The ABC’s of Bedwetting: W

The complete bedwetting dictionary: W


☀️ Wetting while giggling (Giggle Incontinence):

The term ‘giggle incontinence’ refers to the sudden urination that occurs during waking hours when one is giggling or laughing. The phenomenon occurs as a result of a hard physical laugh. During its most extreme condition, urine is released only after the bladder has been emptied completely. It is manifested in milder cases by a dribble of urine being released at the beginning of urination and stopping within a few seconds.

Generally speaking, the child has complete control of his or her bladder throughout the day and night, except for when he or she laughs. The frequency of incidences is not high in mild cases of partial and sparse urination. It is quite rare to experience full urination. Girls are more likely to experience this phenomenon.

There is no link between Giggle incontinence and bedwetting. In spite of this, if we target bedwetting issues through the use of specific exercises to strengthen the bladder muscles, the situation may improve (although this cannot be guaranteed).