Should we use diapers?

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Dribbling happens when a few drops of urine are released before a signal to contract the muscles is sent to the brain. This often happens with children between the ages 4 to 8, especially when the child is concentrated on an activity such as playing, watching TV, or any other activity that requires mental concentration. Due to late maturation, some children are not capable to recognize the signal to urinate and respond in a timely manner.

So, should we use diapers?
Using diapers might be somewhat convenient, but it is if fact an incorrect approach to deal with enuresis.

Using diapers suppresses any motivation by the child to become dry. The message delivered by the parents is that they anticipate that their child will have an accident and that they do not expect him to cope with the problem.

Instead of dealing with the issue, the parents perpetuate it. There is no learning process. As the child’s age progresses it might lead to low self-esteem, low confidence and additional emotional problems that could and should be avoided.

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