Bedwetting alarm and waking up

bedwetting alarm therapee

Parents and professionals often make the mistake of assuming that in order to be dry, the child must wake up at night to go to the bathroom. It is true: when a child gets up at night and goes to the bathroom, it is considered a huge accomplishment. Even so, to become dry, it is not a mandatory requirement.

Keeping a child dry requires him or her to learn how to recognize the signal from a full bladder to the subconscious reflex system in the brain and respond accordingly – either by waking up and going to the bathroom, or by holding while sleeping.

Another misconception is the use of a bedwetting alarm while treating bedwetting. As a result of this common mistake, the alarm is believed to teach children to get up at night to use the bathroom. This isn’t true, since the purpose of using an alarm is to condition the subconscious reflex system.

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