The ABC’s of Bedwetting: G

The complete bedwetting dictionary: G


☀️ Giggling and bedwetting:

The term Giggle Incontinence refers to the sudden urination while laughing or giggling during waking hours. The phenomenon occurs as a result of a hard physical laugh. At its most extreme, urine is released only after the bladder has been completely emptied. The process of emptying the bladder continues even after the laughter has ceased. There are milder cases of Giggle incontinence that occur when urination begins and is stopped within a few seconds, leaving only a dribble of urine behind.

Using a special practice, we can treat this problem by separating the activation of the different muscles that are involved in the process.

There is no link between Giggle incontinence and bedwetting.  The situation may improve (though not guaranteed) if we target bedwetting problems with special exercises designed to strengthen the bladder muscles.