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  • Absolutely Amazing Product!
    By Amazon Customer on March 29, 2016
    My grandson and I owe Dr. Sagie a debt of gratitude. My grandson is almost 15 and still had this issue, he would wake up nearly every morning soaked, even though we tried everything, limiting his fluid intake, getting him up every three hours during the night, expensive and embarassing adult protection, nothing worked. He was such a sound sleeper that he simply would not wake up. He never stayed at anyone's house and my heart just broke for him every day. I became desperate and started searching the internet for help, again, when I ran into Dr. Sagie's website. I read and thought, this is too good to be true, so I did some investigating for reviews that were not on his site. I read 9 pages of review after review of folks who had success, I was overwhelmed, so we bought the solution and began right away. I will say, unless you are 100% on board with helping your child, no matter what the age, you may not have the success we had, which was incredible. Right away, the very first night we started seeing results. The videos were so wonderful, right away Dr. Sagie puts your mind at ease that there is nothing wrong with you and takes the guilt feelings right away, which is essential. And you don't have to limit your fluid intake at all, you can drink all night if you want to, which my grandson loved. The first night when the alarm went off, I got up, my grandson was sitting there, he unplugged the alarm and went to the bathroom while I changed the sheets and dried the alarm. The rest of the night was quite. Each passing day, the wetting became less frequent. I will interject here that one night the alarm did go off without an incident, from sweat, I think, I made my grandson go to the bathroom anyway then I put an extra sheet on the bed, we did't have another sweat incident, that worked well. I never had the experience that the alarm didn't go off when wet, it was faithful and did wake my grandson and me up every time, he would hit the bathroom, I would change the sheets and dry the pad. We began our journey in November, 2016. After some time, Dr. Sagie added exercises as part of the process. We looked forward to the Blue Stars, then the Red Stars and anxiously awaited the Gold Stars, we had no idea what those were for. We also looked forward to the videos, they were a critical part of the process. Finally after 2 1/2 months we got our first gold star, my grandson was very excited, even at nearly 15 years old, it was like he earned a years wages! One day at the beginning of March we got on to the computer and logged in, put in our stars and waited for our video to load. Much to both of our surprise, Dr. Sagie came on the screen and said Congratulations, you are cured! we were like, What?! He explained that there may be an accident every now and again don't panic, don't worry, you are cured. If you notice this happening a few times in a week, use the alarm again. He told us to keep doing the exercises for an additional 3 months, but stop using the alarm in one more week. I think we were both so surprised, and nervous, we just weren't expecting it. We discontinued use of the alarm and after a whole month, my grandson is still incident free, he really is cured! When we got an invitation to leave a review, I asked my grandson, should we give Dr. Sagie a review...his exact words, absolutely and make it amazing, he deserves it! I can't even explain to you what this means to us, for my grandson to have overcome this obstacle and the confidence and self respect he has gained through this process. We owe Dr. Sagie a large debt of gratitude. If you have a child in your life that needs help, both my grandson and I highly recommend you try this solution and I am pretty sure you will have the same amazing results that we had. Thanks so much from the bottom of both of our hearts, Dr. Sagie!
  • Worked for us!
    By Debby H. on March 28, 2016
    Our 13 year old daughter had been a bed wetter for years. We had tried everything to no avail. The frustration was mounting by the week! I ran across the TheraPee, was skeptical and definitely balked at the price. But after taking into consideration the cost of pullups, medication, Dr. visits, and laundry, decided to give it a try. As soon as she started using it, she was better! We are talking only a very few wet nights in the last 4 months! I honestly don't know if it was simply a coincidence or what, but she is now completely dry all the time! I would definitely recommend this product to others. The only issues we had was that it is geared towards younger kids and so the videos and graphics are a little immature for older kids.
  • Worth every penny! Amazing results!
    By ABS on March 28, 2016
    My 6.5 year old son peed so much at night that no mater what diaper we tried, it would leak most nights. He is a very deep sleeper. He was uncomfortable and embarrassed and we were tired of the laundry and expense. We bought TheraPee and followed their instructions. It took about 10 days for him to be able to wake himself up to go potty. Now, after less than a month he is doing amazingly! Dry for the last 12 nights! I'm so proud of him and he is trilled. I couldn't recommend this more!
  • Did the job for us!!! My son ...
    By itay on March 27, 2016
    Did the job for us!!! My son was dry for his 6 birthday and now has sleep over parties with no worrys. Go therapee!!!
  • Worth every Penny = Confident Happy Kid
    By Amazon Customer on March 23, 2016
    Worth every penny!! My daughter is 12 and was completely devastated and embarrassed about her wetting problem. I had tried many techniques and nothing worked, she still wet every night and buying pull-ups was expensive. I was skeptical about this product working because my daughter not only has tried many things to stop wetting but that she also had reflux problems that was fixed surgically. Her urologist said she should not have bed wetting issues but she did. I just didn't know what else to do! I wish I would have found this product and invested in this years ago. I could have saved so much heart ache for my daughter. If your child has bed wetting issues, don't hesitate about buying this product. The confidence my daughter has now, makes it worth every penny I spent! She was committed to the program and she was SUCCESSFUL!!! Crying happy tears :) Thank you for this product!!
  • Five Stars
    By J. Lewellyn on March 22, 2016
    Amazing!! I am so impressed with the progress my son made. He kicked bed wetting so quickly.
  • A supportive program to help your child. Highly recommend it!
    By Lisa P.- Washington, DC on March 22, 2016
    Dr. Sagie's Therapee was what we needed to help our seven-year-old son stop wetting his bed. At first, I was a bit skeptical about spending so much money on the Therapee device plus the monthly charge to have personalized monitoring of my son's progress. However, once I visited Dr. Sagie's site, I saw that it is full of information for the parent and child to understand the causes of bedtwetting as well as what to do and not do to help your child stay dry. Once the device arrived, it was a family event--my husband, son, and I opened the package to examine the Therapee device, which was simple and straightforward to use. Next, we went online to sign up for the online support. Dr. Sagie's website is easy to navigate and walks the client through what needs to be done. What was especially impressive to both my husband and me were the videos where Dr. Sagie talks to your child--it is clear that he cares very much about what he does. My son felt like Dr. Sagie was talking directly to him and I could see that he felt relief when Dr. Sagie explained that his bedwetting was caused by the fact that he was a very deep sleeper and that thousands of children around the world have the same problem. In addition to making sure that the child understands that under no circumstances is bedwetting the child's fault, Dr. Sagie emphasizes that the child is a vital part of the program's success. This part resounded with me as a parent because Dr. Sagie makes it clear, in a loving way, to the child that the child will need to work at this program to achieve success. There are exercises that Dr. Sagie teaches the child to do depending on how he/she is doing with the program. There is an online "sticker" chart that helps motivate the child in addition to the videos. For each day the child wakes up dry, he/she receives a star "sticker" on the online sticker chart. This was a wonderful visual motivator for my son; he would often remind me at the end of the day that we needed to log in to the Therapee site to chart his progress for the previous night. My son was on the program for three months. Towards the end, I once again was impressed with the professionalism of the program because I received an e-mail from Dr. Sagie stating that per his monitoring of my son's progress, the bedwetting issue was resolved and my son no longer needed the program. I understand that there might be other methods to help your child stop wetting the bed, but I feel that with Dr. Sagie's Therapee, the parent is getting years of experience from an enuresis specialist who is deeply dedicated to helping children conquer the issue of bedwetting. He has a supportive site, with videos to help cheerlead your child towards success. Despite being so far, my family, and especially my seven-year-old son, felt that this was a personable experience. When I asked my son if he would recommend Therapee to other children, he said, "Yes!! It can definitely help them!"
  • I highly recommend this product as my 7 year old son has ...
    By Brisbane, Australia on March 21, 2016
    I highly recommend this product as my 7 year old son has finally stopped wetting the bed. The first 2 weeks, he was peeing 2-3 times a night but by the third week, this was reduced to once per night. By the end of the 4th week, he was dry. I think the combination of being patient, completing the star chart and the recommended exercises has worked well. My son felt involved with his progress by seeing the visual chart and as a parent, it is great to see your child happy. Fantastic too that there is less laundry to do every morning!
  • Excellent, worth every penny!
    By Kindle Customer on March 18, 2016
    Highly recommend if your child is a deep sleeper, wish we had seen this years ago as explanation from Dr Sagie was excellent and within a week we saw progress and complete resolution after a couple of weeks, amazing! It's a shame my child had to go through years of, 'he'll grow out of it', restricting fluids, getting low self esteem, missing out on sleep overs, disappointment as reward charts were never achieveable, as no health professional had thought it was down to his sleep pattern, instead making him feel it was something he could control! Thank you Dr Sagie
  • You need to buy this if you have a bedwetter!!!
    By Jodi Pratt on March 13, 2016
    I cannot say enough good things about this product. Our son was almost 10 when we started using it. He did not go to sleepovers and rarely had friends stay at our house because of his bedwedding. This product is amazing! The first week we had 2 nights that were dry. That is better than any week I can remember. By week 8, he may have had 1 accident, but usually none. We have since put away the pad/alarm, and haven't looked back!
  • Good Luck.
    By David Goodnetter on March 12, 2016
    I have never written a review before, but feel I need to if it helps someone else make a decision to try this. We purchased this about 7 months ago for our 14 year old son. He had a lot of medical problems when he was born and has had many struggles related to these. We had tried several different alarms and systems. We would have some small success, but could never get to more than 2 weeks of being dry at night. Then he would revert to being wet nearly every night. We went to the urology clinic at the local children's hospital and they prescribed medication, which didn't work. They then told me some kids never outgrow this. As a parent of a child who has struggled so hard to get where he is, I was not willing to accept that response. I found this product on line and was a little hesitant at first because of the price, but after reading the other reviews, I knew we needed to try it. Any parent who has watched their child struggle with this knows this is heartbreaking, especially as they start getting into their teens. It affects their self confidence and their socialization with other kids and sleep overs.

    Well, it took some time, but our son has been dry for close to 2 months now. Please be patient with this program. Your child may need more than just an alarm (as our son did). Dr. Sagie will give new exercises to do every few weeks and those exercises are what did it for our son. We saw some improvement with the initial exercises, but the exercises he recommends a few weeks later seem odd, but the change was immediate. Within days, our son was having more and more dry nights. He is now approaching 2 months of being dry. Good Luck.
  • Highly recommend
    By jamiek006 on March 9, 2016
    I could not recommend this system enough. I was a bit dubious about whether it would work but we were getting a bit desperate so decided to give it a shot. It is WELL WORTH the money. The program was easy to use, customer support was perfect, it was engaging for children and it worked like magic. I'm so grateful we took a chance.
  • This system worked for our 10 year old boy!
    By Robert S Kelly on March 7, 2016
    This system is THE BEST. It worked like a charm for our 10 year old boy. We used the online program with the alarm and our son stopped wetting the bed within a few weeks. The online videos really helped him understand that there is nothing wrong with him and that he is completely capable of training his body to do what it is meant to do. SO WORTH THE INVESTMENT. good luck!
  • TheraPee is an amazing product that works!!!
    By TravelBug on March 2, 2016
    My son is 7 years old and now, thanks to TheraPee he no longer wets the bed after 3 months of using this amazing product!! My son was fully potty trained at 2 years old but no matter what we did, he still wet the bed at night. He simply wouldn't wake up, even if he was soaking wet. For almost two years we limited fluid intake after 6pm, and woke him up at midnight to take him to the bathroom. None of that worked - he still wet the bed sometime between midnight and 7am. Everyone said that he'll grow out of it when he's ready but he was embarrassed to still be wearing pull ups. I spent hours searching online for solutions and found TheraPee. I was skeptical, but spent another 3 hours researching and reading a ton of reviews from a variety of websites about the product. The beauty of this product is that it's a total package that made my son 100% emotionally (thanks to the videos and calendar) and physically (thanks to exercises and the mat itself) invested in stopping his own bedwetting. He loved filling in the status calendar every morning and loved counting his blue, red and then gold stars as his achievement progressed. He is so happy and proud of his success with the product! If you have a child with a bedwetting problem, you need to buy this!! I've already recommended it to a friend who's son is also finding great success with it. I only wish I had tried it earlier and not waited so long.
  • Great product. Critical to follow plan
    By Christopher L Helms on March 1, 2016
    Great product. Critical to follow plan. Hang in there...if you stick with it you won't be disappointed. My son progressed rapidly but all children are different. A "Game Changer".
  • Thank you Dr. Sagie
    By Amazon Customer on February 29, 2016
    The Therapee program was wonderful. The video consultations allowed my 10 year old son to go through the program without embarrassment. The program included concrete solutions and detailed instructions about what to do. And after so many failed methods, he is finally dry. Even when there is a relapse on occasion, we have the tools we need to quickly get back on track. The company was also very responsive to my questions and concerns along the way. My son is so happy and we are so grateful to Dr. Sagie!
  • Wish I had found this sooner!
    By BB on February 28, 2016
    I wish I had found this sooner! It worked when nothing else did! We tried urologist, meds, alarms that clip to the clothes, nothing helped. Watching the youtube reports is what made us decide to try this. It explained the program clearly and didn't promise outlandish promises. Reading the Amazon reviews REALLY helped us know what to expect and give us ideas on how to make this work to the best of its ability. Our son is 9 and has had a few dry nights in his whole life!
    After just the first week, 1 dry night. second week 3 dry nights (not in a row) third week completely dry! 4 week, 1 accident..... it takes time and effort but is so worth it!
    We noticed some people talked about it going off occasionally even though their child was dry. They were saying the system was faulty or overly sensitive... it happened to us also! What happened to us was he curled up in a ball, head off the pillow, and drooled on the mat haa haa haa.

    Things that helped us be so successful with the program so quickly was
    1 we put an air up mattress and put it in our master bedroom floor so we could see if he woke up when the alarm went off. He didn't, and a several times he unplugged it in his sleep when it went off only a couple beeps. We would have to wake him up and tell him what to do next. One time he thought it was his alarm clock went to the bathroom (good! we thought!) and tried to take a shower and get ready for school at 10:30 pm, other times he would try to lay back down before changing clothes. Its true about them being deeper sleepers! It helped us to be able to SEE his reactions when the alarm went off
    2 we made sure we had several fitted sheets, blankets and clothes close by to change out in the middle of the night
    3 we had a plastic tote to put the wet things in to cut down on smell. (Trust me you need this if they have more than one accident a night, and our son did!)
    Now he wakes up about 5 am on his own and goes to the bathroom, and back to bed most nights ( still not sure if he is fully awake when he does this) but his body is waking him up enough to go now!
    He tells me that this is the best money we have ever spent! I agree!
  • I read through a lot of reviews on Amazon and our story was like so many success stories
    By Mom of three boys on February 25, 2016
    Our 8 year old son rarely had a dry night. After trying this and that and making several of the parent mistakes on the Therapee website, my husband and I stumbled onto Therapee. After watching the info video and reading info on the website, we thought this could be our answer! I read through a lot of reviews on Amazon and our story was like so many success stories. It was nice to find that we were not alone!!!

