Enlarged polyps and bedwetting

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Polyps are tissues which grow in an abnormal way. We can usually locate Polyps in the stomach, ear, sinuses, colon, nose, uterus, and urinary bladder; and any other place in the body that contains mucous membranes. Polyps can be tumors, or non-neoplastic and benign.

Some children who suffer from bedwetting, also have enlarged polyps. However, many bedwetters do not have enlarged polyps and many children with enlarged polyps do not have a bedwetting problem.

While enlarged polyps are not the cause for bedwetting, in some cases, the removal of the enlarged polyp stops bedwetting

Enlarged polyps are contributing factors for bedwetting, since the airflow is disturbed, and this disturbance affects the depth of sleep. It is very similar to obesity, which also affects the airflow. Sometimes (but definitely not all times!), the polyp removal leads to dryness at night. Even so, in most cases it doesn’t solve the problem, and a full treatment aimed at stopping bedwetting is needed. 

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