Waking up and staying dry

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❓Does the child have to wake up at night and go to the bathroom, in order to be dry?

❗For a child to be dry, he or she does not have to get up at night. The capacity of the bladder is large enough to allow fluid to be stored overnight, except in situations where the child consumes very large amounts of liquids before going to bed, or in cases where the child has a particularly small bladder.

The mechanism of restraint at night is a subconscious mechanism, which means that it is a mechanism that operates during sleep and not during wakefulness.

To resist bedwetting, the child does not have to wake up. When the reflex mechanism is working properly, it detects the signal sent from the bladder while it fills in a state of sleep. The detection and absorption of the signal causes the same systems in the body to operate, similarly to its operation in a state of wakefulness.

At the end of the process, the child contracts the sphincter muscles, causing the bladder sides to stretch, and lowering the intra-bladder pressure. This whole process takes place in a state of sleep.

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