    We bought the program early December 2015 and began using right away. Our son had 5 wet nights before 2 dry nights! We then had several more wet nights but since those, we have been dry!!! Our son is so proud and happy to be past the wet nights!!! He has now been dry for 40 days! Therapee truly works!!! We are thankful for Therapees program!!!
  • I am so happy to say that after 20 weeks of treatment
    By Amazon Customer on February 23, 2016
    First review ever written. Son wet bed from 3.5 on. He is 11.5 - tried everything. Chiropractic, withholding fluids, waking him, even other alarms while using pull-ups and still wetting through, atleast 1x every night. Justified purchasing with high price tag due to amount of water used in wash cycles and $ of pull-ups. Skeptical. However, I am so happy to say that after 20 weeks of treatment, he has been dry for 6 of those weeks. I am more rested without the nightly waking and happy without the daily extra loads of laundry, and he is confident in his ability to stay dry. Definitely recommend. More than just the alarm - I think the missing component in the other alarm we tried was the exercises.
  • It was really amazing to see my sons confidence grow each day
    By Dan in Alaska on February 22, 2016
    This product was worth every penny! We used the system for 10 weeks and my 6 year old son has been dry the last 53 days and counting. My son was a really heavy sleeper and would wet the bed 4-5 times a week sometimes more. We used pull up but he would just wet through them. Then I was so frustrated with all the laundry that I started waking him up in the middle of the night and making him go to the bathroom, but my son would remember getting up at all and if I forgot to wake him it would mean that he would be wet before the morning. It was really amazing to see my sons confidence grow each day he was able to add a star to his progress. He was very excited to wake up each morning dry and was excited to not have to worry about if he was going to wet each night. I would recommend this product to anyone, it really helped us through this really frustrating aspect of growing up!
  • Our final hope!
    By Trichia Mary Nemecek on February 21, 2016
    Worked great for our son! We tried everything before this including medications and nothing seemed to make a long term difference. This worked like the miracle we were looking for!! I would highly recommend it!
  • I really wasn't sure that this program would work
    By Ginjer L Clarke on February 20, 2016
    I really wasn't sure that this program would work for my 10-year-old son who would even wet the bed through a night diaper most nights, but here we are at 12 weeks into the program, and he has graduated! After a bumpy first few weeks, he has been consistently dry for the past 8 weeks, and he is so proud of himself. He had his first sleepover last night, and I can only say that I am relieved and grateful. This program works! It's not just the alarm pad, which you can find elsewhere for less money, but the videos providing behavioral therapy in the form of exercises, explanation, and validation. Absolutely worth the money!
  • Finally! Some peace for my son!
    By Wendy kingbay on February 18, 2016
    As a mother I have watched my son struggle as we tried many products which added up to about a thousand dollars. All of the products were suggestions from other parents I found this product on my own . It was simply amazing and would recommend to any mother or child who is struggling with bedwetting .
  • From skeptical to thrilled in 3 weeks!
    By dobs on February 18, 2016
    My son is 8yr old and had never had a dry night. He wore pull-ups every night and several times a week he would wet his bed even while wearing a pull-up. Our pediatrician told us to wait it out and he would eventually outgrow it and not to bother with an alarm-type device until he started having dry nights on his own. I was very hesitant to try this based on the cost and the doctor's warning. After reading the positive reviews for Therapee and discussing with my son (to see if he was interested in trying it) we decided to give it a try. The first week he was wetting the bed 2 and 3 times a night (one night it was even up to 4 times). It was like having an infant again and I was very skeptical this would actually work. I would tell my son it would take a few weeks and not to give up, even though in my mind I was beginning to think this was a bad decision. By the end of week 2 we had our first dry night (WOW!). We are now towards the end of week 3 and he has had 5 dry nights total - including 2 in a row. I am shocked and thrilled (and I think my son is as well). He is very happy with his progress and the chart keeps him motivated. I am now very confident that this is going to work.
  • Very happy with the program
    By Sam on February 17, 2016
    Very happy with the program. Worked great for my 9 year old son who hardly had a dry night before starting the program. Thank you!
  • SO impressed with this product! Buy it today!
    By Amazon Customer on February 17, 2016
    I have bought easily hundreds of items from Amazon over the years, and this is the first time I have ever felt compelled to write a review. I just cannot shout loudly enough from a high enough mountaintop about TheraPee! My almost-8-year-old daughter has been wearing pull ups at night since she was 3, and was wet in the mornings 98% of the time. Our pediatrician told us not to worry, that she would probably stop when she started puberty. I was ok with that until it really started bothering her; she was nervous about sleepovers, and felt that it was so unfair that she had this problem. We started out by trying a much cheaper "system" that involved a sensor clipped to her undies with a wire than ran up through her pajamas to an alarm clipped to her shoulder. It was so cumbersome and difficult to use, we ditched it after one night, knowing there had to be a better way. A few months later, after reading all the rave reviews on Amazon, we ordered TheraPee. The video with Dr. Saigee is perfect; no matter how much I had told her that she was not the only kid who wet her bed at night, and that this wasn't something to be ashamed of, that it was just a miscommunication between her body and her brain, hearing it from Dr. Saigee finally put her at ease. I could literally see the anxiety and shame she had felt leave her. She was bought in 100%. The online component, where she tracks her progress, keeps her engaged in the process. The best part in my mind was that Dr. Saigee made it clear that she should not expect success right away, that in can take months, and that a wet night, or even a wet week, here or there was nothing to worry about. I was afraid that if she was wet the first night she'd be discouraged and not want to use it anymore. Setting the pad and alarm unit up that first night was easy peasy. As others suggested, I "double made" her bed with two layers of sheets and waterproof pads, so that if she did wet I could just take the wet sheet off, reposition the sensor pad, and get her back to bed. She did wet the bed that first night, and for the next two nights, and drying off the pad and taking off the wet sheets was super easy. We were up such a short time, neither of us was tired the next day. Then, after three wet nights, something clicked. We have been using the product for 6 weeks and she's only had ONE wet night since Day 4! I am totally amazed by this product! She is so happy and confident, it's an amazing thing! We are planning a night at a fancy hotel as our celebration when she finishes the program and we can't wait! Trust me, buy this product today, I promise you won't be sorry!
  • This really works, best money I have or will ever spend.
    By Julia Sharit on February 17, 2016
    My daughter who is 8 would wet the bed every night. She was upset with herself and hated wearing pull ups. I was at my wits end in how to help her. I talked to our doctor who said it isn't anything to worry about until she is 13 and it is still occurring. I finally googled how to cure bedwetting and this is what came up. I started reading all the reviews and information I could about Dr. Sagie. I filled out the questionnaire to make sure that this would really help her and kept reading the information on Dr. Sagie's website. Before I even got the results I had already placed the order for the TheraPee system. We received it quickly and my Daughter was excited and hopeful that it would work for her. The first couple of nights I slept upstairs in the guest room so I would be closer to help her I also bought a baby monitor for when I went back to my room on the first floor. She wet the first couple of nights and then the wetting got less frequent and she was getting more proud of herself. We used this system since we received it on November 1st. She just finished the program she took to the system really well and has worked hard at following all the advise and exercises that are given to do. 16 weeks and she is now NOT a bedwetter. The first thing she said was I can go to Church camp this year. This was the best money I have ever spent or will ever. The confidence that she has gained and the understanding of Dr. Sagie. I just can't say enough how wonderful this is and how well it works. Everyone will work at their own pace and some may finish quicker than my Daughter some may take longer but the key is it works.
  • 100% success!
    By Amazon Customer on February 16, 2016
    After suffering through my sons whole 10 years of bed wetting, to the point where he was now old enough to feel embarrassed and ashamed about it, we had to come up with a solution.
    I think the program cost us about $400 AUD in total including the ongoing support, and If I compare that to about $1 a day that we spent on the dry night pull up pyjama pants, it will only take us a little over a year to get the money back, and to see my sons happiness.

    I was sceptical, as we had tried many things, and even some of the exercises Dr Sagi instructed my son to do were unusual, but low and behold we had success right in the first week.. dry nights! It continued to improve over about 2 months to the point where for the past 5 weeks we have not had a single wet night. Im totally flabbergasted and 100% certain we have resolved his bed wetting thanks to the Therapee program. It has made my son so much less anxious and happy now and saved mum from washing the sheets every day!
  • I'm so glad I did
    By Liz on February 15, 2016
    I bought this product for my 9 and 7 year old kids. Both were still in pull-ups and I was so tired of the spending money on basically big kid diapers! I saw the product a few months ago but couldn't justify spending over $500 on the two kits. A few months later, after reading all of the really recent reviews I decided to purchase them. I'm so glad I did. My 7 year old has been dry for over 2 months and with the cognitive therapy's help, she only had 3 wet nights since we bought the product. My 9 year old had a tougher go, but has had weeks in between wet nights. It's a fantastic product. I was so ready for this, and the therapy made my kids ready for it too. They were excited to get stars and we offered them extra incentives for the different levels of stars. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone that struggles with their kids bedwetting!
  • Worked in 2/12 weeks for a hard-core sleeper 8 years old!
    By J. Templeton on February 14, 2016
    I have an 8 year old daughter and she is a hard-core deep sleeper. She had always wore pull-ups and just didn't seem interested in being trained to get up and go potty at night (and mind you, she has a younger sister, age 7, who was getting up and using the potty each night). We tried for about 4 months to not use them and just talk to her about waking up and going potty at night. I ended up doing 1-2 loads of laundry each day depending on how much betting she peed on. We decided to purchase this system really as insurance. Yes, other systems are cheaper, but if they don't work then you are out the money and have to purchase a better one. I like this system because it encompasses an online component and is personalized. My daughter really thought Dr. Sagie was speaking to her and it made her take it seriously, which she had not been doing. I thought it would take her 3 month or more to 'graduate'. The reality is that within 2 1/2 weeks she was having NO accidents! Wow, worth every penny and especially in what you save in time and money doing laundry.
  • Happy parents
    By Flo on February 14, 2016
    Our son is 7 years old and he wet the bed every night. We started using the therapee and after a month of use he has dry nights every night. He can go stay the night with friends without any worry of wetting the bed and no more pull-ups!
  • I was carrying him (no easy feat, he weighs 65 pounds
    By leah on February 13, 2016
    My son is a 10.5 year old boy with Down's Syndrome. My son has been daytime toilet trained for years already. We just finished 10 weeks of this program, and my son has been dry the last 8 weeks of it. He has been sleeping in underwear for a year before purchasing this program. Before starting this program, I was carrying him (no easy feat, he weighs 65 pounds!) to the bathroom at least 4 times a night and he would make in the toilet in his sleep. He had no recollection of being taken to the bathroom, even if I held his hand and "walked" him to the bathroom while talking to him. If I missed taking him to the bathroom one of the many times a night he would make in his bed. But he didn't want to wear a pull up as he felt like a baby.
    What led me to buy this program? During the last month leading up to this purchase he wet the bed multiple times a night for a month straight! This was a drastic decline. I began searching the Internet for a program and method out there that did not give medication and worked on waking up a very deep sleeper to cognitively make the connection during sleep between feeling the need to make and keeping the bed dry.
    My son just felt big doing this program. If I connected the wire into the machine he would pull it out and do it himself. I think he felt happy that he was doing something concrete to help himself succeed. He loved the charts and couldn't wait for a gold star to finally appear as one of the options to choose. He also wanted the man to talk to him every day, so I would replay a past session if needed. His look of success when the man in the video wished him "congratulations" was beautiful. Part of this program was also to train myself and my husband not to ask him if he needs to make if he wakes up in middle of the night. He currently doesn't wake up to make at all during the nighttime. He makes before he goes to sleep and then when he wakes up in the morning to start his day.
    I feel very lucky that G-d led us to this program, and it worked after the first 2 weeks!
    Thank you Dr. Sagie.
  • We are very grateful to the Therapee program and strongly recommend it.
    By Happy Mom & Dad on February 11, 2016
    Our 7 year old wet the bed almost every night. Nothing we did helped. We tried Therapee and after five or six weeks he has been dry every night! It really works. I am writing this review only to help other parents out there, and for no other reason. We are very grateful to the Therapee program and strongly recommend it.
  • Great product
    By KB on February 11, 2016
    Works extremely well. Used this for my son and it helped him to be accident free within 2 weeks!
    The alarm is loud and will definitely wake them up!
    By Mrs V M Palmer on February 9, 2016
    I never ever write reviews but I had to make an exception.
    My daughter now 9 has never been dry at night so I looked for a solution everywhere. Then came across Dr Sagie's bedwetting system. The reviews were good but I was still dubious. I bought it and gave it a try. Within 8 weeks she was only wetting twice in a fortnight. Within 12 weeks completely dry. You have to follow the programme exactly but it is so worth it for the results. One happy mum and daughter. Amazing!!
  • Amazing program with great results
    By Erica Molden on February 7, 2016
    Our 10 yr old daughter had been hiding the fact that she was wetting her bed. We discovered that she was just a very deep sleeper and was not even knowing she wet the bed until she woke up.
    We order Therapee and began using it the same day it was delivered. She had 4 wet nights in the first 11 days, by the 3rd wet night she was barely wet before the alarm went off and she was able to stop on her own. Since day 11 she has not had one single accident and she now knows what it is like to have to go. Her brain knows what to do when she has the sensation of having to go. She just finished up her 8th week of the program and she finally doesn't have to say no to friends who ask to stay the night or invite her over. We celebrated by going mattress shopping!! She has so much more confidence, does not feel ashamed, and is so proud that she has stopped wetting the bed. I highly recommend Dr Sagie's Therapee system, it is well worth the money!!!
  • Wonderful!!!
    By Paula VanHoose on February 4, 2016
    Thanks to Dr. Sagie my seven year old no longer wets the bed. I was skeptical in buying any type of alarm but TheraPee seemed the most legitimate for my son. I am so glad I purchased the alarm with the therapy sessions. We hung in there and did the exercises and after six months of hard work my son has been dry for over a month. I cannot say enough about TheraPee. Highly recommended but with all things you only get out what you put into it.
  • The process was super easy, and my daughter loved the interaction
    By Amazon Customer on February 4, 2016
    My 8 year old daughter has been struggling with bedwetting for years. She completely saturated her pull-ups every single night, and rarely had a dry night. She simply never woke up to use the bathroom. I read through every review on Dr. Sagie's website, not believing the product could work as well as people claimed. Skeptically, I purchased one, hoping that the high price tag was worth it, and knowing that I had exhausted all other alternatives. I saw remarkable progress within a month, and my daughter was completely dry by 2 months of the treatment. The process was super easy, and my daughter loved the interaction with the software. My only complaint would be that the online software needs some upgrading, as it is a little awkward and slow to use. But seeing my daughter's happiness at finally being dry every night is worth absolutely every penny. I highly recommend this product to anyone; you will not regret it.
  • 11 yr Old is FINALLY dry!! This product is a MIRACLE!!
    By Jkp on February 3, 2016
    My 11 year old son was soaking wet every night. He's the 2nd of 5 boys (and by far the most impulsive & ornery of the bunch). None of his brothers wet the bed past 3. I couldn't understand why, and it was super frustrating!! We tried everything (taking away toys $ privileges, bribery, etc) but just couldn't seem to get him out of pull-ups. I researched and found TheraPee, along with a hefty price tag... And looked for an alternative. Instead, I bought a clip-on underwear alarm with a clip-on t-shirt box for 1/3 of the price of the TheraPee. Biggest waste of $99. 2 weeks later I ordered the TheraPee. After the 1st 2 weeks, he was wetting only once or twice a week. And by week 4, he was almost always dry. It's been almost 3 months now and he's been dry every single night for the past 6 weeks. He's thrilled and so are we!!
  • Try Therapee! It works!
    By Happy momma and child on February 1, 2016
    My daughter had just turned 9 when we started the TheraPee program with Dr. Sagie. When she potty trained when she was 3, she never had any daytime accidents - but at night she always did. She wore pull-ups all the way up until we started this program at age 9. She never had a dry week ever. Since it didn't seem to bother her, we never made a big deal about it because we knew lots of kids suffer from this and she would outgrow it "some day." But once she turned 8 and sleepovers were becoming a bigger possibility, it really started to bother her and she thought something was wrong with her. Heartbreaking for this momma! At first we tried one of those clips that goes on her underwear and she slept in our room for 6 - 8 weeks I think because she is such a heavy sleeper (she couldn't wake herself up)!! It seemed to work at first, but then the consistency wasn't there and also the clip sometimes would fall off while she was sleeping and the cord and clip were sometimes uncomfortable for her. So I was back to scouring the web looking for anything to help. I came upon the website for Therapee and read about it and did some research. Yes the initial cost is scary, but their success rate was so high and with the numerous reviews, I was persuaded to buy it. IT WAS THE BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT! Remember, this is my child - I would do anything and spend anything and try anything for her (even if it didn't work)! She completed the program after 6 months. The mat she laid on was big enough and super sensitive and the alarm very loud to help wake her up. Does 6 months seem like a long time? It does but she completely worked the program and has been dry for months. She continues to do the exercises given to her during the program. She liked going online and completing the calendar. I think this was huge because the kids are involved with their own progress and they can see how, with time, they are wetting the bed less and less. I do think the child needs to be ready and needs to do the program as described. She was ready and I needed to be ready because she had to be woken up at first since she is such a deep sleeper! The combination of physical exercises and the psychology part with the online calendar, feedback from Dr. Sagie, and positive reinforcement makes the most sense to me regarding bedwetting problems. She even wakes up now during the night just to go to the bathroom! I'm so proud of her!! Try TheraPee with Dr. Sagie - I highly recommend it!
  • she is expressing interest in attending an overnight camp this summer- something that neither of us would have felt comfortable
    By Amazon Customer on January 29, 2016
    Thank you Dr. Sagie! Your program provided just the right amount of support and inspiration for my daughter to finally overcome bed wetting. Our pediatrician had told me that she would eventually outgrow the issue but after waiting for several years I realized that just wasn't the right approach for us. She needed the confidence and tools to become independent and although I was there for guidance and encouragement she did the rest on her own with the help of your program. I cannot describe what a relief it is to not have to deal with this issue every night. In addition, she is expressing interest in attending an overnight camp this summer- something that neither of us would have felt comfortable with before now. It is comforting to know that we can revisit the program and experience the same support should we need it in the future (although my heart tells me we probably won't). Thank you again.
  • highly recommend it.
    By Amazon Customer on January 28, 2016
    worked very well for my son. highly recommend it.
  • Our son loved the interactive chart
    By Amazon Customer on January 28, 2016
    Therapee has been the answer to many frustrating, sleepless nights for myself and our 5 year old. Our son was so relieved to know we were looking into a solution to help him with his bedwetting. This treatment is safe and non-invasive for the child. Our son loved the interactive chart that recorded his growth and the check-in's with Dr. Sagie. When we had a concern from the very start, Dr. Sagie called us personally. Our son was able to overcome this challenge in 10 weeks! We are all now sleeping through the night and he is thrilled to be able to wear warm pajamas in our cold climate, knowing he will wake up dry in them :) Excellent program!!!
    By Tracy Ford on January 22, 2016
    My 5 year old was wetting her bed every night and this broke her heart. She was a heavy sleeper and didn't even know she was doing it but felt awful each morning because she felt disappointed. After trying everything recommended to me, I was lucky enough to come across this product which has completely changed my daughters life. (Not to mention mine and the work involved in washing sheets every single night!) It appeared pricey to me but I was so desperate that I ordered it. I can now say it was worth every single penny and I would recommend it to everyone who's child has a similar problem. It's easy to use, my daughter understood what was happening, and when the alarm sounded she would make her way to the toilet. After only 7 weeks, my daughter was completely dry at night and its now 4 months later she still remains dry. The best thing is that my daughter is so happy with herself and can now go on sleepovers with no concerns or embarrassment. For anyone in the same situation, I cannot recommend this product enough to you. It IS worth the money! I wish I found this earlier! 
  • Our son is so proud that he is no longer bedwetting!
    By Amazon Customer on January 19, 2016
    Finally a product that works! After buying several flimsy alarms that broke, and seeing our son so discouraged that he could not stop bedwetting, we found this wonderful program. It encouraged our son and empowered him, it gave him daily feedback, and allowed him to feel successful after many weeks of dry nights. The videos are perfect, the daily input of information felt engaging to our son, and he was very proud with each milestone. I'm very happy for him and it's a relief for us. Thank you, Dr. Sagie!
  • Awesome product! 5 weeks and my little girl stopped wetting the bed.
    By Joe on January 19, 2016
    I recommend this product to anyone who has a child who is struggling with bed wetting. My daughter is 8 and was wetting the bed nearly every night. We had tried several different methods, including a beeper blanket, and nothing worked.

