Daytime dribbling in school

Preparing for the first day of school
Most children reach the first grade when they are already dry during the day. Even so, when the child is still wetting at this age, we recommend parents to show the child the location of the school’s toilet during the first day at school.

Sometimes children return wet from school. Why is that?
There are many possible reasons for this: they did not find the toilet, they were afraid that other children would open the toilet door when they were inside, they were ashamed, the toilet was dirty and so on. In this case, parents must address the child’s concern.

Daytime dribbling in school 
We recommend going to the bathroom at school every class break. There is no need to go out in the middle of class. Children sometimes complain that the teacher does not allow them to leave in the middle of the lesson. The child prefers to enjoy the break time and play with friends, while remembering that he or she should go to the bathroom only during class. The teacher can get involved and even run a notebook where a daily record of bathroom visits is kept.

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