Bedwetting alarm treatment

bedwetting treatment therapee
Treatment with an alarm is intended to condition the subconscious reflex system, so waking to the alarm is not necessary for success. In order for treatment to be successful, the child does not have to wake up on his or her own to the alarm. Typically, the child who suffers from bedwetting is a very deep sleeper. Despite the deep sleep, the child responds positively to bedwetting treatment.

Subconsciously, the child connects involuntary micturition with the unpleasant alarm response and waking up and walking to the toilet. If the child does not wake up to the alarm, the parents are instructed to do some essential activities that are essential to the process of learning (reflex conditioning).

Treatment for bedwetting alarms should not last longer than five to six months. The deterrent effect of the alarm disappears if the child becomes accustomed to it. In addition to being frustrating and disappointing, it undermines a child’s motivation and confidence in his or her ability to succeed.

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