Two’s Company: Two children and bedwetting treatment

2 children - therapee blog - bedwetting treatment
Many parents are unsure whether to treat two bedwetting children at the same time, or treat the younger child after the first child.

There are two main advantages of starting a bedwetting treatment with two children at the same time:
1. We usually see a “healthy competition” between siblings, which in many cases motivates the children to get better results in the program.

2. The time frame of the treatment is significantly shorter. Instead of dealing with one child for a couple of months and then starting another treatment from the beginning, parents can finish with both children in just few months.

However, there is a disadvantage, too — the first couple of weeks can be more challenging for the parents: waking up when the bedwetting alarm goes off for both children; cleaning and replacing the bedsheets; taking the children to the bathroom, etc.

And what if we decide to treat one child after the other?
In that case, we recommend starting the treatment with the older child. Sometimes parents want to treat the younger child first because his or her problem is more acute. Even so, it is not efficient to solve the younger sibling’s problem at the expense of his or her older sibling, who may feel deprived due to the parents’ decision.

Having said that, sometimes the older child refuses the bedwetting treatment for various reasons – the wetting does not bother him or her; they are ashamed; they believe they can overcome the problem by themselves and so on. In such situations, it is recommended to start treating the younger sibling first, as the treatment might be used later as a means to persuade the older sibling that he or she should get the treatment as well.

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