Bedwetting Therapee Solution

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About this presentation

In this Enlightening presentation we will show you why many parents – perhaps even you – are making critical mistakes that could actually be making your child’s bedwetting condition even worse, rather than stopping the problem.

Who are we?

For over three decades, Dr. Sagie and his international team of experts have successfully treated over 30,000 patients suffering from bedwetting.
Dr. Sagie is the founding director of 10 highly-acclaimed clinics throughout the world. His ground breaking research and techniques are redefining the way bedwetting is being understood and treated today.

Best-in-class Solution

Discover how you can end your child’s bedwetting in as little as 12 weeks
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What makes Therapee so unique?

What makes Therapee different?
How do we get an over 90% success rate in as little as three months when so many others have failed even after years of trying?

The key to our clinically-proven treatment is an innovative system of therapeutic techniques paired with a proprietary software and video program that revolutionize the way bedwetting therapy is being done today.
In conjunction with our online treatment, Therapee includes the most advanced bedside alarm on the market today. Totally detached from your child’s body, the alarm has no radio-wave transmitter, so it is 100% safe. And, because it works in side by side with the treatment, you’ll see significantly better outcomes than with standalone alarms.


  • THERAPEE is ideal for any child aged four or above
  • THERAPEE is designed for all children who sleep deeply
  • THERAPEE is 100% flexible in order to adjust to each individual’s requirements
  • THERAPEE is totally medication free
  • THERAPEE is simple and easy to set up
  • THERAPEE is 100% safe and  harmless where your child is concerned
  • THERAPEE is the best investment you could make right now for your child’s welfare, and your own peace of mind
  • THERAPEE is the best investment you could make right now for your child’s welfare, and your own peace of mind
  • With a success rate in excess of over 90% achieved within 12 to 20 weeks,  THERAPEE is the most successful aid to stop bedwetting currently available

Remember – the sooner you start your child’s ‘ THERAPEE’ the sooner your problems will be over, so take advantage of our safe and secure system and order your THERAPEE bedwetting solution today.

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