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TheraPee Bedwetting Reviews and Success Stories

Our 11.5 year-old was still wetting the bed several nights a week, sometimes even soaking through nighttime pull-ups. His PCP kept saying he’d grow out but agreed to try medication. We also saw a urologist at the local children’s hospital. After a consultation and tests, we were told there was no physical reason for his bedwetting; it was likely caused by heredity and being a deep sleeper. We even tried a generic bed alarm at one point but were unsuccessful with it because we didn’t really understand how to use it in such a way to change his body’s behavior. We had seen the advertisements for Dr. Sagie’s program on Facebook but hesitated to purchase it due to the cost. And honestly, we were scared it wouldn’t work because nothing else had up to that point. Well, now that my nearly 12-year-old has successfully graduated from Dr. Sagie’s program, I can tell you firsthand: it WILL work, and it is absolutely 100% worth the money! When I think about what we spent on pull-ups, medication, doctor visits . . . it would have cost us less to have bought Dr. Sagie’s program in the first place. My only regret is not buying Dr. Sagie’s program 5 or 6 years ago – we could have saved our son (and ourselves) a lot of heartache and worry.


My son is 4. We started the program in January as he was refusing to wear the pull up but was having accidents every night. A friend shared her experience with her 4 year old son and how well the program worked. I decided to give it a try and after the 2nd week we were only having the alarm go off twice a week. By the 4th week, we were down to no alarms at all. By the 8th week we had only had two accidents. We are now on week 10 and about to exit the program. I am so thankful for therapee, my son was such a deep sleeper I truly believe in the program as long as you are consistent.


Our daughter was a month shy of turning six. She was completely potty trained during the day, however, at night she wore pull ups. The pull ups were never, ever dry. Prior to using this program, she had never had a dry night. We thought she would grow out of it, but we saw that this was not going to be the case for her. We started this program (I must admit, I was very skeptical, especially considering the cost). I read testimonials and watched videos, and thought I would give it a try. Here we are-she hasn’t had an accident in over a month! It’s unbelievable. The first five days were a bit rough for sleeping-we were up 3-4 times a night, however, the next two days we were up one-two times, and then, in the second week of the program, she had her first dry night! Once she had her first dry night, accidents were very minimal after that (I believe she had two over the entire two months of the program). It was amazing, and she was so excited! The star program was a big motivator for her, and we just bought her some new nightgowns to celebrate!

Thank you for this program!


At 7 years old my son was still in pull ups. He couldn’t go one night without using the bathroom multiple times and sometimes through the pull up. We tried the medicine that the pediatrician prescribed and it didn’t work. I saw the hurt, discouragement, and pain in my son’s eyes and knew we had to find something else. After researching countless nights I came across Therapee. I ordered it thinking why not try something else. Our first week I felt like we were back in the newborn stage. He woke up from the alarm the first 5 nights. We follow the protocol to a T. We both were exhausted and emotional. Then he had 2 dry nights back to back! We saw some success! from then on he had a wet night, then dry, the dry, then wet. By the 12th night of the program he was dry and never had a wet night again. I cried I was so happy. He could finally stay the night with friends without having to worry if he would wet the bed. I have told our pediatrician along with many other people about our success with Therapee. It was truly a God send. We had so many people praying we would find a solution and this was it! Now my son has no worries at bed time. He now wakes up to go to the bathroom, then goes back to sleep. Thank you so much!!!