    This is an awesome system, the online program makes all the difference! She was super excited to get each new session and put it into practice.

    We started on November 9th. The first week she wet the bed every night, which was a little discouraging. The second week she had 6 dry nights and continued about at that pace until her last wet night on December 5th. She has been dry for nearly 6 weeks and it has improved her confidence so much. We are still filling out the chart and she is still excited very excited in the morning to tell us that she earned a star.

    What I love about it is that you don't have to limit the child's liquid intake (like other methods we had tried), they get to drink even right before bedtime if they want.

    I was hesitant to buy this because it is a bit pricey and I was skeptical. I am so glad that we gave it a chance. It is worth every penny
  • It was like a light switch was turned on in our child's ...
    By David S on January 15, 2016
    we had previously struggled with bedwetting for years. Our daughter was almost 9 when we began. Of course, at first, I was skeptical since nothing to date had worked. I was impressed with the high reviews on Amazon and we had had no luck with the attachable alarms. The whole process of trying to become dry had, up until we started with Dr. Sagie, seemed very hit or miss. With Therapee, the added element of motivation is addressed. Having the kids chart their progress each morning on the computer with the every 2 week pep talks and exercises made ALL the difference. When we started Therapee, it was like a light switch was turned on in our child's brain. Thank you, thank you Dr. Sagie--you helped our daughter to accomplish something which was important to her and to feel proud of that accomplishment. Best regards--
  • Five Stars
    By Brent Lind on January 14, 2016
    Excellent product and worked very well for our 8 year old. Highly recommended!!!
  • My 8 year old boy was peeing twice a night before this.This has been a blessing!!!
    By Amazon Customer on January 12, 2016
    My son has had issues with peeing at night since he first was potty trained. We wondered if it was laziness of getting out bed, or just heavy sleeping. He is a bigger boy and we honestly were taking the lazy way out by buying night pull ups for him. We even had to special order them for his size. He was still peeing through them as he'd pee in it several times a night. It was getting very old washing sheets a couple times some nights. Then when he was 6 we found out he had a low grade brain tumor in his brain stem. One of the Dr.'s questions was if he wet at night? We learned the brain stem controls a lot of functions and so then we gave up trying to help him stop as we blamed it on this. (By the way he is doing great now) So, after more time, I researched different ways to try to help him. This website came up and I figured it was worth a try, as I was spending over $100/month on pull-ups being mailed to us, so it was worth a shot. The first week and a half, he still had accidents, then all of the sudden he started having 4 good nights in a row, then only 1 accident in 2 weeks, now it has been over a month since a bedwetting. He has 2 more weeks to stay using the pad, then he is done. I told him that after he finishes this, we will go out and let him pick out all new bedding and pillows. He is so proud of himself and no longer blaming his tumor and we are so proud of him. I can't say enough about this system. My husband was very reluctant, now he said it was the best money we spent. Try it, it's worth it. Thanks you to all of the people who put this together!!!! Wonderful program!
  • It really worked for us and I highly recommend it
    By HarriFam on January 12, 2016
    My 8 YO son was very upset that he still needed to wear pull ups and the icing on the cake was on of his younger cousins (who is 4) asking why Evan needed to wear diapers! We had tried multiple solutions and attempts and nothing worked. I don't know exactly what it was about this program, but things clicked for our son right away. I think it had a lot to do with the videos that addressed him directly; not just an adult or parent talking down to him, but empathizing with his situation and challenges. We definitely had some nights when the alarm went off, but it didn't take long at all (basically 4 weeks) and he was staying dry all night. I don't know what we would have done without this program. It really worked for us and I highly recommend it. Thanks, Dr. Sagie!!!!
  • IT WORKS!!
    By Amazon Customer on January 10, 2016
    My daughter is almost 12 years old and has never gone without a pull-up her entire life. She was so tired of wearing them and never having a dry night and we so badly wanted for her to be able to have dry nights too, but we didn't know how to help her. We purchased the Dr. Sagie Bedwetting system in September and she began using it right away. The first week she wet and woke from the alarm every time - most nights just once, but some nights she wet a couple of times. The alarm was loud enough to also wake me (her mom) in our room down the hall. Each time she got up, went to the bathroom to finish peeing and then came back to bed. Within the second week she had her first dry night and by the 4th week she was having dry nights almost every night! She has now gone for sleepovers without worrying about wearing a pull-up and she has been so happy and says how nice it feels to be able to just wear underwear to bed instead of the bulky pull-up.
    I cannot recommend this system enough - I honestly worried that my daughter would never be dry on her own and now, we are so proud of her and so happy as a family to see her success.
    I will also be recommending this system to our family doctor to share with other families.
  • Absolutely worked for my 12 yr old
    By Amazon Customer on January 8, 2016
    Absolutely worked for my 12 yr old. Have tried everything, restricting fluids, waking him up in middle of night, alarms. This worked! We are so very happy
  • Excellent product, thoroughly recommend it!!
    By Amazon Customer on January 8, 2016
    I bought this product after trying so many other routes. I wanted my 6 year old son to wake at night and use the toilet and to stop falling out of bed. On the first night of trying therapee he did 3 full wets during the night and felt out of bed twice. The alarm woke us all and we went through the routine of changing the sheets and tucking him back in. I was doubtful this was going to work but on the second night we had one wet and no falling out of bed - I can not tell you why it worked, it just did!! My son has not fallen out of bed since the first night and now wakes up in the early morning to go to the toilet. There is no magic wand, there are exercises and charts to fill in daily and as a parent you must be dedicated to supporting your child and helping them to achieve. My son was so delighted that he wasn't wetting the bed and we've seen a great boost to his confidence. My son still needs to continue to do his exercises but he's really happy to do them. I loved the positive approach to this routine and when I needed some advice I was contacted within hours by the clinic. I have already recommended this to parents who are struggling with their children wetting the bed! It really doesn't need to be a daily stress. I'm so glad we made the effort and spent the money! It was worth every penny!! Thank you Therapee!
  • Therapee really works
    By Rahel Haile on January 7, 2016
    After trying almost every thing under the sun except therpee and drug treatment , when my 12 year old start worrying to go to bed and saying I will be bed wetter for the rest of my life sadly . I divided to start the drug treatment but I was not ready for the side effect so went ahead and purchased therapee as my last try . It did not take to long when my son start having dry nights , he even took the whole responsibility to log in his daily progress to have his discussions before we know it he is dry and happy . After I waited about 3 month of my 12 year olds treatment completion I sign up my 10 year old he is 3 month through his treatment he is almost graduating he did not have one accident for the last 30 days . I am happy with the program my sons are very happy too .
    By LISA P CLEVELAND on January 5, 2016
    IT WORKED!!! I was told by a friend to try the TheraPee, that it was working for her son. I was very skeptical about how this product would stop my child from wetting the bed at night. I read all the reviews good and bad, and decided to purchase the product. My daughter is 6 years old and has been potty trained since she was 3, but I could never get her potty trained at night. When we started TheraPee it took about 3 weeks for my daughter to have 3 dry nights in a row. She loved adding the stars to the calendar. I stuck to the program nightly even though I had sleepless nights with the alarm going off multiple times during a single night. It was a challenge but definitely worth it in the end.
  • We were sceptical when the pediatrician recommended an alarm
    By S Jon January 4, 2016
    We cannot say enough about this product! We began using it in July for our 6 year old potty trained (only during the day) boy. He wet the bed about 4-5 times a week at night. He's also a heavy sleeper. The first few months with the Therapee alarm he wet the bed less and less and we saw him begin to wake up little by little to the alarm and me helping him. To gradually getting up all by himself and going to the bathroom and going back to bed all by himself. All of a sudden, come December, he's graduated. We were sceptical when the pediatrician recommended an alarm. I did the research and kept coming back to the Therapee product and so glad we purchased it. The online tracking system and the report from the doctor every 2 weeks also helped with the process. Definitely the one to get, hands down! Also I recommend paying a little extra for the unlimited tracking and Doctor reporting rather than paying monthly.
  • TheraPee absolutely worked!
    By Dara on January 1, 2016
    I highly recommend TheraPee by Dr. Sagie. My 10 year old was bed-wetting anywhere from 1-6 nights a week. We had managed for years with medication but, one day the medication just stopped working. You have to follow this program diligently but, it absolutely worked. Ensure you watch the videos with your child (multiple times if necessary) and ensure he/she does the exercises consistently. Don't give up as it could take weeks or months to see results. My son has been dry now for over two months with NO accidents. I am beyond thrilled! I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone looking to end bed-wetting issues for good
  • Fantastic Program! It really does work!
    By Jahna Dvorak on December 27, 2015
    My 9 year old daughter had wet the bed every single night, she never ever had a dry night. We started using the bed alarm the end of October. The first couple weeks she would wet the bed 2-3 times a night. Between weeks 2-4, her wetting was only once a night and she even had some dry nights. Weeks 4-8..she's been completely dry, no accidents! According to the program and her progress she only needs to use the bed mat for 2 more weeks. I'm amazed. Therapee is worth every penny. Had I known this would work so well, I would have bought it long ago! I notice all the confidence my daughter has now. And soon she'll be able to have her very first sleepover.
  • We used Therapee for our 8-year-old son and it worked wonderfully. I wholeheartedly recommend it
    By Amazon Customer on December 16, 2015
    This is the first review I have ever written. That should mean something! We used Therapee for our 8-year-old son and it worked wonderfully. I wholeheartedly recommend it. The equipment is very easy to use and of good quality, the alarm worked for our son (he woke up every time), the interactive daily charts were fun and encouraging for him. We always looked forward to our next video session with Dr. Sagie, which started with a quick review of our son's chart. After two weeks of doing the program and exercises, our son was down to 1-2 accidents a week. He was completely dry from week 7!!! By week 15, we thought he was done the program but were still using it because we had not received a message saying to stop. During week 15, for some unknown reason, our son had a bedwetting accident, two nights in a row. We were all very shocked. Our son was so discouraged, he was ready to give it all up. I emailed the Therapee contact address to request some advice. Dr. Sagie responded right away with some advice for me and a full personalized letter to our son. It was everything our son needed to hear and he was ready to keep going. Our son has been dry ever since (we are at week 22) and has now "graduated" from the program! I will always remember the pride and smile on his face when he saw that he had finally succeeded. I have to say that I am truly impressed with the attention we were given from Dr. Sagie and his clinic, even at such a distance. The combination of equipment, chart and counselling is worth every penny.
  • Bonkers Good! - Sort of unbelievable - (If Dr. Sagie could do a program for weight loss, he would solve American obesity)
    By Alexandra Rickeman on December 15, 2015

    Our story: Our 4.5yo was still in pull-ups after having been totally potty trained since BEFORE he was 2 years old! I had cloth-diapered so the waste of pull-ups was killing me. When we experimented without the pull-ups, he would wake up shivering--you see, he would wet the bed, but wouldn't wake up until he was freezing from being covered in urine that then cooled off! It was obvious to me that this wasn’t laziness or too much liquid—it’s that my child was an incredibly deep sleeper. My heart broke for him, and it was time to do something.

    The price tag was hefty--a year’s worth of pull-ups basically. But he was beginning to notice that his friends didn't wear pull-ups anymore, and I knew that the effect on his self esteem was right around the corner.

    The first week was rough on all of us, one of the worst in my life because of sleep deprivation. We discovered that he was wetting himself FOUR to FIVE TIMES A NIGHT! The alarm would sound at 10, 12, 2:30, 4, 5am! I didn't know how that was physiologically possible (to have that much urine). The alarm would go off, he would start to cry, and then there was the ten minutes of changing his sheets and getting him back to bed. It was worse than having an infant! At least with an infant, you can lay down while feeding them, and when he was an infant, it was only three times a night, not five!

    (We finally bought two more sets of sheets so that we would quadruple-make the bed, so changing was much easier.)

    I was so discouraged, and I was concerned that he had a major organ function problem. I was exhausted. The whole family was grumpy from lack of sleep. And not even lack of sleep, but the surprise of waking up to an alarm like this one. It was the worst. My husband and I agreed that we would do it for one more week, and if there was no change, we would stop and try again in a few months.

    I would have expected my child to have started to resist, to say, “I don’t want to turn on the alarm tonight.” But it was the opposite. He took pride in plugging it in and turning it on. I would tuck him in and he would say, “I think I’m going to have a dry night. I think Dr. Sagie is going to be proud of me.” This happened for several nights, and he would wake up to the alarm. He would feel sad, but not overly distressed. He kept having hope that eventually his body would learn.

    Well....let.me.tell.you. The second week, the switch got flipped! He had his first dry night of his life, and hasn't wet the bed since!!!!!!!!

    I remember the first time hearing his little feet walking to his bathroom in the middle of the night. I thought I was dreaming; it was like, “OMG, I think he’s getting up to pee!” Then he went back to bed! The first few times he did this, it was in the middle of the nights. Then it gradually became less often and later in the night (unfortunately, I still wake up, but I think I've slept with one eye open since he was born :)). Now he wakes up maybe one time a night, and it’s much closer to wake-up time. It's winter now, so he goes to the bathroom and then crawls into our bed to get a warm snuggle; that's just fine by me. :)

    We went on our first trip to a hotel without bringing pull-ups! He also did an overnight at grandma’s in just undies. We were both a little nervous that he didn’t have his alarm, but he was so proud when he woke up dry!

    I can't say enough about the power of Dr. Sagie. In the first few weeks, my son was telling everyone about “my Dr. Sagie.” He would explain that “he’s helping me to not wet the bed.” People kept thinking there was a new pediatrician in town, because their relationship seemed so strong; they were shocked to find out it was an online program.

    I would watch my son’s face when he would watch the videos and it was completely adorable. When Dr. Sagie would make empathic, normalizing comments (like, “I know you don’t like to wet the bed.”) my son would nod along as though Dr. Sagie could see him, or he would smile from that nice feeling that someone understands you. You could tell my son instantly started to believe that Dr. Sagie really could help him, and he was so motivated by putting the stars in the chart. Also, getting a new video (every two weeks) was so exciting for him. He was literally counting down the days—“How many days until my next Dr. Sagie video?”

    It was a total transformation: four and a half years of peeing at night, then one week of 5-times-a-night wetting, and now two months of totally dry nights. I will be telling my pediatrician how impressive this program is, and posting it on Facebook. Everyone needs to know what an amazing thing has been created here.

    What a sense of pride this program gives. My son feels more confident in himself, and his body. He has had the experience of working hard at something, experiencing a little sadness and frustration, and then getting to the other side where he has a sense of achievement.

    For me, I have the true joy that comes from feeling you made a really great parenting decision. It’s rare that I think to myself, “I’m doing great at this whole being-a-mom thing,” but buying and doing this program is one of those moments. I made a great decision for my son in buying this program.

    I know you are hesitating about how expensive it is. It’s worth it. I wouldn’t take the time to write this review if I wasn’t truly impressed.
  • Successful Theraphy-Therapee
    By Amazon Customer on December 13, 2015
    After living through a 5 year frustating situation, we found out about the Therapee bedwetting solution for our son. Our problem ended within 12 weeks. After that , we had some 4-5 accidents which was due to our son's stubbornness about continueing with the exercises, however he became totally drywithin 9 months. My suggestion to the parents is to never give up with the therapy even if some accidents occur after the concentrated initial theraphy.
  • My son is more confident and I sleep better knowing he will stay dry all night
    By Shana Paige Hammond on December 12, 2015
    I only wish I had of done this sooner. My son is more confident and I sleep better knowing he will stay dry all night!!!
  • Bedwetting gone after only 10 weeks!!
    By Amazon Customer on December 12, 2015
    Our son is10 and we are thrilled to say that the Therapee system helped kick his bedwetting once and for all. We are all so happy to be done with wet sheets and he is very proud to be tossing away those pull-ups. And it all happened much quicker than we imagined. After a few weeks we noticed a huge improvement....and after only 10 weeks using the system the bed has been dry for over a month and a half!! We would certainly recommend the TheraPee system to anyone who is going through the same challenges of an aging child who still wets the bed. Thanks so much from Ottawa for a new beginning.
  • Works like a dream
    By Van Zachten on December 6, 2015
    My 11 year old regularly wet the bed and she was wearing diapers every night. We got Dr. Sagie's system and she stopped wetting the bed and waking up to go to the bedroom by herself within weeks. Great system. I strongly recommend it.
  • It WORKS!
    By David Brown on December 5, 2015
    This product really works! Our 7 year old son is now enjoying dry sleeps. Thanks Dr. Sagie!
  • Five Stars
    By Amazon Customer on December 4, 2015
    This was amazing for my 5 year old.
  • Wish We Would Have Purchased This Sooner! Great Success for our 6 Year Old!
    By Amazon Customer on December 4, 2015
    Our 6 year old son is completely dry after using the TheraPee bedwetting alarm. We haven't had one wet night since we completed the program. It has changed our life! I wish we had purchased it months before. Definitely the best money we've spent.
  • Five Stars
    By Susan Epstein on November 30, 2015
    It worked for us and nothing else had!
  • He enjoyed logging the information online and listening to the lessons
    By Amazon Customer on November 30, 2015
    My son was 6 years old when I bought TheraPee. I looked over charts of other kids who went through the program as part of the introduction and was thinking will this really show those results. He was wetting the bed every night. We started the program in August 2015. Within 2 weeks of the program I saw a difference in his bedwetting. Within one month there was a drastic change and I saw the excitement in my son's eyes. He enjoyed logging the information online and listening to the lessons. The exercises given were helpful in the process as well. Today is November 30, 2015 and the last time my son has wet the bed is October 4, 2015 and before that was September 20, 2014. So, within the last 2 1/2 months, he has wet the bed one time. We have one more week of logging information and then we will be done. I am very happy with the program and would recommend this program to anyone whose child needs help with bedwetting.
  • We had tried various methods with our 9 year old
    By E E on November 29, 2015
    We had tried various methods with our 9 year old, and this product worked well. Although results can take some time, our child responded within a week and was able to sleep confidently after only 9 weeks using the product. Worth the money!
  • This system worked great.
    By Jennifer on November 22, 2015
    This system worked great. Our 6 year old daughter was starting to become dry when she would sleep overnight elsewhere but still wet most nights at home. About a month into it she was completely dry.
  • Dry!!
    By Amazon Customer on November 19, 2015
    Our 11 year old son went from 100% wet nights to 100% dry nights in just a few weeks. No accidents for 4 months. Not quite sure how this program works but it does! Everyone is happier, especially our son.
  • Transformative solution for us
    By Sylsez on November 19, 2015
    My 9 year old son has always had a tiny bladder, since babyhood, and has had to wear night sleep pants to avoid multiple bedwettings per night. When his 7 year old brother gossiped to a friend about wearing "diapers" we decided to solve this once and for all. My pediatrician had loosely recommended bed alarms and practice with holding pee, but loose recommendations do not a structured program make. We needed a path to success.

