Parents and bedwetting – what is there to know?

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Children who experience bedwetting should feel that their parents are empathetic towards them, understand them, support them and stand by their side with every need. It is essential that these children feel free to talk to their parents, and consult with them, without feeling criticized or accused of bedwetting.

Parents should be the anchor the child should and can rely on. When the child avoids contacting his or her parents, the weaning process will result in more difficulties.

In many cases, the parent is required to explain to the child why he or she is wetting. If the parents do not have the information, they should do their best to understand the issue in depth with the help of a professional, or through reading material on the subject.

Bedwetting is a condition in which the child lacks control. The child feels that he or she is not in control of their body, and this may cause them anxiety. They do not understand why this is happening, why they are different from others, and whether there is a solution to their problem.

Hence, information is a necessary and an important factor in bedwetting treatment. When the child is provided with the information, his ability to cope is better and his level of mental stress will decrease.

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