Treating bedwetting by a fluid-absorbing diet

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Another way to treat bedwetting is with foods that absorb fluid. In fact, this “treatment” is based on the oldest known method for the treatment of bedwetting.

It is not known when enuresis became a medical problem, but it has been recognized in ancient Egypt as a disturbance of childhood requiring medical treatment since the time of the Papyrus Ebers, which is dated 1550 B.C. They prepared a mixture made of the Nabat plant, which is able to absorb fluid. By drinking this mixture, the fluid was absorbed and urine production lowered.

Based on this principle, the child’s diet includes foods that can absorb fluid, particularly salt (sodium) rich foods. The salt will absorb the fluid. Needless to say, however, a diet that includes high salt consumption is very unhealthy. Moreover, when we consume salty foods, we become thirsty and consume more fluid.

Nowadays, this diet is hardly recommended by professionals.