    Research on Amazon had such amazing endorsements that I paid the extra money and got Therapee. The videos from Dr. Sagee were really useful in telling ME as a parent what I needed to do to make this a success, as well as talking to my son directly. I was impressed by how my son responded to the videos. He trusted Dr. Sagee and believed in the encouraging reviews from other kids that are presented in the videos. He also really reacted to the rewards, which are stars on the tracking calendar. I again was very surprised by how effective this was.

    It took about two weeks of waking up multiple times a night before we settled into just once or twice a week accidents. After a couple months, accidents became rare, but my son still had to get up in the middle of every night to urinate. He didn't mind, but I wondered if he would have to do that his whole life. In the final month, he actually stopped even having to get up at night! So he went from bedwetting multiple times every night to not even getting up to urinate. In four months.

    I just glanced at the negative reviews presented on Amazon, and I actually feel angry. This system was such a self-esteem saver for my son. Why are people whining about alarm sensitivity and trivial things like that? Learn it, go with it, and succeed! Not a big deal at ALL.

    So, I wish you for you the same amazing progress, tracked over time, proving to your child that hard work really does pay off.
  • So happy!
    By cookie maker on November 18, 2015
    Helped my child and with in a fews month no more accidents! So happy!
  • This is THE ONLY bedwetting solution that works.
    By Amazon Customer on November 18, 2015
    This is THE ONLY bedwetting solution that works. My daughter was trained for the night and was dry for around 8 months and then went back to bedwetting. We tried everything to help her stay dry but nothing works. Thanks to Dr. Sagie shes totally dry again at just 5 months later.
  • Wow, what a great surprise!
    By Amazon Customer on November 18, 2015
    My daughter was 101/2 and still using Pull ups. The pull-ups were heavy in the morning and she showed no interest in getting out of them. Until...she went to sleepover camp and came home humiliated at wearing the pull-ups. She expressed an interest in stopping the pull-ups, so I did an Internet search. I thought Therapee sounded most scientific and well researched and had the best program. The cost was expensive but I thought to give it a try, expecting long nights of changing the bed and being exhausted. I was shocked and surprised that my daughter wet the bed a couple of times at the beginning but she stopped wetting completely virtually from the start.
    She has been dry for over 2 months and is almost done using the alarm according to their program.
    I emailed the support line a couple of times and they responded promptly each time, the program is very easy to follow, kids are very motivated by the reward system and its a great product. Well worth the investment if you are committed to ending the bed wetting. I think the motivation and buy-in has to come from your child more than you. If your child is not motivated, nothing will work. When you are ready, this is seriously the BEST product and well worth the investment.
    I highly recommend this product without any reservation.
  • Miraculous!
    By Amazon Customer on November 17, 2015
    If your child wets the bed, you must buy the Therapee alarm. It was the only thing that worked for us. My 13 year old son was devastated that he was still wetting the bed. We tried an alarm when he was 10 years old. It worked for a month or two and then he began wetting the bed again. We spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a solution. We tried everything from hypnotherapy, a years worth of visits to homeopathic doctors and naturopathic remedies. Nothing worked. He dreaded sleepovers and vacations. It seemed like he was never going to have a dry night. He started using the alarm, and within three weeks the bed wetting was reduced drastically. After 8 weeks he was dry every night and still is, 4 months later. The alarm is well made, the pad is soft - my son didn't mind using it, and it was easy to use and keep clean. The alarm has different settings for sounds and volume. I couldn't find anything else on the market that worked as well. t still can't believe that my son is dry every night. It feels like a miracle. Don't hesitate to buy this product.
    By Valerie Mitchell on November 12, 2015
    I tried several different methods of bed wetting correction on my now 10 year old son over several years. I tried an alarm system which had worked for his older sister but had little effect for himself. It was expensive how often we had to wash his sheets not to mention the mental distress and anxiety he suffered, especially when he got to the age of campouts and sleepovers with friends. Doing yet another online search I came across Dr. Sagie's Therapee system. At first I thought it was like the other alarm systems, but after reading about the interactive aspect and especially the reviews from parents like me on amazon and other sites, it seemed like something we had to try and it has paid off in spades. My son loved the videos of Dr. Sagie talking to him about his progress and the unique exercises given, were a gratifying way a patient could take an active role in their own recovery. It really put the effort of becoming dry on my son and it was exactly what he needed. After more years then I'd like to think about of wet nights, it only took two weeks to start seeing results, and 3 months when my son announced he didn't need the system any more. He has done a boy scout camperall, overnights at friends, and best of all dry nights at home with a peace of mind. That othe part of his life of fear and anxiety, is over. Thank you Dr. Sagie for a truly wonderful program and as a former bedwetter myself, I can honestly say I wish there had been a similar program when I was a child.
  • TheraPee worked for 9 year old boy
    By D. Dennis on November 11, 2015
    I have a 9 year old boy. This worked. He potty trained quickly as a toddler, but never could stay dry at night. He only had one dry night when he was about 3. Ever since then, we bought pull ups for him to wear at night. My husband wet the bed as a boy, so we were just waiting for him to outgrow it. Once a year, or so, I would send him to bed in underwear with the plan that we'd get him up to pee before we went to sleep; only to find that he had already wet before we could wake him. I figured that as long as he was in a pull-up everyone could get their sleep.
    After his 9th birthday, I started scouring the internet for confirmation that my son's problem was normal. I came across the bed alarms and what I liked about this one was that he could wear his regular boxers to bed without anything in his pants (no batteries or lumps for him to complain about). The other reason I bought this one was that I liked the idea of the online calendar and feedback videos. We started the program and we had to write down what time he wet, how big the spot was, and whether the alarms woke him up or not. He was wetting at almost the exact same time, three times a night. weird. and was not waking up to the alarm. (Through research, I found out, that he didn't have to wake to the alarm, the alarm works subconsciously, so as long as we sent him in to the bathroom - his brain remembered). By the 4th night he didn't wet at all, and woke himself up to go to the bathroom. We had a few on and off nights, but after 8 or so weeks he was dry consistently. The first night we were sure we waited too long and it wouldn't work. But it did! We got it in August and it's November now. No pad, no pee at night! loving it. Why did I wait so long?
    pros: no batteries in underwear, large enough pad to save the bed (most of the time), has batteries, no wall plug, good interactive website with dr videos, loud alarm to be heard from parents' room.
    cons: pad gets hot for sweaty sleeper. (but I bet they all do)
  • This system was helpful
    By maureen on November 8, 2015
    This system works! I bought this for my 5 1/2 year old who routinely soaked through her pull up every night. We tried various ways and times to do the night time potty training but the attempts left her anxious, upset, and sad. This system was helpful, empowering, and she totally bought into every word and training exercise that Dr. Sagie suggested. It also gave us good guidance on how to go about working with her. The correlating online chart and videos were cute, simple, and something she looked forward to. She started to consistently wake up dry within about 3 weeks of starting the program and has stayed dry in the months following. Worth every penny when I think of what I was paying for in pull ups each month! I am going to use the same program for my son- apparently we are a family of deep sleepers! Great product.
  • This program works wonders!
    By Amazon Customer on November 5, 2015
    My 6 year old was wetting the bed every night - I couldn't keep up with Mount Laundry! The Therapee is not just the pad/alarm, but a whole program - and my son loved everything about this program: he loved knowing this was something that could be fixed, he loved setting the "alarm" and filling out the daily charts, he loved getting stars and watched the messages from the doctor over and over. It took two 2-week sessions, and he never wet the bed again - it's been 2 months! It was empowering for him - I highly recommend this program.
  • Best money I ever spent!
    By Anon on November 2, 2015
    I was a little skeptical at first. But miracle of miracles, my 9 year old son was dry within ten days and hasn't had an accident since. His confidence in himself has grown significantly as a result, which is really wonderful to see. Eight weeks later we have finally stopped using the mat and his confidence is growing still more. Thank you.

  • Helped Our 9 Year Old
    By Happy Parent on November 2, 2015
    Our 9 year old daughter was still wetting the bed most nights and having to wear pull ups. We tried everything from limiting her fluid intake before bed, waking her up during the night, and desmopressin nasal spray. We were literally 3 weeks away from a consultation with a pediatric urologist. We then found and bought the Therapee Bedwetting system. Our daughter started having dry nights during the second week of the program!! Long story short, we ended up cancelling the urology consult. Our daughter was completely dry after the first month of the program. She completed the whole program in 3 months. She enjoyed the interactions with Dr. Sagie. The alarm easily woke her from her sleep and we liked the fact that it was not attached to her. She has had her first 2 sleepovers and was so happy when she remained completely dry. I work in the medical profession and have been letting my colleagues know how wonderful this program has been. We can't thank you enough Dr. Sagie for everything you have done!!
  • No Regrets, other than not purchasing sooner
    By Julie hoops on November 2, 2015
    We were relucant to make this purchase because of the price and unknown if it would work and thinking that the problem would solve itself. The first week was tough, our son did not wake for the alarm (very deep sleeper), and this is an alarm that can wake the dead. The second week he was waking for the alarm. By the third week the wet nights was down to 1/2. By the 4th week, he was 100% dry. He has now been dry for over 2 months. This was the best money spent. It has been great for his confidence and feeling of owning and ability to control his own bodily function. I regret not getting this product sooner.
  • Therapee saved us!
    By Tibbs on October 29, 2015
    Best thing I ever did... This is the only treatment that works. We tried everything else - no success...
    I would not hesitate to recommend this product.
  • I heard about Therapee from a friend and feel that its been the best possible investment.
    By Nicole Wijngaarden on October 5, 2015
    My son is 10 years old and a very deep sleeper who had accidents a lot. We had previously tried sticker charts, waking him and taking him to the toilet and after years and years still not having much luck getting him consistently through the night. I heard about Therapee from a friend and feel that its been the best possible investment we have made and its a game changer. My son, is consistently dry now and proud of himself. He has grown in his confidence and loves completing the online star chart and although reluctant to do some of the sessions, when he applied himself he realised that it worked. I highly recommend Therapee to all.
  • My 9 year old son was very sad he was wetting his bed every single night
    By Mum Elen on September 21, 2015
    I decided to buy this product last March. My 9 year old son was very sad he was wetting his bed every single night , sometimes twice, and for this he was not feeling comfortable to go to his friends for a sleepover like his brothers. I was also tired from changing sheets everyday. Unfortunately, I had very little expectations as my husband stopped wetting his bed at the age of 12! and I knew that my son got it from him. Since we had spent all this money on pull ups I thought it worthed trying it. The first month it was a total disaster.I was a wreck as I was waking up from the alarm twice a night. My son was in deep sleep and usually I had to wake him up and guide him to the bathroom. Then , I needed to chance the sheets and put him back to bed. By that time I was awake and it was hard to go back to sleep. Just before I was loosing all my hope, after 3 weeks of using the machine a miracle happened. My son started having a few dry nights here and there! IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!! I could never imagine this could happened. Even my husband who went through all this in his childhood could not believe it! Then he started waking up to the sound of the alarm when he was having an accident. We were looking forward to watch all the videos from the software where all the progress was recorded. And he was so proud of himself when he was watching them. He was also trying hard to remember to do all the suggested exercises.

    During these 6 months of treatment every month the progress was slow but steady. Today my son has been 6 weeks dry!!!!! And all summer he has been to his grandparents and uncle for sleepovers with no accidents!!! The mat is so sensitive that it might be triggered even with a little sweat (we live in a very hot country). When I would go and check on him and see he was dry I would be so happy that it was just sweat!

    I do not usually write reports for products I buy on-line unless I have something important to say. For Dr Sagie's mat I say a big YES!!! IT DOES WORK ! I promise that if it worked for my son it can work for many more young boys and girls. It only needs patience, engagement and team work from us the parents and our children to make it happen. THANK YOU DR SAGIE FROM MY HEART!
  • My son is back to wearing pajama pants rather then underwear and he is so happy every morning when he wakes up dry
    By nellynell on September 9, 2015
    I held off for a long time buying this product because of the price. We were buying the disposable bed mats and changing them every morning for our 3.5-4 year old who was wetting the bed every night. He has been potty trained during the day since he was 2.5-3 years old and this was the last hurdle to be completely potty trained. I finally did the calculation of six months of bed mats and realized that I had just spent the equivalent of what this product cost. I immediately ordered it. I wasn't sure how it worked or that it would be successful. My son was excited to start and looked forward to turning on the machine every night.

    Weeks 1 & 2 - Only two dry nights (and two very rough weeks waking up multiple times during the night to change the sheets)
    Weeks 3 & 4 - Five dry nights (Still wetting the bed, but only one time a night)
    Weeks 5 & 6 - Six dry nights (A mix of waking up one to two times a night)
    Weeks 7 & 8 - 10 dry nights (Eight days in a row!!!)

    We aren't done yet and I plan to keep this going for several more months to ensure 100% effectiveness. But as of right now, I will definitely take this progress. My son is back to wearing pajama pants rather then underwear and he is so happy every morning when he wakes up dry. I am so happy too and can't believe the progress that he has made. I was skeptical of the exercises that they had him do, but it's obviously working because he is showing tremendous improvement. Buy this product and you won't be sorry.
  • Finally!!
    By Robin on August 26, 2015
    My son is now 12 yrs old (almost 13) and was still wetting the bed most every night. We tried a couple different alarms, restricted fluids, meds, urologist at Mass General, woke him in the middle of the night to pee... There were times that he would not wet the bed for a few days but without fail he would start again. The urologist told us that he would outgrow it as it was a matter of brain development and suggested meds for the time being. We tried the meds and he still wet the bed. We increased the dosage several times and he still wet the bed. We tried talking about it right before bed in hopes that his subconscious would make him wake up. We tried rewards too. At his age he is very money driven as there are many things he wants to buy. I offered him $10 per consecutive dry night and if he wet the bed he would owe me $5. He was losing money faster than making it. Finally we tried Therapee. At last we had some physical exercises to help control his bladder function and reason to believe we can win this battle. We followed the program and entered the data together and it started working. He now wets the bed ~once every two weeks at best. He has been doing the exercises daily and following the instructions and it is actually working. I finally feel like we are going to conquer this thing. The exercises are definitely working and they give him something to do to help himself as he wants nothing more than to be able to go to camp and sleepovers like all his friends do. We have not really been faithful about using the sensor pad as he has the ability to sleep through a fog horn and honestly so do I. With that said, the program has been highly effective without using the pad. I highly recommend this program! I couldn't be happier! He is soooo excited to be able to have friends sleep over (something new). I am confident that by this winter he will be able to go to sleepovers! It may be expensive but the peace of mind and the vast decrease in laundry makes it worth every penny!
    By CYHOCKEY25 on August 25, 2015
    Why didn't we find this product sooner? Our 7 year old son was wetting the bed pretty much every night (sometimes twice a night). While it was embarrassing for him, it was extremely frustrating for us. I purchased Dr. Sagie's TheraPee system with tons of skepticism, but a lot of hope at the same time. I know not everyone gets the same results, but what I am about to explain is the actual results of our son's elimination of his bedwetting struggles.

    Week 1: Wet 4 of the 7 nights - started figuring out the system on night 5
    Week 2: Wet 2 of the 7 nights - it started breaking his deep sleep cycle so he could recognize the need to use the restroom
    Week 3: Wet 1 of the 7 nights - this program actually works
    Week 4: Wet 0 of the 7 nights - can this actually be the end?
    Week 5: Wet 1 of the 7 nights - real small mistake - but he caught it and woke up
    Week 6: Wet 0 of the 7 nights - bye bye Pull-ups
    Week 7: Wet 0 of the 7 nights - WOW
    Week 8: Wet 0 of the 7 nights - Pull the pad, buy this kid a new mattress and bedding to celebrate!

    As you can see - this problem can be defeated. Our son could not break the deep sleep cycle and recognize the muscle control required to wake up dry. Now, he is excited to go to bed and wake up - he looks forward to sleepovers (without hidden Pull-Ups) - and we finally feel like we have made a solid investment for the well being of our son.

    Please do not hesitate to buy this solution. IT WILL WORK! Follow Dr. Sagie's instructions and get your child excited about following the videos. Blue Star, Red Star, Gold Star! You will see what I'm talking about. :-) Dry nights are only a few clicks away!! Thank you TheraPee and Dr. Sagie!
  • so I feel like we got off track
    By krgatez on August 24, 2015
    Although I was hesitant to spend this kind of money, it was so worth it! My 5 year old daughter NEVER woke up dry. We've used pullups for years. Finally, as she was entering kindergarten, I decided we needed to try to get this under control.

