One-time adult bedwetting

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Imagine the following scenario: an adult who has no bedwetting history, in his or her twenties or thirties, wakes up one morning and finds himself or herself soaked in urine. This event can be frightening, embarrassing, threatening and makes one feel distressed and helpless.

A one-time occurrence of bedwetting sometimes happens to adults who have never wetted their bed before. It is a specific malfunction of the restraint mechanism, and can stem from a number of reasons, like:
🔘 Extreme fatigue;
🔘 Alcohol drinking;
🔘 Drug use;
🔘 Mental stress;
🔘 Weather changes;
🔘 Poor physical condition;
🔘 High fever;
🔘 High fluid intake;
🔘 Or – in some cases –  for no apparent reason.

Sometimes these adults report that they dreamed when the urination event occurred. In some cases, the dream is related to the urination event, for example, a dream about urinating in the toilet.

So how do you treat it? Well, you don’t!

Although it is a very stressful event, it is important to treat it as a one-time incident, and to avoid putting too much thought into it. Excessive preoccupation can cause stress and a subsequent chain reaction of further wetting. Do not confuse this one-off event with secondary bedwetting, which should indeed be treated [Read more about secondary enuresis]

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