Bedwetting alarm system and a successful treatment

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During sleep, when the child begins to wet, the first drop of urine triggers an electrical circuit that activates the device, causes it to go off. The sound of the alarm activates a reflex mechanism in the brain, resulting in the child stopping the act of wetting while sleeping.

To activate the reflex mechanism, the child does not have to wake up. The mechanism is subconscious and operates while sleeping. Simply put, there may be a situation where the device will sound following an initial wetting, the child will not wake up, and the urine stain will be small. In this case, the child stops the flow of urine while sleeping – without waking up.

When the device operates consistently after each wetting, learning is acquired (conditioning of the reflex mechanism) as the child now recognizes the signal sent from the bladder to the brain, and activates the reflex mechanism independently.

The bedwetting treatment’s outcome:
When there is pressure in the bladder, the child will perform one of the following two actions:

🟣 The child will contract the bladder sphincter muscles while sleeping. Contraction of the muscles will cause the bladder walls to stretch and consequently increase the volume of the bladder. Increasing the volume will lower the intra-bladder pressure and the child will no longer feel the need to empty out.

🟣 The child will wake up and go to the toilet.

Sometimes, parents ask me – what is the advisable outcome: should the child learn to restrain himself throughout the night and during sleep, or rather wake up and go to the bathroom?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Our goal is that the child will not get wet, and it does not matter at all if he held back all night or woke up and went to the toilet.

Following the treatment, there are children who wake up every night and go to the bathroom. In contrast, there are children who never wake up. Some children show no consistency in the response, so during some nights they wake up and during others, sleep continuously. But they are dry – hence the bedwetting treatment succeeded.

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