    As we got our log in information for the online program, my daughter was nervous but excited. That very night, she woke up dry! She had a sleepover the next night, so I feel like we got off track, but after a month with several accidents, she is completely accident free. I'm very please with the results and plan to use it on my 3 year old when he gets a little older. So thankful!
  • It was a great relief for him
    By Anthony and Ann Kemp on August 24, 2015
    Thank you so much ! Your program has indeed been instrumental in getting our son over his bed wetting. He has been struggling with this for 13 years. I can’t tell you how much we have spent on pull-ups and laundry soap cleaning bed sheets. Having to deal with the social stigma, missed sleep overs, camping trips that had to be avoided, all were not possible up until January this year when he turned the corner and started getting dry nights and getting up himself to go to the bath room. Our son now 14 is completed free of bed wetting after having used your Therapee program for about 6 months. He stopped using the alarm pad 5 months ago and can now have sleep overs with confidence. He finished his grade 8 year with a school field trip and was totally confident he would have dry beds and accomplished this with no problem.

    Our son has always been a very deep sleeper and quite physically active in the day doing sports. He just never developed the skill of bladder control most likely because of the deep sleeping. It was a great relief for him and us to know this was normal and not a result of laziness or immaturity. What made the difference with the Therapee program for our son was the combination of non-judgemental , simple and practical step by step process towards success. We would highly recommend this program for anyone dealing with bed wetting.
  • 4 months of TheraPee and my daughter's bed is dry!!
    By andrea janoha on August 24, 2015
    My daughter is 9 and has been bedwetting since she was born. We helped her stop the bedwetting by trying every solution Dr. Sagie considers wrong: waking up the child in the middle of the night, using pampers, no drinking before going to bed, etc. Eventually we discovered Therapee and started the therapy in February 2015. Since June 2015 there are no more traces of pee in her bed, she stopped bedwetting.
    She is a different person now, TheraPee changed her and our life. The therapy and the equipment are very easy to follow and use. The interactive online program involves the child and helps him/her keep track of progress.
    Most important is Dr Sagie’s assistance during the treatment and his real time availability for any query you may have.
    The TheraPee kit was shipped and received in excellent conditions in Barbados where I live.
    I definitely recommend this treatment to every child suffering from this very annoying condition.
  • This was definitely a great buy for our money
    By Amazon Customer on August 23, 2015
    This was definitely a great buy for our money! We have a 12 year old son who had a bed wetting problem. He was a sound sleeper and he loves scouting and this made camp outs hard for all of us. We bought this and in 1 month maybe less he stopped wetting the bed! We have no problems anymore! He's a great kid and deserves the best. Now one thing though is it may differ for other kids my son really wanted to stop and he was determined to let this work but if you have a child who may not be as motivated or mature yet it may be harder. I've tried to figure out why this product worked so well and from what I noticed is that when it wakes them up they realize what they are doing and it teaches their subconscious what it feels like when they are in REM. Use it consistently and it somehow just trains the brain. I will never regret buying this. And we never watched the videos you are supposed to see with it and it still worked for him. Some people may need those. Worked for us!!
    By sanjay on August 21, 2015
    worked to my expectation. thankful for coming across this product
  • Therapee Works!!!
    By Steve R on August 21, 2015
    We love this system and would recommend it to anyone with a child who has a bedwetting problem! We tried everything from diet modification(no gluten,soy,rice, dairy or corn) to monitoring the liquid intake after 7:00, you name it we tried it and nothing worked. He was such a deep sleeper that he never woke up. He is twelve and this was keeping our son from being able to live his life. Nothing worked! He was outgrowing the Pull-ups and he didn't just have accidents he was soaked nightly. This system was a God send! It took about six weeks to fully stop wetting the bed but there was steady and visible improvement along the way. We tried other alarms over the years without success or even improvement of any sort. This system is unique and remarkably designed to train the brain to respond to the need to wake up from a deep sleep. We can't say enough good things about it! We were planning a family trip prior to getting the Therapee system hoping it would work before we went. It did and the whole week we were in Florida we didn't have one accident! He was able to go to camp this year without any worries too. It's been eight months now and not one relapse, it's but a distant memory. Sometimes he'll remember and say "I don't wet the bed anymore!". We had to adjust everything around nightly accidents and he was embarrassed and I was out of solutions or answers before Therapee. I only wish we had discovered it years ago. My brother's kids have struggled with bedwetting also and we sent the Therapee to them when we were done and they have also had success with it.
  • Bedwetting stopped in 5 weeks for good!
    By michelle klein on August 21, 2015
    We had tried so many ways to help our 6 year old from night bedwetting, but nothing helped.
    This product along with the online program was fantastic. The cognitive approach was the key to the success. Our daughter was fully dry by week 5 of the program, but we followed it through for the next few weeks as per Dr. Sagie's instructions.
    Highly recommended!
  • This is an excellent program.
    By David on August 21, 2015
    This is an excellent program. The alarm and sensor pad are only part of the success. Dr. Sagie explains exercises for your child to preform daily. Each day your child will mark their progress with a color coded star (this is further explained in the sessions you will have with dr. Sagie). Ultimately your child works toward a "gold star." It is self motivating. Our son no longer has a problem with bedwetting. Prior to this program we didn't know what we were going to do to help our son. Bedwetting has been completely eliminated! Worth every penny!
    By E.T.on August 19, 2015
    EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT product. It worked beautifully for my 5.5 year old son. He went from wetting twice a night, to once a night, to either waking himself up to pee or being able to hold it all night. I purchased a waterproof mat to go underneath the alarm pad which definitely came in handy when there was so much urine it ran off the pad, or if he moved around and the urine was close to the edge of the alarm pad. The first night the alarm was so unbelievably loud I nearly jumped out of my skin, but then after changing the tone and volume it became a little less startling. The computer program motivation aspect definitely helped. My son took ownership of plugging in his alarm before bed and letting me know that he was going to get a blue star in the morning. He was very proud of himself waking up dry and looked forward to filling in the chart. I highly recommend this product. It is the most expensive one out there, but worth every penny. I was able to save a few dollars purchasing it directly from the website during one of their Flash Sales. Also, the customer service is very responsive. I emailed the company a few times with questions and received a response within 24 hours every time from the developer himself.
  • TheraPee works well & fast!
    By DCG on August 18, 2015
    My 9 year daughter was still wetting the bed. We tried lots of different things - but nothing worked until TheraPee. Within 1 month she had almost stopped wetting completely (maybe 1-2 a month vs 3-5 a week). Within 3 months - no accidents at all. That was about 3 months ago & she has been completely dry ever since. She even went away to sleepaway camp this summer with no incidents! I really think that TheraPee is worth it, it is quick, it works & it's simple, it's also FSA eligible. My daughter liked filling in the on line star sheet & seeing her progress. Before that we were either washing sheets 3-5 times a week, or using pullups, which is quite embarrassing for a 9 yr old. Any questions are answered almost immediately via email, and even phone. They are very helpful! I'm now recommending this to anyone with a bedwetting issue 
  • Expensive, but it WORKS!
    By James T. Willis on August 16, 2015
    My almost 5 year old son was soaking the bed every night, even with pull ups. We tried limiting liquids, waking him up to use the bathroom, nothing worked. I did some looking online to find help when I heard him refer to himself as "Mr. Soaky-pants". I found this product almost immediately, and while the price was intimidating, I didn't want to try something else that "might" work. I'm so glad I went with this! The first two weeks were the hardest. He would wet the bed four times some nights! Which meant I had to get up and drag him to the bathroom four times. But after that, his improvement was dramatic! It didn't even take him three months to be consistently dry every night. I have two younger children which may also use the same pad, I can just restart my subscription to the tracking system, which is awesome. My son loved putting stars on his chart when he stayed dry. Bottom line, this system works!
  • This program is worth every penny!
    By Aquilo Bask on August 14, 2015
    This program is worth every penny! We have tried other programs, other alarms, and nothing worked. My son had struggled with this into his teens. Within a couple of months he was completely dry. I think the videos are really helpful, and tracking your progress online continues to motivate.
  • Success!
    By Katey Adams on August 11, 2015
    I am so glad I purchased this! My daughter had gone through spells of off and on being dry at night and recently we were back to having her use pull ups this was not what she wanted as she is now 9years old and going back to that was hard and embarrassing for her, getting to the age of sleep overs, I was nervous when the occasional friend would sleep over that they would find out and she would feel bad. Then I went to waking her up to go in the middle of the night, as she was just such a sound sleeper that she wouldn't wake on her own. we were in need of 'something ' to get us over the hump and back on track once and for all. So in searching the internet I found this system and based on other reviews purchased it.
    The pad is super sensitive, which makes it so great. And the alarm is affective, even for heavy sleepers. It honestly worked just a they said it would. We had a few nights of the alarm going off that she didn't wake for (and I found a quick and easy way to change the sheets in the middle of the night. ) then she had some dry nights and then a few alarms-she quickly started to wake on her own. It was just a few weeks. She is doing great ! We are still using the alarm, for the 'just in case' for a while just to make absolute sure she is good to go, but honestly I feel that is was just what we needed to turn the corner and she feels such a sense of accomplishment. I will defiantly use this for my younger two daughters when they are ready so we can quickly and successfully night train, rather than letting the process drag on and on. Thank you Dr. Saige!
  • It worked - we are grateful
    By Jeremy Morrison on August 10, 2015
    This solution worked. Our daughter is 10 and we were getting very frustrated prior to this product. It took a few weeks of patience and then we started to have more and more dry nights. Took about 3 months total and she is now good to go - no issues in over a month. Definitely the combination of the tool plus the website/tracking made a difference - we had tried a previous tool alone without a software package two years ago with no success. I highly recommend this product!
  • Worth EVERY penny and more! My son no longer wets the bed and that is priceless!!!!
    By Jessica in Ontario, Canada on August 9, 2015
    My 6 1/2 year old was just not "outgrowing" his bedwetting like so many people had said he would. He was wet consistently and he was beginning to be bothered and embarrassed about it. This program is fantastic!! It takes commitment on the parent's and child's part but the positive reinforcement encouraged by Dr. Sagie was just what we needed to persevere. Within 3 weeks he began having dry nights and after a few months he was dry over 90% of the time. Now, after 6 months he graduated the program and is dry all the time!!! He is so excited and proud of himself! A few times along the way I had questions and Dr. Sagie always got back to me personally within hours to advise and encourage. I heartily recommend this program to anyone willing to put in a little effort for priceless returns!
  • She was dry more than she was wet and the results kept getting better.
    By Prairie Gal on August 6, 2015
    This system WORKS! My 7 yr old daughter has always suffered with bedwetting and I tried everything to help her stop. After trying several other products including other alarms, we found success with TheraPee. Within the first month, she was dry more than she was wet and the results kept getting better. With the help of Dr. Sagie she has been dry at night for over 3 months - if you are skeptical like I was at first, give this a try.....it really does work (happy momma here)!
  • This System Works.
    By K Ryner on July 29, 2015

    My 7-year-old daughter wore Goodnites to bed every single night. And every single morning, they were soaked. She was embarrassed. As her parents, we were frustrated. We tried all the “traditional” advice: decrease the amount of fluids drunk prior to bedtime, put your child to bed earlier, take your child to the toilet before you go to sleep yourself, just wait and your child will outgrow it, etc. None of that worked. I absolutely refused to put her on drugs. Well-meaning relatives suggested taking her to a psychologist. I was determined to find another way.

    After lots of Internet research, I found Therapee. Was I a bit taken aback by the price tag? You betcha. What ultimately convinced me to buy it? The detailed explanation of enuresis (that’s doctor-speak for bedwetting), its typical root cause – exceptionally deep sleep – and how the Therapee system addresses this root cause. I recognized my daughter in the descriptions, and was very hopeful that this would work for her.

    Work it did. Her progress went like this:
    • Week 1 – two dry nights
    • Week 2 – six dry nights
    • Week 3 – seven dry nights (yup, all week)
    • Week 4 – seven dry nights (now that’s gotta be a fluke)
    • Week 5 – seven dry nights (what – already?)

    And we stopped tracking. She’s been dry every single night of the four months since we stopped tracking. So essentially, with the Therapee system, she went from wetting the bed every night to being completely dry every night in two weeks. That’s unusually fast according to the Therapee website, but I’m not one to question such obvious success.

    My daughter absolutely loved our nightly log-ins to the Therapee software to update her progress chart and watch the next video with Dr. Sagie. I was impressed by how the website presented videos based on our input into the progress chart. We used every suggestion presented in the videos and were diligent in performing the needed parental activities. And clearly, it paid off for us.

    I cannot say enough good things about Therapee. We are holding on to the bedwetting alarm in case our 5-year-old son needs it later. (You can re-use the alarm and purchase only another license for the supporting software if you want to use the system with a different child.) Should that be the case, I am 100% confident that this system will work for him, too.

    This. System. Works. 'Nuff said.
  • It works!!! 7.5 year old completely dry in under 2 months!!
    By Audrey W.on July 20, 2015
    We started using Therapee in late March for my son who was 7.5 and still soaking through pull-ups several nights a week. He was starting to feel ashamed and wouldn't go to sleepovers, so I did some research and came across the TheraPee site. I wish I had known about it sooner--the program worked better than I ever imagined it could. The alarm went off the first two nights and he woke up and went to the bathroom, no problem. After that I think he only had 3 or 4 more accidents. He hasn't wet the bed since mid-May, less than two months since we started the program. The chart seemed to be the biggest motivator--he LOVED adding the stars every morning. He didn't do the exercises so I don't think they were a factor, but I can see how they could help others. I can't say enough good things about it--I highly recommend it!
  • My little girl had pretty much never been dry at night
    By MLK on July 14, 2015
    My little girl had pretty much never been dry at night..the odd night here and there she is nearly 8 years old and was starting to get very upset by it, not wanting to have sleepovers at friends houses anymore. She is a very heavy sleeper and we started using the TheraPee alarm. The alarm never woke her up but after about 4 weeks and following the program she started to become dry at night, it took about a month and now she has been dry at night for over 8 weeks. It is a very simple program and she was happy to follow it and happy to see her results on the calendar. I would absolutely recommend this program
  • Magic!
    By Lynnae Burns on July 9, 2015
    This works. I don't ever write reviews, but this thing is amazing. My daughter wet the bed every single night since birth. She is 7 now. She had instant success with this system. She loved the little video therapy sessions and the stars.. everything. We were unusual in that she stopped peeing almost immediately. We had, like, 5 accidents once we started. If it had been more difficult, she would have been OK with that though because of the therapy portion. She was really committed to do this thing all the way. We stopped using the mat a few days ago (b/c she is in a scared at night phase and we thought the sound might make it worse) but she is still doing the star chart every day.
  • I could not have made a better use of our finances
    By Happy Mom, GA on July 8, 2015
    After so much stress and so much laundry and really searching for the right answer to help our 12 year old daughter, I went back to the internet.... again searching for solutions. I found Therapee online, and after months of determining if we should make the financial investment in Therapee, we finally purchased. I could not have made a better use of our finances!! My 12 year old daughter is now free from bedwetting!! She is so relieved and happy, my only regret is that we didn't find this sooner. We are so happy that we are going to use the program with her two brothers that still wet the bed! Looking forward to their success as well! Thank you Dr. Sagie!!
  • Worth every cent!!
    By Mila McClain on July 7, 2015
    BEST INVENTION EVER!!! Worked like a charm for my daughter! Would totally recommend!!! She just turned 11 - it took about 3-4 weeks to have her completely dry every night. Before this product - she was NEVER dry! Very happy with this!!!
    By Julie Weninger on June 25, 2015
    My 13 (nearly 14) year old son has been dry for 7 weeks now ... thank you, thank you, thank you!! We tried different bedwetting alarms (attached to his body) and waking him for bathroom breaks over the years with no success. We were not willing to try any medication for bedwetting ... too many risks associated with the meds. This started working after the first week and he is now completely and consistently dry after 11 weeks. AMAZING!
  • This tool was very helpful in changing my daughter's wet nights into dry nights.
    By Melanie on June 16, 2015
    This tool was very helpful in changing my daughter's wet nights into dry nights. She was empowered to feel the success of being dry and now is dry every night. Slumber parties here she comes!
  • #1 for a reason!
    By Handywine on June 11, 2015
    TheraPee is a game changer. We were so frustrated because our daughter was 8 years old and still could not get through the night without wetting her pull up pants.

    Our pediatrician had been telling us for years that she would grow out of it.

    Some history, our daughter has been potty trained since 21 months, never had an accident during the day, but we relied on pull-ups for nighttime.

    Upon starting the program, she wet the bed the first 2 nights, dry the next 4, had a one night relapse, and never looked back for 60+ days.

    She certainly made the connection and is so happy. Now she can have sleepovers with her friends and not worry about sneaking into the bathroom to put on her pull up before bed.

    The interactive sessions and tracking really encouraged her and were a big key to her success.

