Divorced Parents and bedwetting treatment


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When parents are divorced, or live separately, the continuity of any bedwetting treatment should be maintained when the child sleeps alternately in two different homes.

When one parent opposes treatment, I usually recommend that this parent will not participate in the treatment process, yet will allow the other parent to carry out the treatment with the child. In some extreme cases, the child remains confused in the face of conflicting messages from his parents. Parents should understand that this situation is destructive for the child. When it comes to bedwetting treatment (but not only, obviously…) negative tensions and conflicting messages between the parents can be frustrating for the child, and may have a negative impact on the treatment.

However, in many cases, the parents do show mutual respect for each other. They have trust in each other in the context of the sincere desire of each of them to help the child. It is clear to them – and to the child as well – that they both continue to be the child’s parents despite being separated. This creates a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for the child, and the bedwetting treatment is much smoother and more effective.

Can we treat bedwetting when the child moves from house to house on a regular basis?

Yes, of course. TheraPee’s treatment for bedwetting includes an online program, which can be used on any computer with an Internet connection. The alarm and pad are not too big or heavy, and can be moved easily from home to home. If both parties cooperate in order for the treatment to be effective – the treatment should go smoothly.

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