Bedwetting and sleep dribbling

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Dribbling is defined as involuntary drops of urine that are released during the day. This condition is common among children between the ages 4-8.

Dribbling is relatively easy to treat, using targeted exercises combined with Cognitive behavioral treatment. This holistic treatment helps the child to recognize signals that the filled bladder sends to the brain, and to respond with the correct manner.

Sleep dribbling, however, or dribbling during sleep, is a less familiar issue. The signal from the bladder to the child is not recognized, which results in the child relaxing the sphincter muscle.

The child then starts urination, that stops by contracting the sphincter muscle. This process usually results in a wet spot on the child’s pants, as the liquid doesn’t reach the sheet.

Since the child corrects himself by stopping the flow of urination, sleep dribbling is quite a positive issue, as the child’s subconscious restraint mechanism during sleep is partially functioning.

In fact, sleep dribbling is a much more advanced condition compared to a child who wets himself completely – meaning, that the child has not obtained any new skills yet.

Even so, treating a child with sleep dribbling takes longer than usual, as the alarm is less effective than with cases of ‘regular’ bedwetting.

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