    We highly recommend Therapee to anyone who is looking end bedwetting. We even told our pediatrician to recommend to her patients.
  • We continued to put him in pull ups which only made the situation worse. His brain never got trained to wake itself.
    By Jill Wakefield on June 11, 2015
    This has completely changed our lives, for the entire household! My ten year old son was always thought of as a "heavy sleeper" and wouldn't wake up to use the restroom. We continued to put him in pull ups which only made the situation worse. His brain never got trained to wake itself up when the bladder needed to empty. Because of TheraPee, he has been cured! Like within 5 days!!! Once the alarm awoke him (during the phase of the bladder emptying) he began to associate waking up with the need to urinate. It was a miracle!!!! After a few weeks he mentioned that when he would urinate during the day he would hear the alarm in his mind!!! Talk about Classical Conditioning~ It really works and I wish we would've used it earlier! He just had his first sleep over with his best friend without hiding pull ups in his bag! Best product ever!!!
  • Great Investment!
    By Gina B.on June 9, 2015
    After looking at other products in the market, I settled for the TheraPee treatment. With the TheraPee system my child and I are not trying to do this alone, but with the guidance of Dr. Sagie. I also like the fact that they are available to answer questions via email. We log in our daily progress, listen to each video session, and after beginning the exercises recommended, my son is doing much better. It has been a month since he last wet his bed, he seems more confident, and I am a happy mother.
    TheraPee has been a great investment, and I highly recommend it.
  • He is so much happier now and not self conscience about sleepovers
    By Tammy on June 7, 2015
    This product was a life saver for us. Our 15 year old boy was cured. We had given up hope after many years of trying everything from watches to other alarms that attached to his underwear to medicine to waking him up at night. He was made to do his laundry and take care of the problem and nothing was said about it. We tried it all. Had his bladder checked. Kept hearing he will grow out of it. This was our last ditch effort. I'm not sure why it worked but it did! He is so much happier now and not self conscience about sleepovers
  • It works! Thank you Dr. Sagie!
    By Kim Frye on June 7, 2015
    We are thrilled with Dr. Sahie and Therapee! Our daughter stopped wetting g rhe bed between the ages of 4 and 6 and then started up again. She was wet nearly every night of the week. Probably 28 or 39 nights out of 30.it was getting to the point that pull ups weren't able to absorb enough and it was becoming an issue with sleep overs. We ordered Therapee in March in hopes that she would be done wetting the bed so we could get her a new bed and bedding for her 11th birthday. Her birthday is tomorrow (June 8) and she got her new bed yesterday! We had tried everything from Dr appointments to medication to other wet alarms. DON'T waste your time and money. Yes, this system is a little more costly than the others but our daughter hasn't wet the bed since the first week of the program! There us a ton of support available and she loved filling in the chart! If your family is suffering from bedwetting, this is the answer!
  • Worked quickly for our 9 year old!
    By Amazon Customer on June 7, 2015
    We used TheraPee for our 9 year old who was becoming frustrated and upset with being wet every morning. He had very quick progress with this product. Only took about 2-3 weeks before he was dry most nights and then completely dry after that. Being dry allowed him to go on an overseas trip with my husband without any problems. In the last 4 months he has only had 2 wetting episodes. Emotionally, he is a totally different kid now. It does take some work on the parent's part. One of us slept in his room for the first 1-2 weeks so we could get him up quickly when the alarm went off. Even though the cost seemed steep at the time, it was worth the money since we have a dry kiddo! When ever we had questions about the product the Dr.s were quick to respond via email- sometimes within the hour! I highly recommend this product and we plan to use it with our other 3 kids if necessary!
  • Yes! No more tears, he is cured.
    By Let's go Wyo !on June 5, 2015
    THANK YOU!!! In a moment of complete desperation, tears streaming down my face, I sought a solution for my 9-year-old's bed wetting. Within the first month he went from soaking the bed nearly every night to once a week. The second month was completely dry. HALLELUJAH! Wish I had tried this much earlier.
  • It really works!!!
    By canadian mom on June 2, 2015
    I stumbled upon this product by accident. My 8 yr old wet the bed nightly and I thought that it was something he would just out grow. When I found the Therapee website and saw some of the personal stories of teens and older saying they were still having problems, I began to have doubts. I am skeptical about most things and when researching this product, I could only find excellent reviews. I was thinking that it might be too good to be true. I almost didn't buy it, but figured that for what I've spent in the last many years on pullups, the possibility of not paying that anymore won out.

    Essentially within 4 weeks he went from wetting the bed every night to wetting a couple times a week to being completely dry. Less than one month!

    It should be noted that he never woke up himself to the alarm. It says it in the instructions that parents participation is required. We woke him up as soon as it went off and directed him towards the bathroom in a half-sleepy state. In my opinion one month of sleeplessness is a small price to pay for such an amazing outcome. It really works!!!
  • Product works!!! Really impressed with the results.
    By Veronica DeLeon on May 29, 2015
    We tried other solutions before and this one is by far the best, the combination of the software (videos) , progress charts and the device makes a big difference. My son was very engaged throughout the whole process, he felt supported all the way to the end!, he wanted to see his progress all the time and the software gives really good visibility. We started to see results around week 3, but he completely graduated around week 20. Absolutely thrilled with the results!
  • The support given by the TheraPee program was brilliant.
    By Bronwyn Waldeckon May 29, 2015
    Our son had been struggling with bedwetting for a long time. We had tried other alarm systems but these didn't seem to work. The support given by the TheraPee program was brilliant. It helped provide motivation and also provided feedback when needed. The use of the star chart allowed us to track progress in a visual and effective way. The actual bedwetting mat was more durable than others we had tried. Our son is now dry at nights. It took nearly 3 months of hard work but was well worth the effort. Our son feels successful and can now go confidently on sleep overs.
  • Worked great for us
    By Andrea on May 19, 2015
    We used this for my 10 yo son and he responded really well and quickly. I have been recommending this to anyone who is struggling with this. The high price is worth it for the accountability calendar and little therapy videos catered to your child's specific situation. It's a great program!
  • Happy & Relieved to have found TheraPee
    By Relieved Mom on May 16, 2015
    This program was fantastic. We found Dr. Sagie after trying so many other things to no avail. My son had just turned 12 and was so discouraged and my husband was anxious because we could not solve the problem. But with Dr. Sagie's program my son was able to take ownership of a calendar and track things on his own. My son was extremely proud of the stars he earned and the progress he made. We did not use the alarm due since the bedwetting was less frequent - about once per week or every other. Dr. Sagie spoke to him on the videos that seemed to speak personally to him based on his needs and his progress. After one month progress was HUGE. After 2 months problem completely solved. Money so well spent. We can't thank Dr. Sagie enough for giving my son his self confidence back and allowing him to do friend sleepovers again!
  • Don't hesitate, just buy it! So worth it!!
    By Melissa Bowen on May 11, 2015
    Worth every penny we spent!! Our 7 year old son was wetting the bed nightly and sleeping through it most of the time. He seemed unaffected by it until he came to the realization that his pull ups were in fact diapers! Suddenly he was very self conscious and upset about wetting the bed. My husband and I really didn't know what was out there to help us. I actually googled bed wetting and found TheraPee. It had excellent review which actually made me a little skeptical at first. It sounded too good to be true.
    We received the alarm and started the program in mid-February 2015. Within the first two weeks our son experienced his first dry night in 7 years!! Seriously he was so incredibly proud! The online portion was wonderful and helped us as parents to see the patterns in his bed wetting. It was also a huge encouragement to our son. He loved getting to add stars to his calendar and hear updates and encouragement from Dr. Sagie.
    I will let parents know that it involves you! The program will not be successful if you are not completely committed and consistent!! In some ways it is like having an infant again, as you will be getting up during the night with your child. The first couple of weeks were exhausting but I can honestly say it was worth it. All I can say is buy it! Make the investment in your child being dry at night! If you think about the money you spend on pull-ups or nighttime underwear and the amount of laundry you do, it's totally worth the price.
    Our son was dry at night after 3 weeks. He only had a couple of wet nights in week 4& 5 and after week 6 has been completely dry!!
  • Sagie does such a great job…
    By RL on May 10, 2015
    My daughter had struggled with wetting the bed ever since she was potty trained. By the time she was 4 or 5 we started making charts and doing incentives for her to get a "dry pullup" at night. There were times where it was so frustrating because she at one point had made it over a week and then went back to peeing the bed. After years of frustration we finally just relaxed and realized that we couldn't do much about it. She would take care of her wet pullup in the morning and let me know when she was running low. We just thought from others and research she would grow out of it. I remember thinking by her 7th birthday that maybe she was old enough for things just have just developed more in her body and maybe one day she would just stop peeing in her pullups. At age 8 1/2 a huge blessing came and I had come across therapee online and wondered if it would work. I knew I would never do medication for my daughter. A very tender moment happened with my daughter and I knew at this point that I needed to at least try something. I purchased therapee and when we recieved it, we discussed it as a family and let my daughter know that we were all in this to support her. My younger son even loaned his bed to her, which was closer to mom and dads room. Through lots of prayer and team work, my daughter is officially DONE wetting the bed. The first week was a lot of work, but my husband and I worked well as a team helping her each night. Dr. Sagie does such a great job at telling you ALL of the specifics of what you need to do. It was so wonderful to have his help along the way. The 2nd week was also a lot of work with my daughter wetting the bed around 2 times a night. I remember feeling exhausted but we did all that we were supposed to in tracking. By week 4, I remember my daughter waking on her own just after she had fallen asleep after 1 hour. I was almost in tears. She was such a heavy sleeper that I never thought she would be able to do this. Long story short, we kept tracking, doing the things we were asked, staying positive and we saw the small changes happening. I was preparing myself for progress to happen around 2 - 3 months, so it was such a blessing that it worked quicker for her. She has now not had 1 accident for 15 weeks. This program is seriously amazing. I love everything about it. It makes perfect sense on how our brains need to learn to respond when our bladders are full. I am so grateful to Dr. Sagie and the program that he designed. It was worth every penny. It seems expensive, however when you follow the program and do what you are supposed to and put in the work with a positive environment and attitude you WILL see results. I honestly could keep going on and on about this program. I love it when I find people who are struggling with this because I want to share how it helped me and I KNOW it can help them. Don't wait!
  • My daughter's happiness with the resolution of a problem she's had all her life
    By JMSY on April 17, 2015
    Within 2 months of putting my 10 year old on this program, she was completely dry. She has not had one accident since January 12, 2015. She had a wet pull-up almost every night for her entire life. I was nervous that I was wasting my money when I purchased the alarm/program. I researched all the alarms on the market but decided to take a chance on TheraPee because of the on-line program/assistance. It was money well spent...my daughter's happiness with the resolution of a problem she's had all her life is well worth the money. All the money I have spent of pull-ups and pads over the years is way more than this alarm. It was nice to have an expert on bedwetting speak/instruct us through a video every couple of weeks in the privacy of our home. It was reassuring to not feel alone during the process as I have found the topic of bedwetting not something I felt comfortable talking about with other parent friends. We followed every instruction given to us during the program and it truly worked. I have never written an on-line review but felt compelled to share this information if it can help anyone struggling with bedwetting.
  • Regret not getting this earlier!
    By Cheryl Graybush on April 16, 2015
    This worked for our 6 year old daughter very well. She had less than 10 dry nights her whole life. When we started the Therapee program she was urinating in bed twice a night. Two weeks into the program she was done to only once a night about 6 nights a week. Four weeks into the program she was having s few dry nights a week. By 7-8 weeks into the program she was completely dry all the time. The alarm is easy to use and has variable settings for volume and type of tone. The pad was well made. The feedback every two weeks was really helpful and helpful critique that was not just from "mom" or "dad". The progress our daughter made every 2 weeks was incredible after 3 years of trying other things. I had considered this product 6 mo earlier and so regret I did not buy it then. I am incredibly happy with the product. It just gave our daughter such a confidence boost. Just be patient -many reviews I read before buying showed that most kids need 1-3mo to train their brain and bladders with this program but we saw steady improvement along the way with the occas oops.
  • Program really works!
    By Happy mom on April 15, 2015
    I have a10 year old son who wet the bed almost every night. We started using dr Sagie's mat last fall. It has taken some time but please be patient! Stick with it it works!!! We are completely dry and so happy! Thank you Dr Sagie!!
  • Amazing transformation - buy THERAPEE for your child!
    By Wolven00 on April 12, 2015
    I am in utter amazement! After MUCH frustration with my 10 year old nightly bed wetter, I looked into Therapee. I was at my wits end, buying and using pull ups, washing sheets anyway due to amount of urine, the smell of the bedroom each and every day.... Plus, he is really ready to go to overnight camp this summer. I received Therapee early February 2015- with doubts, I admit, that it would work. Oh, the heavy sleeper! We followed the instructions and set up, and we all agreed to give it our best. I had a hard time sleeping the first night in anticipation of the alarm. It didn't come. I figured it had malfunctioned or something, but when I walked into his room the next morning, there was no urine smell! I was shocked and excited, and so was he! First night EVER! I don't have his chart in front of me, but from the beginning, there were HUGE and steady improvements. He went from literally every night (at least once) to three times a week, to two times a week, to occasionally, to never! Today, not even two months later, we are retiring the Therapee. He is signed up for camp and has enjoyed sleepovers without fear. I truly truly truly believe in this product! Yes, there were nights I didn't want to get up and change sheets, but the little effort was well worth it. We put a small bed protector sheet over the mattress, layed the Therapee pad on that, then put of the fitted sheet, and made the bed as normal. I had several bottom sheets nearby to quickly change when needed, and the amount of urine to wake him was very small, so the fitted sheet was all we changed. It is a snap to clean. I don't know what else to say, but that I am 100% satisfied with Therapee. Don't wait- BUY THIS TODAY!
  • Bedwetting conquered..never thought we would get here but we did!
    By Janet Rodia on April 4, 2015
    It was early May and we were fast approaching another birthday, another annual visit where I would describe once again to my son's pediatrician my bedwetting concerns only to be told he would outgrow it. We had been to enuresis clinics and had followed their 'suggestions for success' and had tried different pee alarms to no avail. My son was about to turn 9 years old and it was just not an option to continue as we had been with my buying pull ups and him going through two a night, every night. I thought it would never end. I was frustrated and tired of changing pull ups and sheets! And now going in to 'change a pull up' seems like a distant, hard to recall memory and he is a confident, secure 9 year old who can have sleepovers without reservation.

    From my first contact with Dr Sagie I was impressed. I found Therapee late one evening during one of my many internet searches and, being a skeptic and also reserved about providing credit card information over the Internet, I emailed Dr. Sagie. To my immediate surprise he emailed back within minutes! I was very impressed with what I read and learned and decided that it was definitely a purchase worth making and that if Dr Sagie had helped so many than surely my son would end up also being one of his success stories. And I am happy to say with Dr Sagie's help I was right.

    We started the program the second week of May and were religious about following the directions and suggested exercises and by mid June my son, who was really engaged and motivated by the interactive support videos and charting, was very happy with his progress, as his bedwetting had gone from nightly to once a week and by early July he had more consecutive days dry than wet. With this confidence he attended a slumber party in mid July for a friend, wore underwear and awoke dry. Whoo-hoo!

    So in as little as two months time my concerns had been resolved. At last we had found a solution and had met with success. This time, just one year ago I placed an order for Therapee after reading so many testimonies and letters. It feels good to be on the 'other side' now, my son and I having conquered this embarassing problem.

