What is the Urge Syndrome?

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The Urge Syndrome is a phenomenon of an urgent and unexpected need to urinate. The immediate response to the situation is to attach the legs to prevent involuntary urination. The phenomenon is more typical in girls.

The amounts of urine are usually small and indicate that there has not yet been a significant load in the bladder. Despite the small amount of urine in the bladder, a signal was sent to the brain, indicating that the bladder was filling. That signal caused the urgent need to urinate. A similar phenomenon in adults is Overactive Bladder, which causes a similar urge.

The Urge Syndrome in children

Parents of young children report that the child suddenly asks to go to the bathroom without any prior notice. There is no connection between this condition and urgency syndrome. Many children do not recognize the signal indicative of bladder pressure, and wait until the last minute. This happens when they are engaged in a particular activity, and do not pay attention to the signal from their bladder. When they empty the bladder in the toilet, the urine amount is often large, unlike with the urgency syndrome, which is characterized by small amounts of urine.

A similar but rather rare condition we find in older age, typically around adolescence, where sometimes there is an unreasonably urgent and frequent need to empty the bladder. This can result in visiting the bathroom twice an hour and even more. The reason for this issue is psychological and stems from the fear of losing control.

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