Bedwetting is Treatable

Bedwetting is Treatable

For both parents and children, bedwetting can seem like an incurable problem. Children may feel humiliated or defeated. They may not be able to participate in normal activities, such as visits away from home or sleep-away camp. In extreme cases, enuresis can be seen as an obstacle among young adults who are interested in dating and marriage.
It is important to know that bedwetting is treatable. This is not an insurmountable obstacle; rather, with some time and care, you will be able to find the appropriate treatment method for your child. Most important is to believe in your child and build their self-confidence on the way. Nothing can more easily demonstrate the great relief former enuretics feel when they defeat this problem than their own words:

M. female, age sixteen, treated with her sisters ages fourteen and eight, wrote:

I find no words to describe my joy…(I have) stopped bedwetting and today I wake up completely dry. This is a wonderful feeling. To all the boys and girls who read my letter, listen to me, don’t give up. Believe in yourselves. I believed and succeeded. You should try too. You will see that one day you will stop bedwetting and it will be great. I wish with all my heart that soon you will wake up clean and dry. Believe me, it is wonderful.

N. female, age eleven wrote:

Neither you nor anyone else can imagine how happy I am that I stopped bedwetting. It isn’t easy for me to express myself … Finally, I can say, I did it.… Before the treatment I couldn’t sleep away from home. My younger sister ceased bedwetting before me and it really upset me. Finally, this is the most wonderful thing that happened in my life.