    Buying Therapee has been one of the best decisions I have made for the sake of my child. And you can bet I was very clear about our success with his pediatrician. I have shared with many frustrated and tired moms as too often people are afraid to 'divulge' such information about their children. This works and when you find something that you believe in and that delivers on its promise, then I say there is no shortage of people who should be told about it.
  • Wonderful!
    By Sue on April 2, 2015
    TheraPee and Dr Sagie restored our child's self esteem. Our 7 year old son was literally begging us for months to buy this product after we read about it online because he was so embarrassed by the bedwetting that occurred every night. He was highly motivated by the online sessions with Dr Sagie and followed the personalized instructions to the best of his ability. There are not enough words to express our thanks to Dr Sagie. We highly recommend this product to anyone desiring to be free of bedwetting.
  • TheraPee Bedwetting Help
    By Jeffery Wiederkehr on March 25, 2015
    At 4 our daughter went a year without wetting the bed, then at 5 began wetting the bed every night and sometimes twice. We tried everything, talking about bedwetting, reading about it, peeing before bedtime, not drinking two hours before bed time, counseling and nothing got us more than two or three dry nights in a row. So, after scouring the web I found the Therapee and after about two weeks, we began to see signs of improvement and a couple of dry days in a row. Then at the end of the first month we started to get dry weeks in a row, and now we are going on months. I wish we had found the Therapee sooner.
  • A Wonderful Product
    ByT Childs on March 25, 2015
    This product really does work. It comes along with an on line calendar that you complete each day and at the end of each period a video is played to you which your child can watch and see the progress. We had been thinking about buying such a product for ages but were put off by the price but we are now SO glad we did. We can highly recommend it to anyone wanting to stop bedwetting which had become such a nightly dread of us all especially our child.
  • My daughter (5years old) was wetting her bed every night ...
    By ryan murray on March 20, 2015
    My daughter (5years old) was wetting her bed every night, sometimes even 2-3 times a night. I signed up with TheraPee and was so impressed that I received the product within 2 days all the way to South Africa. We followed the program and after 8 weeks she was completely dry. I 100% believe in this product. It has most importantly boosted her self confidence and she is so proud to have overcome this problem.
  • Good product, the online progress report is very useful ...
    By Kathryn Ironside on March 19, 2015
    Bought this knowing that if it worked it would pay for itself in nappies no longer bought. Good product, the online progress report is very useful and made our daughter feel involved in the process. She went from wet every night to now dry every night, took 5 months but worth the effort.
  • Spend the money! It works!
    By Michelle Romeroon on March 19, 2015
    My child was wetting ever night and sometimes twice even with pull ups. I was tired of washing sheets everyday even though we had mats on the bed.pull up were getting embarrassing since he was now 7 and expensive. Reluctantly I agreed to let my husband buy after he researched this out of despair. After 2 weeks we started seeing improvement and after 1 month and a half it was over! Money well spent. Now my son has confidence and I'm not busy doing more laundry than I need. Yea! Can't recommend it enough.
  • The online program is so easy to use & the regular contact makes it seem more personal.
    By Kelley on March 14, 2015
    After many years of visiting doctors & specialists and trying other alarms, I found the TheraPee program a life saver for my sons bed wetting problem. As a teenager it was getting harder to use 'sleep pants' as they would continually leak & cause going to sleep overs a real problem due to accidents still happening. After using the TheraPee alarm & following all exercises given, my son is now bedwetting free. The online program is so easy to use & the regular contact makes it seem more personal. I am forever grateful for the help & support we had while using this program.
  • Therapee best investment!,  March 7, 2015
    Serana L Robertson
    I was so sick of waiting to see if our son would outgrow his bedwetting. And he was already 8 and we were tired of changing sheets and buying Good nights. Therapee really worked! And within the three months that it said could happen. I liked how it made you feel like nobody was doing anything wrong and that it really wasn't the child's fault. We tried all the normal remedies such as not giving him too much to drink at night. Or trying to wake him up to go again which was impossible at times since he could sleep thru anything! I had researched online for a remedy and seriously had considered another program that would've cost thousands of dollars! So glad I tried this one instead for a few hundred. It may seem like a lot, but it is well worth not having to worry about bringing disposable pants or mats when traveling or changing his sheets at night anymore! Get this and you'll be glad you did.
  • We are DONE with sleeping diapers!!,  March 4, 2015
    Eric van Dalen
    We are very happy with this product. After trying many different (frustrating) things, the product was the key that unlocked the door to having dry nights. We are very thankful.
  • It is easy to use and clean if there is an accident,  February 24, 2015
    This product WORKS!!! I was skeptical at first, but after reading all the positive reviews we decided it was worth the investment and it was!!! Our 6 year old son stopped wetting in about 2 months with the pad and software. Our 5 year old son stopped in just over 2 weeks!!! This really does work!! It is easy to use and clean if there is an accident. HIGHLY recommend TheraPee!!
  • TheraPee works! February 17, 2015
    By Momoftwo17
    My 6 yr old struggled with bed wetting, and was nervous about spending time out of the house in case she had an accident. I did some research and decided on TheraPee as a product to help her. I chose TheraPee because of its multidimensional approach to the problem, and because it helped me see that some of the things I was doing for my child were not really helping her (wearing pull-ups and taking her to the bathroom at night). We were SO impressed with the product!!! You get an evaluation of your child and then on line support, which I found very useful. Between the bed monitor, the online chart, the two week evaluations and monitoring of her progress and the exercises, it was the perfect combination for my child. She was super motivated by her success to keep up with the exercises and loved putting her "Night's result" on the chart. We had very quick success and within a short time was dry all night. It will require a little bit of extra attention as a parent to your child. If your child is a heavy sleeper and you hear the bed alarm go off, you need to help wake your child up and take them to the bathroom. And you might need to encourage your child to do the exercises. But the time investment is so worth it when the end result is having a child with their bed wetting issues resolved who now has confidence that she will be dry every night. I HIGHLY recommend this product.
  • Freedom, February 15, 2015
    By Ylja Linnet
    This is a fantastic product. It got my son involved and gave him a feeling of being in control of his own treatment which I think is what sealed the deal for both of us. I went from continually having to wash bed linen on an almost daily basis to the freedom of only needing to change the sheets for normal usage. What a difference! We found immediate improvements in the bed-wetting and as the program progressed and we got the exercises, things just got better and better. We are now completely dry and life has changed for both of us. The program offers a solution without shame or embarrassment - just understanding and encouragement and it works wonderfully. I would recommend this to anyone who has a child who is a bed wetter - the sooner the better. It's brilliant.
  • It Really Does Work!!  February 14, 2015
    By Martha Mossayeb
    We got this for our 6 year old daughter who was such a deep sleeper that she was having trouble waking up to use the bathroom at night and would thus wet the bed every single night, often multiple times. We tried everything from limiting water intake before bed, to waking her up several times a night to use the bathroom etc. Nothing worked so I started searching for alternative ways to help her. I came across Therapee and saw the amazing success rate so I very skeptically ordered it. It was nothing short of a miracle, seriously. She stopped wetting the bed completely after just a couple of weeks! We went ahead and finished the recommended 3 month treatment just to be on the safe side, but she was dry the whole time and has been dry ever since. I cannot recommend it highly enough, it really does work!!
  • This Product Works!! February 14, 2015
    By JCorey
    This is a great product and well worth the money. My son had problems with bedwetting until we purchased this product when he was 9 years old. We tried other alarm systems, reward chats, waking him up at night all with no luck for any extended period of time. At 9 years old he was getting invited to more sleep overs, he was old enough for camps so we decided to invest in a product that was getting great reviews and looked promising, the TheraPee. Sure enough, within weeks we began to see progress and within 2 month he was completely dry every night. I believe the videos hearing other kids stories, the encouragement from Dr. Sagie, taking accountability and making this his own journey made all the difference. I would recommend this product to anyone that is struggling with bedwetting. Don't wait... this works!
  • This product is amazing!!!!! February 13, 2015
    By K. Kress "runmama"
    This is a fantastic product. Our son was about to turn 7 and was still wetting the bed every night. We had spent a fortune on nighttime pull-ups and often he was so wet that he would soak right through to the sheets. We decided to try the Stopee method and within a couple weeks he was having dry nights. After about three months he was consistently dry. My son loved going online each morning to chart his progress and receive weekly encouragement and instruction from Dr. Sagee. Also, any questions I had were promptly responded to via email. It seems expensive, but it more than pays for itself with not having to buy pull-ups anymore. He is so proud of himself, and we no longer have to worry about bed wetting when we travel or he has sleepovers. I would highly recommend this product.
  • FABULOUS PRODUCT, February 11, 2015
    By Lori McGowan
    This is a FABULOUS PRODUCT!!!

    My 10 year old (at the time we started - Fall of 2014) daughter had never had a dry night in her life...So easy to say I was very skeptical that this product would work, BUT we needed to find something that did. We were ALL ready for her to have dry nights and she was ready to stop wetting the bed so he could have sleepovers and not hide her pull-ups!! I did some research and found this product. I wish I had found it sooner! My daughter was very excited right from the beginning to be done with bed wetting.

    We had literally tried everything else! From no dairy, to "sleep" training! NOTHING else even remotely worked. When we listened to the information from Dr. Sagee about how the alarm works even if the child didn't wake up, and the "profile" they shared about how the kids just "didn't wake up" when they felt the need to pee, fit our daughter to a tee! We started using the TheraPee system the very day it arrived at our house.

    My daughter was amazing thru this process. Within the first couple of days, she was already waking up at the first beep of the alarm and heading to the bathroom before I even got to her to wake her. By about day 5, she was waking up on her own before the alarm and we have never looked back with her!! We continued to use the TheraPee pad on her bed for about a month, but there were no accidents after about 5 days! And like I said, she had NEVER had a dry night before in her life...and we even struggled during the day with her.

    We did the reviews on-line with Dr. Sagee and his advice on muscle control during urination worked awesome with my daughter. I admit I had a few questions/concerns, so I emailed Dr. Sagee, and he was very quick to answer and very helpful.

    My daughter now sleeps through the night and gets up on her own to go to the bathroom.

    Thank you to Dr. Sagee and his team for making this product available at a reasonable price and for helping my daughter stop wetting the bed!! She is now enjoying sleepovers with friends and I don't worry about her having any accidents!! I would recommend this product and treatment to ANYONE!!!

    Thank you!! Thank you!!!
  • Such a answer to prayer!!, February 11, 2015
    By Janis T
    Such a answer to prayer!! My 10 year old daughter FINALLY is free of wetting the bed! She was wetting the bed 6-7 nights a week! We decided to invest in TheraPee because her self-esteem was falling and we had to DO SOMETHING! .... (and we pay a fortune on Depends for her every night anyways)....Within weeks she was dry every night!! TheraPee trained her to get up on her own in the middle of the night to pee. So blessed by Therapee!!! THANKYOU from the bottom of our hearts!!
  • The BEST product for bedwetting, February 11, 2015
    I wish I had bought it earlier!!!
    My son was 12 years old and we had tried several methods so as to stop bedwetting. The results wasn't good. I saw TheraPee and I desided to buy it. It was my last hope because I have tried all the other methods. The people at the clinic were very helpful and very good businessman. I was very satisfied from the people there but I was most satisfied from the results. After 2 months my son stopped bedwetting. 4 months now he is completely dry every night.
    Thank you very much Dr Sagie for your method!!!
  • We found the online chart a great way to keep track of progress for us… February 11, 2015
    By Nancy
    My 10 year old son is dry! I wish we had purchased it earlier. Due to his issues with constipation we were told by a medical professional that no alarm would work however after doing an online initial consult with Dr Sagee we decided to buy TheraPee. My son was all for it as he had had enough of waking up wet. We found the online chart a great way to keep track of progress for us and our son and the video consultations were helpful. To have that positive professional help at our finger tips was great. Our son was encouraged and it did not take long for him to be dry most nights and then all the time. I would definitely recommend TheraPee to other parents looking for an effective solution.
  • A wonderful experience! February 6, 2015
    By so and so
    Our son was still sporadically wetting the bed and demoralized. Each time it seemed he might have made a breakthrough, it would happen again. He would have dry nights, but I was concerned that he still wasn't waking up on those nights he didn't. From the first day he began using this product, he started awakening at night to go to the bathroom. First of all, it is completely comfortable and nonintrusive. I can only surmise that the fact of wearing it, the responsibility of reporting the outcomes, and the sense of this representing a serious treatment caused him to be more cognizant of awakening in the night and going to the bathroom. He seemed to feel empowered and more aware. He used it for a few weeks with complete success and then stopped. Not a single wet sheet in almost one year -- and no more fears of overnights!
  • MONEY WELL SPENT!, February 5, 2015
    By vpaige
    I have been telling everyone I know about how FANTASTIC this program is!! My son is an extremely heavy sleeper and couldn't stop wetting the bed no matter how hard he tried. He was extremely self conscious about it and was getting frustrated that he wasn't just outgrowing the problem as everyone said that he would. As parents we were feeling discouraged and felt that we needed to do something more. Upon researching many different programs to buy, this one has been worth every cent! It's not just a bed alarm but a complete program that gives the child certain exercises to do that make logic sense to help them stop wetting the bed and stay that way. Everything about it is simple. My son very quickly felt more confident and in control of the situation. The customer service has been EXCELLENT and the shipping was super FAST! We are so grateful for this wonderful program that has been such a blessing to our son. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this program-it gets results!!
  • You won't regret your decision,  February 2, 2015
    If you have a bed wetter, stop what you've been trying and invest in this system! You won't regret it.

    My son was an early potty trainer - out of diapers/pull-ups during the day at 22 months. However at night he wet the bed every single night, most nights peeing through his super absorbent night time pull up made for an adult. He was such a sound sleeper that even with his entire bed soaked - sheets and all he never even woke up. When he turned 6 my pediatrician told me to get an alarm and handed me a brochure. I couldn't believe the number of options out there. And they were expensive! I didn't want to try one option only to have to try another. And I really wanted someone to help me through the process. I was so confused and so frustrated!

    I researched the situation on the web and kept running across Dr. Sagie's product. I was skeptical, but I bought it because it was not just an alarm, it was an entire system. The thought of having someone walk me through the steps was what made me decide to buy it. My son was so excited to get started, he wanted to be dry at night so badly so he could have sleep overs. Within the first 2 weeks we had our first dry night, followed by another and another. In less than 3 months he graduated from the program. A year later he has had only 1 accident!

    The interactive system is great, my son loved being able to reward himself. I will say the videos are informative yet a little creepy. Some random dude who has a fairly strong accent talking directly to you based on your results. However, it is very straight forward. He explains the science behind it and gives the kids great exercises to help. I recommend this system 100%. Knowing what I know now and how easy it was, I would have paid double for the same product and I sure wish I had done it a year earlier!
  • Highly recommend.,  January 28, 2015
    parent of 9 yr old boy
    This system's combo of immediate feedback, tracking and positive reinforcement really worked for our son. Highly recommend.
  • It's exactly what you're looking for.,  January 28, 2015
    Happy Dad
    We tried everything to get our 10 year old to stop from wetting the bed. After buying TheraPee we realized everything we were taught to do was wrong. After only a few weeks our son no longer had any accidents. The interactive way you are guided through each step based upon your child's experience was just so impressive and easy to follow. I have never been happier with any purchase, truly money well spent!
  • This product was the right one for our family. ...,  January 26, 2015
    This product was the right one for our family. Our eight year old son was not waking up at night. The alarm goes under the sheet, instead of attaching to underwear, and the online program worked for him. He had a few accidents in the first month or so, but that was it. He has been accident free for about six months now.
  • Fantastic program, it really works,  January 24, 2015
    Fantastic program, it really works. I was at my wits end and so was my 12 year old son who was wetting the bed 3-4 times a week. We had tried everything, herbs, aromatherapy, bach flowers, reflexology, night pants, alarm, and although they helped a little it never stopped him completely. We had just about given up hope waiting for him to grow out of it. Then I googled bed wetting and Therapee came up, I was very skeptical as he'd tried an alarm before, but in my desperation I decided to try it. After 3 months on the program he was completely dry and has stayed that way ever since. He now has the confidence to stay at a friends house without staying awake 1/2 the night worrying he may wet the bed. I wish I had found this program years ago and it would have saved so much embarrassment, stress and worry. Thankyou so much Dr Sagie for changing our lives!!!
  • I would highly recommend this product to other families who have children who ...,  January 22, 2015
    kathleen d. oconnor
    I would highly recommend this product to other families who have children who wet the bed. The product itself was great, and even better was the interactive videos and progress charts. My 5 yr old son had never had a dry night prior to purchasing this product and we had tried waking him at night with no success. He was starting to feel bad as his 3 yr old brother had been dry every night for awhile. We did research and bought the product. In hindsight it is one of the best parenting decisions I have made. His progress was exactly as the videos predicted and tracking his chart was so helpful for us and for our son. Our son felt so much pride in getting his stars and we looked forward to celebrating his successes. It turned everything around because instead of feeling bad about the wet nights, we celebrated the times that he had fewer accidents, and then celebrated dry nights. He was pretty good after 2 weeks, and completely dry every night after a few months. He has been dry ever since - about 8 months ago. I am really appreciative to Dr. Sagie for his help and I would highly recommend this product!
  • GREAT PRODUCT. MY SON USED IT FOR ABOUT 4 ...,  January 22, 2015
  • I cannot express how grateful we are for TheraPee and the Dr. Sagie Bedwetting Clinic.,  January 20, 2015
    K. Myers "kmyers518" (Murfreesboro, TN)
    I cannot express how grateful we are for TheraPee and the Dr. Sagie Bedwetting Clinic. My son was 12 1/2 and was still wetting the bed 1-3 times A NIGHT. In the last year he had only had 1 dry night. In the 4 years prior to purchasing TheraPee we had tried 2 other bedwetting alarms, and had been referred to a Pediatric Sleep Specialist who, after having no other additional advise to give us, referred us to the Vanderbilt Children's Sleep Clinic. No one had an answer for his nocturnal enuresis other than being a VERY deep sleeper and offered no other suggestions than "just give him more time," "continue with the alarm," "wake him every 2 hours," "restrict fluids after 8p, (7p, 6p, 5p, etc..)" We were beyond frustrated and my Middle School son was increasingly withdrawn and depressed. We purchased TheraPee in in June of 2014 with low expectations, as everything else had failed us. It was very easy to set up and we were impressed with the online support. The first 2 weeks, we did not see any difference in the bedwetting occurrences but we stuck with it and logged in every morning. The third week we actually had a dry night and gradually we began seeing progress. After a month in to the program, we went on vacation. I was on a different computer than I had set the original program up on and couldn't find the website to log our daily progress. Immediately after I emailed for assistance, I promptly received a personal reply; it was very encouraging! We continued to document progress and receive support and additional exercises to implement according to his progress. By the end of the first month we began having an equal number of dry and wet nights (remember the year before we had only seen 1 dry night). After 2 months we were having approximately 1 wet night a week. After 3 months, we were pretty much DRY EVERY NIGHT. By the end of September, 4 months in, we had been dry for a whole month except for 1 night and were confident enough to cancel our subscription with TheraPee. My son, now 13, is spending the night with friends and enjoying overnight birthday parties for the first time! He wakes up on his own every night to use the restroom.

