The ABC’s of Bedwetting: T

The complete bedwetting dictionary: T


☀️ ‘The Critical Period’ for outgrowing bedwetting:

There is a very small likelihood that medical issues will be the primary cause of bedwetting, which affects only 1% of bedwetters. There may, however, be an indirect connection. Most children will outgrow bedwetting spontaneously between the ages of 2-4; this period is known as the “critical period”. During this time, if the child is suffering from severe medical problems that require time and energy, he will not be able to establish the stability and routine in his life that are essential for learning to take place.

The disturbances during the critical period are not necessarily of a medical nature; any major issue during the ages of 2-4 can affect the child’s ability to become dry naturally. These include frequent geographical changes, marital difficulties affecting the child, child abuse, illness or death in the family, and separation, just to name a few.

The children simply missed the appropriate time to outgrow bedwetting, and will require a process of learning through behavioral therapy to become independent.