What should an Enuresis specialist take into consideration when determining the treatment strategy?

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The only things all bedwetters have in common are the fact that they wet during sleep. Except for this one element, there are many parameters which make each case different from one another and must be taken into consideration when making the treatment plan.

The treatment should be custom made to the individual patient; therefore during the diagnosis the therapist should consider the following parameters:

  1. Child’s age, bedwetting frequency and daytime control; you can’t treat a 5 year old that wets the bed more than once per night and dribble during the day the same way you would treat a 16 year old who wets sporadically.
  2. The child’s readiness and motivation: especially with young children.
  3. Previous unsuccessful treatments; when a child experienced failures with previous treatments, the therapist should take it into consideration.
  4. The parents’ readiness to supervise the treatment.
  5. Medical, psychological or family issues that are relevant and can affect the treatment.
  6. Identifying child’s resistant to the treatment.

Paying attention to the above are crucial to the treatment success.