treatmentsDr. Sagie’s Enuresis face to face treatmentTHERAPEE
Suitable for patients over 4 years old (1)
Treatment is conducted by Enuresis expertsUnknown
Includes interactive Enuresis web based software
Tailor made step by step programUnknown
Unique treatment consisting of Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, exercises, feedback and other techniquesUnknown
The treatment process continues until the patient is completely dry with no time limitation (2)___Unknown
Appointments do not rely on clinic hours___
Safety (5) (3)
No Side effects (5)
Device’s comfort___ (4)Unknown
Professional supportUnknown
Success rateLow (2)LowUnknownHighHigh
  • (1) – Not suitable for patients under 6 years old and for patients with low frequency of enuretic episoded
  • (2) – High relapse rate after stopping the drug
  • (3) – The wireless alarms use a radio transmitter attached to the child’s lower abdominal
  • (4) – Possible child resistance to wires and alarm attached to body
  • (5) – See FDA Alert