Bedwetting at age younger than 4

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Many parents, especially with their first child, aren’t sure when to consider bedwetting as a problem. Most children outgrow nighttime accidents between the ages 2-4. At age 4, 25% are still wetting their beds. The age at which a child remains dry at night varies based on his physiological, cognitive and emotional maturity. When the child isn’t mature yet, there is no way to speed the learning process.

There is nothing wrong with wearing a pull-up or nighttime diaper before age 4; it is much preferred than to take them to the bathroom while they are asleep and to condition them to urinate while they are asleep. Summer is a great season for testing to see if the child is ready to stop using pull ups and remain dry. If he keeps wetting the bed every night, go back to pull-ups after couple of weeks.

It is very important that when you decide to stop using pull-ups, it must be with your child’s consent. You should always progress according to your child’s paces and not to try to speed the learning process.

If no improvement is seen, you can consider treatment starting at the age of four.