Secondary enuresis due to a new baby in the family

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Secondary enuresis happens when a child is naturally weaned, stays dry for six months or more and then starts bedwetting again.

The reason for bedwetting isn’t necessarily a psychological one, although in many cases the reason for the withdrawal is a significant change in the child’s life that may cause regression. For example, the birth of a new brother or sister, starting school, change of caregiver, geographical change, hospitalization of the child or of a family member, crisis at home, war and so on.

A classic example of regression is following the birth of a new baby in the family. The child who has already been rewarded for stopping bedwetting, must now face a new reality of the arrival of a new “star” to a family, and his or hers place is now being threatened.

Parents report manifestations of jealousy of the child towards the baby and attempts to attract attention by showcasing negative traits, such as regressing to infantile behavior, infantile speech, urination during the day and urination at night.

In this case, the parents should showcase high sensitivity and awareness. This can reduce and perhaps even prevent the manifestations of jealousy, and allow a smooth “absorption” of the newborn into the family.

It is important that the child does not feel pushed into a corner at the expense of the baby. He or she should be involved in the taking care of the baby. The parent should devote quality time to being only with the child and without the involvement of the baby.

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