Game Changer! Wish I Did it Sooner!
Right around the age of 4, my son began wetting the bed. We ruled out both a bladder infection and a UTI, and thus began the many long years of using overnight diapers. We were told that he would probably outgrow it by the age of seven, but seven came and we felt as if the problem was getting worse.
After doing many hours of research (which ruled out “medicine”), I kept coming back to Dr. Sagie’s program. The reviews were wonderful, but it was expensive. I was hesitant to spend that kind of money; however, I did not want to waste my time or dollars on cheap, buzzing underwear inserts that would probably traumatize my already frustrated and sensitive son.
Needless to say, we bought the program . . . and like my title suggests, it was a game changer. We saw results in two weeks! There is an introductory video that reinforces the fact that your child is not alone and that many kids secretly and embarrassingly deal with this SAME exact and common problem. On top of that, Dr. Sagie was/is both kind and encouraging, where my son believed that Dr. Sagie wanted him/was rooting for him to succeed. (Yes, these videos are pre-recorded, but my son didn’t know that.)
Within two weeks, my son had his first dry night. The happiness that overcame him when he woke up to that realization was all the reassurance I needed to confirm that I had made the right decision with this product.    
I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Sagie’s Therapee program. The tech support is phenomenal too! I even told my kids’ pediatrician. So, when you (the parent) are ready to start and devote yourself to this program (no traveling, no breaks, no excuses for continued diapers and pull-ups), then do it. Your initial and continuing support of this program (especially in the beginning when it is the most challenging) is what is going to help your child succeed.
It is BEYOND WORTH IT! Good Luck and Much Love to You All!

After years of changing wet sheets in the middle of the night and purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of night time underwear products, my child is pull-up free and DRY all night long! Dr. Sagie’s encouraging videos combined with the assigned therapeutic exercises brought relief to both my child and me. I really appreciate how simple the system is, allowing my child to take an active part in the solution, something I believe to be critical to the success of the treatment. Both my husband and I agree that purchasing the entire package was worth every penny spent.

Practical tip: we found that layering bedding for quick changes, especially early on in the treatment, was especially helpful. We would layer as follows:

Waterproof mattress protector
absorbent chucks pad
Fitted sheet
absorbent chucks pad
Therapee pad
fitted sheet

When the alarm went off, we simply pulled the first layer of fitted sheet off, removed the chucks pad from underneath the therapee, then slid the therapee underneath the NEXT fitted sheet. Our situation rarely exceeded one change per night so two layers was sufficient.

We also simplified sheets and only used a blanket for warmth to make nighttime changes easier. In addition, we purchased thin underwear so that there was less absorbent material between the child and the therapee pad. This led to a quicker wake-up and I strongly believe, a more effective treatment.

Be sure to be CONSISTENT. We fully committed and kept a positive attitude and have now enjoyed two months of dry nights after years of nightly bed wetting.

Thank you, Doctor Sagie!


I feel so good to stop wetting the bed so I can do sleep overs without being stressed out. I don’t have to keep secrets anymore from my other family and friends. I feel like it is a big accomplishment! I am excited to do overnights without the alarm. Before I used it I was upset with my bed wetting at night because it kept waking me up and I would wake up wet. And now that I’m done I don’t have to carry it back and forth between my parent’s houses. I am glad that I used therapee!
C. (age 9)


We are blown away at how quickly this program worked! My 7 year old had never been dry through the night, a very heavy sleeper and we relied on big kids pulls ups every single night. Even with those, she would sometimes leak through. By day 6 of Therapee, my daughter was dry and never wet again after that! The program definitely takes commitment from the child and parents, and was challenging the first few nights waking up to the alarm, but absolutely worth it! The first three nights, she woke up twice, then after that only once. We continued the program and exercises for two months, with zero setbacks. My daughter was so proud to accomplish this, so quickly!

I wish I would have found this program years ago. I will forever recommend this to any family struggling with bedwetting.


This program was life changing. It had such a positive impact and we are so grateful for this program. I, too, was hesitant and I reached out to a few of the ladies who commented on Facebook and they all said the same thing, they wish they had done it sooner and it worked for their child, so that’s why I decided to make the purchase. I had no idea my daughter was urinating up to 3-4 x a week, but as the weeks went on, that number decreased and decreased until she was accident free and has successfully completed the program. It has been wonderful and a huge confidence builder.

Thank you.


I would like to endlessly thank you for helping our child and us. Nothing less than best experience with your company.  We wish best success for you personally, your company and all people who work for you. You help my child to get confidence that every problem can be solved.  What a beautiful gift he got at early age.

J.P (Canada)

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