Positive reinforcements during daytime

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Ending the use of diapers should always take the child’s consent into account. When children have difficulties parting with the diaper, they should not be forced to stop using them.

After ending the diaper stage, the child should be encouraged to use the restroom, accompanied by the parent. When the child manages to urinate in the toilet, it is very important that the parent gives him an immediate verbal reinforcement, praising the child for his or her success.

When the child “misses” and urinates around the toilet, it is important to encourage him or her, and give him the feeling that we know he did not intentionally miss.

Parents, at times, and due to over-motivation, send their children to the restroom every few minutes and force them to sit on the toilet for a long time. This is a wrong method, that generates a negative experience for the child, and may bring to unwanted results in the weaning process.

The child learns what is allowed and what is forbidden based on the response he receives from his immediate environment (usually from his parents). If the reaction is positive, the chances of the child repeating the same behavior increase. If the reaction is negative, he will learn to avoid this behavior.

When the child manages to stay dry and the parents praise him for doing so, this positive reinforcement will strengthen the child’s learning process.

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