Does high fluid consumption before bedtime cause bedwetting?

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Many parents restrict their bedwetting child from consuming liquid before bedtime. This restriction seems to make sense. If fluid consumption is limited, urine production will be slower, and the child will be able to stay dry. Such an assumption is a mistake, however, since it accustoms the bladder to function only under a low volume of urine.

We know that higher fluid consumption before bedtime will increase bedwetting among bedwetters, but the interesting question is determining what will happen if children who are not bedwetters consume a large amount of fluid before going to bed.

In Italy in 1972, professors Raul DiPerry and Dr. Mario Medurri conducted interesting research. They proved that filling an artificial bladder during sleep caused non-bedwetters to wake up to empty their bladder in the bathroom because of the intra pressure in the bladder. On the other hand, it also caused the bedwetters to activate the urination reflex and wet their bed while they were asleep.

This finding proves that the cause for bedwetting is related to the arousal mechanism.