Overprotective parents and bedwetting

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In some cases, parents of children who experience bedwetting are overprotective and wrap the child with extra care and attention.

The result is that the parents do not allow the child to take responsibility for the bedwetting problem and deal with it. They often take the route of denial, fearing that if they talk to the child about bedwetting, the child will be harmed due to his much over-sensitivity.

Parental overprotection is common among parents of children who are experiencing health risks and serious medical problems. Even though the child has already recovered, the parent feels the need to protect him at all costs and does not allow him to develop independence.

The parent transmits his anxiousness to the child. As a result, the child usually grows up almost without limits, and the word “no” is unfamiliar to him. This phenomenon also exists in children born after many years of failed attempts to have children.

Remember: treating bedwetting demands heavy involvement of the parents, no doubt. However, using the alarm system is also about adapting the child’s learning process by themselves, as the end goal is for the child to be completely dry and independent.

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