    The TheraPee alarm is sturdy and easy to use and clean and came with very clear instructions. It was loud enough to wake my husband and I down the hall. My son, however, is a very sound sleeper and nothing wakes him up except, now, the urge to urinate. Yes the alarm is good, but the individualized treatment plan, exercises, and support are what made the difference. I would absolutely, without hesitation recommend this product! My son is a healthy, CONFIDENT, teenager. THANK YOU, Dr. Sagie!
  • Don't hesitate to buy this!,  January 19, 2015
    Finally!!! If your child has enuresis, don't hesitate to buy this system! I had tried everything out there, different alarms, medication and then I thought he would just grow out of it but I hated waiting. What if he never did? He is 13 now and when I came across this system on the internet, I knew that this would work and it did! It worked for 3 reasons: 1: the bed pad alarm is really good, I hated the other alarms that would attach to his underwear! 2: The 2 week sessions with my son were great, he really looked forward to them and so did I. It was like Tai was speaking directly to him and he never made him feel bad about anything, it was always positive. 3: the customer service for parents. If I ever had a question I would email them and they would respond very quickly with an answer. For these 3 reasons you will not fail! We started the program in the middle of June and was completely dry in about 3 1/2 months! Also, the price is very inexpensive in relationship to the final outcome. A happy child!
  • I highly recommend the Therapee package that includes the unlimited access to ...,  January 19, 2015
    janice simpson 
    Life Changing! We tried everything for our 10 year old daughter from medication to limiting liquid to waking her up in the middle of the night to underwear alarms. This product is the ONLY one that worked for us. Desperate is the only way I can describe how I was feeling when I invested in Dr. Sagie's TheraPee. To effectively get the results you want, parental involvement is necessary so be prepared to get up when you hear the alarm. I used a baby monitor so I could hear the alarm in her room since she was on another floor. It didn't take long at all before she was waking up on her own and I didn't have to go upstairs at all. I took a large waterproof pad that I had previously bought and put that on top of her sheets. I then put the Therapee pad on top of that. Over the pad I put a another sheet that ran horizontally (just enough to cover the Therapee pad) and tucked into each side of the bed. This way, when the alarm went off and the sheets needed to be changed, all she had to do was wipe and dry the Therapee pad and then change that top sheet only (as opposed to having to strip the whole bed in the middle of the night). And the waterproof pad kept her sheets clean underneath in case she peed a lot and came off the mat. I highly recommend the Therapee package that includes the unlimited access to the website. The children track their progress with stars. Additionally, your child will receive added tips and exercises (mental and physical) from Dr. Sagie that helps them on their road to dryness. Please be patient. It took us five months but the result is worth it all! My daughter's quality of life has improved tremendously. I am so grateful to Dr. Sagie for what this program has meant to my daughter.
  • GREAT UNTAPPED PRODUCT,  January 19, 2015
    Tracey Brody
    I am so glad I found this product! My then 10 year old was wetting the bed every night.
    We used this product, skeptically at first, followed the on line calendar chart and after only four months it completely worked!
    I highly recommend this product for anyone whose child has bedwetting issues.
    We tried everything on the market and nothing worked.
    On another note, customer service was awesome and very helpful with any and all questions.
  • THIS PROGRAM WORKS!!!,  January 15, 2015
    mom of 3
    We are so happy that our sweet 11 year old girl went from almost NEVER a dry night for her entire life to DRY EVERY NIGHT in about 6 weeks on the Dr. Sagie Therapee Program. As a 5th grade girl who was devastated to miss out on camp outs, sleepovers, and embarrassment on family vacation, THIS PROGRAM HAS CHANGED HER LIFE! It was simple and interactive and made her realize that this "wasn't her fault", and that many many kids her age and older struggle with the same thing. This motivated her to give it 100% and make it a success story. I'd give it 10 stars if we could!
  • Within the first week we were already seeing results and were amazed. We had debated just purchasing the alarm since ...,  January 12, 2015
    Michelle M.
    This program changed my son's life! He's 9 years old and was wetting his bed every night so of course, I was very skeptical. Within the first week we were already seeing results and were amazed. We had debated just purchasing the alarm since it was cheaper, but as we went through the program we realized how essential it was to have the entire package (and how misinformed we were about how to handle bed wetting! We were doing everything wrong!!). The counseling, education, and program provided really helped guide us and my son loved doing it. He "graduated" 4 months ago and has been dry ever since. Worth every single penny and more!!
  • Dry at Last,  January 12, 2015
    I am so thankful to Dr. Sagie and this system. We had tried two different potty pagers, a urologist, acupuncture, chiropractic and considered surgery and found Therapee by searching the internet in desperation. My 11 year old son was dry in about 3 months and the whole family is very grateful. At first it didn't seem to be any different, but after a few weeks the exercises started kicking in and he gradually became dryer and dryer. He even started waking up to the alarm which he hadn't before and the whole house heard it before he did! It is well worth the investment considered the cost of one urology appointment!
  • After exhausting all other options and losing hope, I ...,  January 11, 2015
    Terra Colstad
    After exhausting all other options and losing hope, I came across Therapee online, I was skeptical at first but after reading the reviews I decided to try it. Within a couple months my son had completely stopped wetting the bed. It truly gave him confidence and me some peace of mind.
  • No more wet sheets in this house!!,  January 10, 2015
    Muley Hunter
    Our son was 9 years old and still wetting the bed every night. He had to constantly wear night diapers. We took him to the doctor for advice, tried limiting his fluid intake past 4 pm, set our phone alarms to get up and take him to the bathroom every night, etc. We tried every trick people would tell us about and nothing worked. Finally, we saw Dr. Sagie's bedwetting program online. We decided to give it a try. Our son was super excited about the progress charts and couldn't wait to hear his next instructions. Immediately we saw progress. Every night, to every two nights, then once a week, once a month, and after ONLY 4 months our son was staying completely dry every night. He hasn't wet the bed now in almost 5 months!!! We highly recommend this product!! Not only are we proud as parents, but our son is so proud of himself and isn't afraid of sleepovers anymore! Thank you Dr. Sagie for this amazing product!
  • Noticed results right away.,  January 10, 2015
    We were at our wits end with my 11 year old sons bed wetting. Tried numerous things to help him- pills, chiropractor, naturopathic, controlling his fluid intake, etc, etc. nothing worked. My son was frustrated and I could see his confidence was suffering as well. He told me that that he would cry at night when he woke up wet. When I saw the TheraPee program online we decided to try it. I can't express how thankful we are that we did. The results were almost immediate. My son was engaged in the program, followed the instructions and treatment plan online. Within 2 months he was dry EVERY night!
    I am so thankful for the TheraPee program and would absolutely recommend this program for anyone whose child is struggling with bed wetting.
  • Therapee Really Worked for Us!,  January 10, 2015
    L. Cook "lovechildrensbooks"
    TheraPee really does work! My son was 8 and still bedwetting at night. He was wearing pull ups every night and becoming quite embarrassed by it plus pull ups are expensive! I bought the TheraPee program and it worked sooner than we could have even imagined (within a month). It was much easier to use this alarm than the one we had used in the past (that didn't work). The previous one pinned onto my son and was cumbersome. This one we just laid beneath his top sheet, he slept normally and easily unplugged it when the alarm went off. This in combination with the positive reinforcement from the videos/Dr. Sagie and the chart seemed to be the key. My only complaint is that when you are done with the mat, there is no program to return it for some sort of money back or some sort of recycling program. I could give it to a friend, however the friend would not get the benefit of the entire program. At least the other alarm you could resell and hope it worked for somebody else! Definitely worth the purchase price.
  • Good luck. You are not alone. TheraPee works!,  January 10, 2015
    Rebecca Rosen "Mediadance" (Los Angeles, CA United States)
    I have twin girls, one of whom took to potty training immediately and the other who did not. The one who did not would often cry asking "Why am I different?" Adding insult to injury, a school friend came over and found my daughter's night times and proceeded to tell the other kids at school. Well, that unfortunate incident led my child to get motivated, and finally ask for help. Now, this is not for lack of trying on our own, but after night after night of accidents we would all give up. So I started researching and found TheraPee. Within a month, my daughter was fully potty trained, and we are all grateful.

    The best part of Therapee, in my opinion, is the online counseling. Essentially, you start with your child by watching videos online of Dr. Sagie, who speaks to both you and your child. These videos are so encouraging and amazing. While you, as a parent, have done your research to know that your child is not alone, your child feels very alone. Immediately your child will smile at the words of Dr. Sagie - knowing that they have nothing to feel shameful about and that many kids go through what they are going through. And then Dr. Sagie provides exercises for your child to do... Personally, my daughter couldn't wait to start trying. And then every morning there is an online calendar to fill out with your evening's progress. Accidents or not, my daughter couldn't wait to get started earning calendar stars. And then every two weeks, Dr. Sagie would come back via video and talk to your child based on your calendar input. Again, he was so encouraging... letting my child know this is a process.

    Right away we used the alarm system for the bed. It was helpful and while my daughter wouldn't immediately wake up to the alarm, we would get her up to try going to the bathroom anyway. Within a few weeks we no longer needed the alarm or the system.

    It's not often that a parent will share their bed wetting frustrations, but when they do, I recommend TheraPee.
  • It works! Say goodbye to changing wet bedsheets!,  January 9, 2015
    Sean M. Burns
    My 7 year old son was wetting the bed until we used TheraPee and now he no longer does. The process took time, but the online sessions and calendar made it easy to go through the process. Stick to it even if there are some setbacks like my son experienced, it will work. The Star Calendar helps to see the change in progress when you see that he is starting to have consecutive dry nights. Whenever I had questions, I received very prompt replies to my e-mails. As of this post, he has been dry for 5 months. Thank you Dr. Sagie for helping him to get dry!
  • He liked it though - did not fight it at least,  December 29, 2014
    Mary Matlack
    My son was 11 when we found the TheraPee solution. We had tried most everything we could think of: regular bedwetting alarm, star chart rewarded with money, exam by a pediatric urologist, sleepover bedwetting hormone pills, dietary fiber increase, miralax for 6 months plus and nothing seemed to be working. My son agreed to try TheraPee and it was a slow start. He liked it though - did not fight it at least. He liked that Dr. Sagie gave him exercises to do after each video and he liked the the online chart. He could really see his progress. It worked for us in about 1 month. He was dry for the first time in his life. We are so grateful and highly recommend this device and Dr. Sagie's system to anyone with this challenge.
  • Therapee WORKS!!,  December 27, 2014
    We had tried everything we could think of and had given up. Therapee was the absolute last thing I was willing to try and are we glad we found it. Now that my son no longer wets the bed I am 100% sure that this system is the only answer. It has trained my son's brain and muscles to respond to his need to pee. It only took a few weeks to go from hopeless to fully dry every morning.
    And if that wasn't enough, the gentle support from the doctor is not only encouraging but he builds the self - esteem of your child as he takes them through the process. Thank you for the care and dedication that you've put into creating this program.
    I recommend it 100%
  • Extremely Happy with Purchase and Results,  December 24, 2014
    By Success
    My daughter was 11 and still wetting the bed 2-3 times a week. I tried taking the pull ups away thinking wetting herself would wake her up and give her the incentive she needs. I had no luck and it just proved how heavy of a sleeper she was. I found this product online and was eager to try it. Although my daughter was a little slower than some of the others, it has proved to be a great success. I could see progress being made throughout the process and finally after 6 months she has been accident free. She is thrilled to finally have this behind her.

    With the product being sold overseas I was somewhat skeptical regarding customer service, but I was extremely pleased with how great it was. Anytime I reached out to them I received a helpful response within 24 hours.

    I wish I would have found this product when she was much younger and would recommend to any child that still wets the bed.
  • Good 'Old-fashioned' Integrity,  December 21, 2014
    Mark F
    Hi. We are the parents of a now 8 year old boy. Like with any product that requires a reasonable investment, we deliberated long and hard over this purchase. Desperate to help our child of nearly 8 progress to dry nights, we took the plunge and purchased it. Comparing this product with others, it just seemed to make sense. We knew there were plenty of much cheaper products available but figured nothing is cheap if it doesn't deliver on results! We had a feeling that we could trust Dr Sagie and his product and we're really pleased to report that we definitely found this to be true.
    We were stunned by the results of the program. Our child had only experienced 2 dry nights and was nearly 8 years old! We expected results but were thrilled (and shocked) when he got them as quickly as he did. We thought it would take months to make progress; imagine his and our delight when he was dry on the 3rd night of using the program! There were only a couple of minor 'bed wetting hiccups' from then to about the 2 week mark (I'm writing this some 8 months later). Within about 2 weeks of starting the program, our son has never experienced another humiliating bedwetting event.
    The extra work involved through having a bedwetter is now a distant memory but even more rewarding than that, was the sense of achievement our son experienced and the boost to his self esteem.
    We can't recommend this product highly enough - it proved to be worth every cent (much to our relief). I don't know how frequently people see the kind of results we saw quite so quickly but after our success, believe wholeheartedly this product works and am very grateful to Dr Sagie for developing it.
    I don't normally post reviews but felt privileged to on this occasion. I wish there was some way I could eliminate doubts concerning authenticity; I know I've often felt these when reading testimonials and suspect there's many more like me.
  • Highly recommend therapee - great product, December 19, 2014
    Marlene Wheeler
    My son who is 8years old was still wetting to bed. He would frequently miss out on over night camps and sleep overs because of his bed wetting issue. He was becoming really upset with himself because he could not figure out why he wasn't waking in his own to go to the bathroom during the night. We purchased therapee and started the treatment in June of this year. In only a few months he had over come his bed wetting! I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone who has a child still wetting. He hasn't wet to bed since and now continues to wake throughout the night to go pee :-) highly recommend this!! He is excited to now be able to go on sleepovers and over night camps! Awesome awesome product
  • but I called and felt a little better!! I decided to buy it, December 18, 2014
    Amazon Customer 
    My son was almost 9 years old and wet the bed 4+ times a night!! He would even have problems if we were traveling and he fell asleep and even had a hard time holding it if he was awake. He has always been VERY embarrassed by this and would NEVER talk about it. It made me feel sick to think about it, but I thought this would be a problem for him his whole life. It had recently been affecting his self esteem, and he finally talked to me about wanting it to stop, and he really wanted to have it fixed before he turned 9!! So I began to do research!! I came across Therapee and was very skeptical about it, especially because it was coming from another country, but I called and felt a little better!! I decided to buy it, but I have to admit, I didn't think it would work!! I NEVER thought my son would be able to not wet the bed. We got the shipment quick and my son and I got all logged onto the computer, watched the intro, and the work began!! I'm not going to say it was super easy, because it took a good bit of work on my part and my sons!! But he was dry by the time he turned 9!! It has been almost a year since we started the program and my son has not had one accident!! It is amazing, and it has helped him feel better about who he is!! I would recommend this program to everyone who has a a child who wets the bed, and wish I would have found it sooner!! It is gonna be hard work for a couple months, but it is 100% worth it!!
  •  Best solution for our 9 year old son!, December 6, 2014
    Amazon Customer "Bear Lover" (Casino Land, CT)
    Three nights of middle of the night sheet changes, then dry almost every night since! Our son is so happy, can't wait to go to sleepovers and camp! Much better than giving him pills! Thank you!
  •  Thanks Dr. Sagie, December 8, 2014
    Great program. My son had positive results right from the start and in a few months time he stopped bedwetting altogether. I can't believe it was that easy and we were doing so many things wrong. Thanks Dr. Sagie.
  •  outstanding product!, December 7, 2014
    Product delivered exactly as explained! My son loved the computer program incentive/visual reward. Worth every penny. Also, customer service outstanding. When I had a problem setting up program, I spoke personally with owner/creator of product who walked me through it. Don't hesitate to buy !

    I am an attorney, so I am skeptical by nature. My 7 year old son was ready to stop wetting the bed so he could have sleepovers. I did some research and found this product. I wish I had found it sooner! My son was onboard from the beginning, which helped. I had tried to use an alarm with my daughter several years ago, but we thought that it wasn't working because she didn't wake up. Once I heard Dr. Sagee's explanation about how the alarm works with the brain even if the child doesn't wake up, I started to understand this process better. That understanding kept me from being frustrated when my son didn't wake to the alarm in the beginning.

    We started the TheraPee just before we went on a week long vacation, so I took it with me. My son's progress started while we were on vacation. When we did our first review with Dr. Sagee online, his advice on muscle control during urination worked like a charm. My son even thought it was kind of fun! We saw improvement almost immediately with that advice. Anytime I had questions, I emailed Dr. Sagee, and he was incredibly responsive and helpful. That personal attention really sealed the deal for me. After just six weeks, my son no longer wet the bed. He now either sleeps through the night dry or wakes up to go to the bathroom. He has had only one accident since we stopped using the alarm system back in late September or early October, and it was on a day when he wasn't feeling well and everything was just "off".

    Thank you, Dr. Sagee, for helping my son stop wetting the bed. He is now enjoying sleepovers with his friends! I intend to recommend this product and treatment to our pediatrician the next time we go in to see her.
  •  Worth the price!, December 1, 2014
    shawn Haberern
    The individual support by Dr. Sagie with this product made all the difference. My son just turned 9 and it was a big boost to his confidence. We are all so happy to have no more problems and no looking back!!!

    We have never used a reward star system before and between that on-line and the pre-recorded messages to my son and quick responses to any specific questions worked so well!

    I learned just how sound a sleeper my son was with this system so having the extra info helped me not get frustrated with him.

    Best wishes. We know what a struggle this can be.
  •  I tried Theeapee and it was amazing! It really works, December 1, 2014
    Shelly R. 
    My son had just turned 9 and we were hoping he'd just stop wetting the bed, unfortunately that wasn't the case.
    I was really at my wits end and my son was so unhappy! I tried Theeapee and it was amazing! It really works!! I was very pleasantly surprised, and my son can have sleepovers now!! Thank you Dr. Sagie, you have changed our lives!!!!
  •  If your child is wetting the bed, you must purchase this product. It worked for us!!!, November 30, 2014
    I wish I would have found this years ago!!! I was skeptical, but it worked!! My daughter was 13 and still wetting the bed almost every night....even after many doctor visits and trials of medication. I found this product searching the internet out of frustration. I was very skeptical. I said all they things you are probably thinking....my child will never wake up, I don't want the alarm to wake me up several times each night, etc. I decided I had to try it. It arrived quickly. Easy to set up and use. I quickly realized it wasn't just a "bed wetting alarm." It was like having your own personal doctor, but better. The doctor explained why bed wetting was occurring and that you could "train your brain" to end bed wetting. If you had a question, all you have to do is send an email and it was answered in detail very quickly. Every 2 weeks there is a "video session" with the doctor. These sessions were very helpful and gave us things to do that led to my daughter being almost 3 months accident free! It did take about 2 months to reach the point of no accidents. However, she was able to wake up with the alarm right away and the frequency and size of her accidents started to decrease within the first couple of weeks. If your child is bed wetting, you must purchase this product! Please don't wait. I knew it was a problem from the time she was 3 years old. Our local doctors kept saying, "It's normal, and she will grow out of it!" They kept telling me they didn't consider it a problem until age 13. At 13, when she was still wetting the bed every night, I knew I had to do something else. This program has made such a difference in our child's life! My only regret about the program is that I didn't know about it years ago!! Please try it for your child.