The different types of Bedwetting

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The umbrella term “Wetting” includes several manifestations and conditions. In general, Enuresis is defined as the involuntary release of urine.

We notice several types of wettings:

🟩 Nocturnal Enuresis – Involuntary release of urine while sleeping, above the age of four. Hence, wetting in the afternoon is classified as Nocturnal Wetting even though it occurs during the day.

🟩 Daytime Wetting –  Involuntary release of urine during the day and the waking hours. Occurs on a less frequent basis than Nocturnal Enuresis. Involves a different restraint mechanism than Nocturnal Enuresis, and the reasons behind the phenomenon are different from the reasons for bedwetting. [Read more: Dribbling during the day]

🟩 Primary Nocturnal Enuresis – Occurs when the urination never stopped, or when there was a break in the act of urination for a short period of less than six months.

🟩 Secondary Nocturnal Enuresis – Occurs when the urination stopped for a period of six months or more. At the end of the dry period, there was a regression, and the child started wetting again.

🟩 Seasonal Wetting – Wetting that occurs mainly during the winter, and temporarily stops in summer.

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