Primary Bedwetting at adulthood

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The common belief about bedwetting is that this is an issue which only affects young children. While it is true that most bedwetters are young children (20% at age 5 and 15% at age 6), many teenagers (5%) are still suffering from bedwetting. Unfortunately, for 2% of the adults (age 18 and up), the phrase “wait and see, you will eventually grow out bedwetting” didn’t help and they are still suffering from bedwetting.

Needless to say, this unfortunate condition has a tremendous impact on their lives. In my clinics, I see the misery and helplessness of those young men and women. Some had marriages that ended in divorce because the spouse wouldn’t share a bed. Others avoid getting into serious relationships, break off engagements, don’t live in a college dorm in order to keep their embarrassing secret private.

Occasionally I receive an urgent request for help from terrified parents whose child is about to get marriage and the future spouse knows nothing about the bedwetting issue. Of course, when treatment is conducted as a race against the clock, the psychological pressure is enormous and makes the treatment much more difficult and often impossible.

Many have tried endless unsuccessful treatments and then gave up.

It is much more difficult to treat bedwetting at adulthood; it requires much careful diagnosis and the usage of complex techniques. However bedwetting is treatable even in early adulthood providing that the therapist has the expertise and knowledge to deal with those situations.